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daftbird's Journal
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2007-04-04 10:17:26
pumpkins progress

(from Friday 30th March)

Keshi noticed I hadn't been blogging in a few days so thought I would write something here before the weekend. Something of great importance:


As noted in previous entry, I planted some pumpkin seeds. That was on a Wednesday. Six days later - so the Tuesday we just had, in other words, I go to have a squiz at them and noticed that eight of them had come up!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Then on Wednesday the 28th I noticed that sixteen of the things had come up. Yesterday it was seventeen, and today -twenty!!!!

Hell!!! Am I to be overtaken by marauding pumpkin vines???? Will it be a scene akin to the red weed in War Of The Worlds???? What is to be done???? The Day Of The Pumpkins. I have visions of the vines snaking their way through the bathroom window at night and making their way up the hallway and into the bedroom and wrapping their tendrils around my legs and pulling me down into....not sure what the next bit should abyss of rotting pumpkins or something. What was that silly send up movie called -the one with the pumpkin headed lawn mower killer??? I don't mean that there was someone with a pumpkin head going around killing lawn mowers, rather that the pumpkin headed guy rode a lawn mower. As if you didn't work that out, anyway.

Enough about killer pumpkins.Enjoyed the return of The Chaser's War On Everything the other night. The send up of the Free Hugs thingo was excellent. Typically Australian -FREE FEEL UPS. Also there was a sign with FREE ROOTS. Australians -what a classy bunch we are(?).

I picked up the tape of the Somewhere In time soundtrack this week for twenty cents - I cannot tell you how good it sounds. Whether you actually liked the movie or not, the music was fantastic. Poor old Christopher Reeve -read his autobiography again just lately. Anyone who thinks that they're doing it tough should give that a read and get things in perspective. It helps.

Something Good To Report
Last night this here pumpkin growing blogger attended an awards night at which I thought I'd receive two certificates -but in fact received the certificates along with a trophy, a plaque thingo that they engrave your name on and you have to give it back after a year, a gold pen , a cheque for $150.00 that will come very much in handy,thank you very much, and a handshake from the Mayor. And why??? It was to do with computer stuff -now there's a joke -if they saw the botch-up that I make here on blogger it would all be taken back quick smart .

Labels: it would be good to look like jane seymour, pumpkins from hell

posted by lee @ 5:06 PM  18 comments

Mood - tired as buggery
Music - the somewhere in time soundtrack (haha)
Edited - Never

Here are the comments from the blog:

Dave said...
Well hurrah for you!!!

Watch those pumpkins. They'll be nibbling your ankles if you don't keep an eye on them.

9:37 PM

FluffysFailure said...
Congratulations, money AND fame - very nice.
I'm not really a "pumpkin headed lawn mower killer" as such, I see myself more as a "fuzzy faced slayer of expensive consumables" and the "bane of all coffe black in color".

9:50 PM

lee said...
dave - I'll have to send you over some pumpkin soup.I realise that you're still waiting for the roast dinner to eventuate.

So it's fuzzy faced fluffys failure -but the last bit of what you wrote has me completely confused -huh? .Please explain .

This is nothing to do with anything here -I'm so far behind the times -apparently he announced it on the 27th - Anthony Callea (ex-australian idol contestant)has come out. All I can say is WHY did he feel the need to bother?? - it was obvious the first time you clapped eyes on him. If you'd heard his version I Saw Her Standing There (the Beatles) you would have bet your life savings that he wasn't straight. My point is -my suprise is not in the fact that he is gay, the suprise is that he bothered to announce it. MAkes me wonder if he's trying to flog a new album??

9:12 AM

Ethel said...
Three cheers for killer pumpkins!

Maybe if the vines go walkies, they can deliver the pumpkins to the kitchen and save you lugging them in from the yard?

Congrats on the award. Recognition is good. So is money.

10:25 AM

Within Without said...
Don't get too overcome by those marauding pumpkins...

So what specifically were the awards (and money) for? What exactly did you do?

12:48 AM

FluffysFailure said...
What can I say, I'm the consumer of most things caffeine in nature. And by most things I mean fresh ground, black coffee.

3:27 AM

Stace said...
Your pumpkin sounds rather like our tomato.

It's a bit scary

10:17 AM

Aidan said...
PUmpkins and tomatoes in a plot to over throw the government.... well i suppose they couldnt do a worse job...

Congrats on the award....

10:56 AM

lee said...
Yes!!!! I just googled pumpkin headed lawnmower killer+movie and found a review of thqt send-up movie I mentioned -Wacko -so THAT'S what it was called .

Reviewed by Diane Squires
Rating: 10 Beans

Would just like to take a moment to gloat over you, because I happen to have this film on video, and I'm pretty sure that, whoever you are, you don't. *gloat gloat gloat* Oh well, at least you can take comfort in the fact that "Braindead" has at long last turned up on cable, complete with killer rampaging intestines.

"Wacko" is the greatest serial killer movie ever made, combining all the elements of truly brilliant horror movies into one great conucopia of terror. It's Halloween, it's Prom Night, and there's a Pumpkin-headed Lawnmower Killer on the loose, chopping oversexed teens into hamburger meat with his power lawnmower. Meanwhile, our heroine Mary (Julia Duffy) and her boyfriend Norman Bates (Scott McGinnis) are hoping to make it to the Halloween Pumpkin Prom so they can make it *at* the Halloween Pumpkin Prom, if only Mary would stop freaking out about her big sister Pam's death by lawnmower many years ago.

While Mary, Norman and their friends are angsting over their costumes for the prom, and over the fact that Mary is the only virgin left in the entire school, rogue cop Dick Harbinger (Joe Don Baker) is hot on the killer's trail. Dick has been trailing the Pumpkin-headed Lawnmower ever since the killer mowed down Pam. In fact, Dick is so dedicated that he hasn't slept since the first murder, and carries a breifcase full of coffee with him everywhere he goes. Now that it's Halloween, it's the anniversary of the Lawnmower Killings, it's Prom Night and a dangerous mental patient is on the loose, Dick alone can save the day. The rest of the police are sure that the lastest outbreak of bloodshed is only the work of werewolves.

Mary and Norman make it to the Halloween Pumpkin Prom, after a lovely dinner with Mary's parents Doctor Graves (George Kennedy) and Mrs Graves (Stella Stevens), her brother Damien (Michael Lee Gogin) who sends along Satan's warmest regards, and Norman's mother Mrs Bates, who is looking a little less than healthy. At the Prom, Mary's friends Bambi (Elizabeth Dailey), Rosie (Michele Tobin) and Tony Schlongini (Andrew Dice Clay) aren't doing so well. Poor Rosie and Tony finish up their romantic kitchen rondezvous in the bread slicer and the garbage disposal, respectively and Bambi turns up with the escaped mental patient as her date!

Will Dick make it to the Halloween Pumpkin Prom in time to save Mary from the Pumpkin-headed Lawnmower Killer? What's the real identity of the Pumkin-headed Lawnmower Killer? Is it the principal Harry Palms? The Wierdo? Zeke the Geek? Science teacher Dr Moreau? Will Mary and Norman ever get it on? Will Dick ever get some sleep? Or could Bob the Elephant somehow be behind it all?

I won't spoil this one for you, you just have to watch it and see. By the way, if you ever find this one on cable, be sure to tape it. You'll be very glad you did. Yeah, it's so bad it hurts, but it hurts so good. A very satisfying ten beaner.

1:25 PM

lee said...
Next day.A bit from an email I just received:

One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:
"If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts."

ethel -that would be good -save me walking up the back yard to retrieve them. The way things are going perhaps they could be genetically modified to perform said task?

ww- it was for a computer course I did. It was just an ungraded pass or fail thing -so I had no idea how my work was in relation to others in the class .It got back to me a few weeks ago that the teacher was disappointed that I didn't come back this year and I thought :yeah, whatever. But it seems that she must have actually meant it and must have put in a good word for me with the head of the department.I believe that the thing that got me the award in the end was a particular PowerPoint presentation in which I went above and beyond what was expected (I always think that if you're going to do anything, do your best or don't bother at all -which is the reason that I haven't gone back this year because I won't be able to apply myself in the way I want to due to health reasons).Sorry, rambling on.

So, Mr Fluffy, you are a coffee fiend?? - I believe you have company - blogger fergal -a fellow addict.

stace - I'm having trouble reaching your blog at the moment. I usually go there via aidan's but for some reason over the last few days I can't see your link on my computer. Will try again afterwards...

aidan -scary but true - I think you might be right, there!haha .

10:26 AM

lee said...
pumpkin update: 21 now.

11:01 AM

fergal said...
hi lee.
pumpkins: will it all turn into something like "day of the triffids"?
u may end up with more than u can eat .... so u can give the extras away.
or u can make a scarecrow-type thing like spud on "bob the builder" (carrot for a nose, etc.) ;-D

well done on the award!!

11:28 AM

Yeah Him said...
Well it's good to have you back - don't know what "roots" are, but in context, I can figure it out sorta kinda...

We Americans can be slow that way.

Have a good week.

2:31 PM

lee said...
fergal -perhaps I can sell the things -that could be fun.Actually, I know what I can do with them -give them to the neighbours -that would be lovely to be be able to go knock on their door and go :Here, have a pumpkin. (singing) "Bob the Builder,can we fix it? Bob the Builder, yes we can!".

yeah him -well, yes, you worked it out right.Another name for The Act is a root. It is always so amusing, actually, to watch an American movie and they'll say " I'm rooting for you" or "We're rooting for you!" and it always cracks me up. That is because I am easily amused and completely childish.And what about root beer!!!???

11:07 AM

Keshi said...
Ahoyy Lee!

Ur into Pumpkin business now ha? Cool

WOW u got a trophy and a prize? Congratts! It's high time u get one for the PEACE line that u wrote in my blog which changed my world Lee.

Good on ya!

11:07 AM

lee said...
dave -I don't suppose that you will even see this - I have had trouble commenting over at your place for a couple of days now - the trouble is with the word verifcation. I'll just keep trying each day. It's giving me the dirts!! Argghh!!!!!

keshi - I'll have to send you a pumpkin in the mail .

Thanks for the congratulations. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: The reward of a thing well done is to have done it" BUT I must say that it did feel nice to get that little bit of recognition .

11:19 AM

Keshi said...
Instead of a whole big Pumpkin, cud u mail me some Pumpkin pudding?

yeah and u deserved that reward too...well-done!


11:58 AM

lee said...
I would do that, keshi, except that I've never heard of pumpkin pudding before! .

Update:now some of them have progressed from 2 leaves to 3. The tension mounts.

11:13 PM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 04/04/2007 00:51 GMT
Winters said...
Hello Lee.

I love a bit of pumpkin pie.

10:56 AM

Keshi said...
o well..then come ova with the pumpkins...I'll make the pudding

btw...Pumpkin plants grow into massive forests LOL! beware Lee!


10:56 AM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 04/04/2007 01:21 GMT
Winters said...
Hello Lee.

I love a bit of pumpkin pie.

10:56 AM

Keshi said...
o well..then come ova with the pumpkins...I'll make the pudding

btw...Pumpkin plants grow into massive forests LOL! beware Lee!


10:56 AM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 04/04/2007 01:21 GMT
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