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daftbird's Journal
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2007-03-08 12:08:26
what difference does it make?
Sunday, March 04, 2007
what difference does it make?

Yesterday - an unexpected treat on the telly:And Now For Something Completely Different. I say unexpected because all that usually can be expected on a Saturday arvo, as far as telly goes, is sport.

Although, actually, I'm full of shite because I don't usually watch telly on a Saturday arvo. I happened to be home yesterday because I felt like death - which of course is a nice segue into the Dead Parrot sketch. Doesn't matter how many times I see it, it never fails to amuse. A parrot "pining for the fjords" will do it every time.

That's the kind of new pet I could handle. Wouldn't have to remember to feed it, nor clean out its cage - excellent. A permanent pet. Wouldn't have to worry about it dying. Just nail it to the perch and Bob's your Uncle. Possible parrot names: Monty, ...can't think of anything else. It would have to be Monty.

It should be announced that I've officially gone mental. Previously it was only unofficial. I had a dream where I was going through a diary trying to find the birthday of my two year old daughter because I didn't want to miss it -it turned out to be the 11th March, by the way. I was looking for the date while my blond-haired daughter played with my sister and her new-ish husband and her two children from a previous marriage. They were all right here in the kitchen.

The trouble is that I don't have a daughter so no wonder I couldn't remember her birthday without searching. She doesn't exist. My sister, however, is due to give birth in a few weeks. I cannot tell you of my disappointment when I awoke to realise it was just a dream -it was one of those VERY REAL ones. The disappointment is still hanging around. See, mental. Barmy lady.

I had to ask a neighbour to come in and help me with something on Thursday night because I had a bad health episode. It was very humbling to have to go and ask for help -I held out for 2hrs before asking as I'm Miss Independence. The lady was very good about it and has said anytime I need help-day or night - to ring her and she'll be right over. And I know she means it. I have one of those neighbours who will bring over a piece of a pumpkin that she's grown and who will call out to let you know to bring your washing in off the line because it's starting to rain. It wasn't until Thursday that I really appreciated how important it is to have good people around -particularly today when so many of us are on our own. It's great to know that someone would notice if you didn't emerge from your house for a couple of days, you know? That someone would notice all the neighbourhood cats hanging around your house just waiting for the chance to get in and have a feast .

Anyway, enough of that .

I wish to tell you of a daggy tape that I made . I'm such a goose that I regularly make Weekend tapes for myself - a compilation usually done on a Friday afternoon and then it gets played to death over the weekend. Actually, this was done over the Friday we just had and the one before it.

Here's the thing with music - when you take a song out of its original context, it sounds different. It's true. So taking these couple of U2 songs off their album makes them sound even better.

side a:

don't look back - fine young cannibals (no laughing!,it's a good song)
tears run rings - soft cell
in god's country - U2
trip through your wires - U2
all i gave - world party
the whole of the night - world party
always - world party
writing to reach you - travis
music was saved - starsailor
atmosphere - joy division (this is playing at the moment)
telling them - starsailor
making love to the world - world party

side b:

what difference does it make? - the smiths
take it up - world party
sweet soul dream -world party
bye bye bad man - the stone roses
song for my sugar spun sister - the stone roses
bittersweet symphony - the verve
my love life - morrisey
i want you to know - julian lennon ( don't laugh at this either -if anyone else had performed this song it would have been declared "good" )
trampolene - julian cope
charlotte anne - julian cope
elizabeth my dear -the stone roses
dance of the hoppy lads - world party.

So -if anyone has bothered to read through the daggy tape list -what do these songs have in common? (you are not allowed to say that "they are all shite").

Actually -what do they have in common AND what is something else that two of the artists don't have in common with the others? I know this is silly .
Labels: crapping on quite a bit, pop quiz

posted by lee @ 11:47 AM  12 comments

Mood - in need of lunch right about now
Music - treason - julian cope
Edited - Never

I thought that I might as well put the comments here that were left on the blog.
Cazzie!!! said...
I don't usually watch TV on a Saturday arvo either but I was also pleasantly surprised to find one of my favourite comedies on.
I could not stop laughing, especially with that Dead Parrot Sketch and then onto the Lumbejack Song, HA!!!
Hope you feel better soon.

2:35 PM

Ethel said...
I'm guessing what they've got in common is a little more concrete than "they're all songs you've listened to lately"?

5:58 PM

lee said...
hi cazzie -what the world needs is more monty python fans . And michael palin lookalikes...sigh.... a flannel shirt would be a start.

ethel - hey that's right!!! How did you know?? .You're more than just just a pretty face .

Actually I came back to say that I'm a complete ass - IT'S 3 OF THE ARTISTS THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS -NOT 2.

6:36 PM

Yeah Him said...
Hmm... the Stone Roses, various Morrissey incarnationss, Joy Division, Julian Cope before he went whacko and did that great Peggy Suicide album, and some other stuff thrown around...

Is that the common theme - all of the artists went whacko? Morrissey leaving Johnny Marr, Ian Curtis standing on ice blocks, the Stone Roses 7 year hiatus or whatever it was...

And you're still making tapes?

Making tapes used to be a fun way to spend 4-5 hours to complete a 120 minute masterpiece. First all of the music would be gathered round, then the lists of potential songs would be compiled with an order... then I would get close to the end and either make a run for it to see if I could get something in there or have to edit it down to a fittable way... and then, wah lah... 5 hours later or so I would have a masterpiece. Still have cases full of tapes, but I haven't made a tape since right after 9.11 when I got my CD burner. I'm not a fan of the 80 minute medium.

I also find multiple songs by the same artists on the same CD to be overkill though to have Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven side by side is ok because they're only the same lead singer. If songs run into each other (Dinosaur Jr's I Live for that look and blowing it), it's ok. A song by the artist and then a cover is also ok.

If you really look at it, Nick Hornby ripped his rules of tape making off of me (they're in High Fidelity, somewhere near page 100 - the chapter where he meets the crazy woman at the DJ place - if you haven't read the book, you should now!! i mean it NOW!!!).

I'm curious to hear the answer now.

2:44 AM

Wayne Allen Sallee said...
The Lumberjack Song stands as a high point of the twentieth century, Lee. Thanks for hanging out at my blog even tho I haven't been replying. Its the weekend so I'm finally playing catch up.

8:44 AM

lee said...
yeah him -yes, still making tapes -no CD burner, which is quite a tragedy.Will have to rectify that one of these days.

This is the way I do it -90 min tape - there is no plan whatsover as to what goes on it . I put a song there and think "what would sound good to my ears coming directly after that?"

( wander away, do stuff, come back again)

I think it's a leftover from doing a radio show once upon a time -you go with your mood, you know? It's funny how you get to judge the space left on the end of the tape -e.g. the world party one at the end of the first side -had to bugger around and try and find a song that was under 3 mins to fit there -you know by looking -actually it's around 2 and a half. The end of the second side -the last 2 total around a minute and a half in total. It has to be EXACT-haha .

High Fidelity was on telly again last night -the late night movie- but too late for me -have seen it but too long ago to remember -will have to read the book!

Julian Cope cracks me up e.g. the song Out Of My Mind On Dope and Speed -you'd assume that it would be a heavy kind of thing but it's decidely JOLLY.

My response has gone on so long that it might as well have been a new entry. I'm afraid to say that no one has guessed the answers to my 2 silly questions yet i.e what is something that they all have in common plus what is the way in which 3 of them(I think) differ from the others.

I wish landru would come here and have a stab at this.

wayne allen sallee - I can't help myself but go over there - it's quite a bit psycho there -you don't know what to expect -you were right that frankenstein was more fun .It's a litle bit mental and that sits very well with me indeed . I will never forget the bit about Bill Gates wearing a Windows coloured thong as long as I live. No matter how hard I try.

10:16 AM

fergal said...
hi lee - my first attempt at an answer to your quiz is that all those artisits are from britain or ireland. [i am not 100% sure about julain cope - but think he fits this bill.]


11:20 AM

Keshi said...
one common thing abt all of em hunny. Keshi dunno any of em LOL!

ok I lied..I know 2 of em ONLY. Which answers ur other qn below

**what is something else that two of the artists don't have in common with the others?


2:51 PM

lee said...
aha -mr fergal-that is not the thing that they ALL have in common but very close. The things that they all have in common is that they are all.......wait for it...(it isn't exciting at all)... men!!! .

You have picked the difference -I originally wrote 2 were different but under ethel's comment wrote:

Actually I came back to say that I'm a complete ass - IT'S 3 OF THE ARTISTS THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS -NOT 2.

There is U2 from Ireland, Karl Wallinger(World Party) from Wales. when I originally wrote 2 I had forgotten that Travis were Scottish. How could I have forgotten that? All the others are English -as far as I know.

Must have been in that kind of mood -because a couple of things that were going to go on there at one stage were Blur(English) and Andy White (Irish).

haha -they are not rivetting things at all, just something I noticed afterwards .

keshi -you are a funny lady . Now I'm curious as to which 2 you know . I guess U2 would have to be one of them and...ummm...julian lennon? Oh, keshi -I'm sure you would rememember that song Why Does It Always Rain On Me? from 1999? (why does it always rain on me, is it because I lied when I was 17? -remember that?? -that was Travis).

5:07 PM

Keshi said...
well-done Lee u guessed em was indeedz U2 and Julian Lennon! yeah now I rem!


11:05 AM

lee said...
I knew that you would know that one .

2:46 PM

Yeah Him said...
My favorite Julian Cope is still Peggy Suicide. He was completely off his rocker, but it was just awesome. Pristine, Safesurfer, Hangin out and hung up on the line, Las Vegas Basement...

"And your hands around my neck could be construed as your bein rude." great album.

1:45 PM

lee said...
yeah him -I am afraid to say that the extent of my julian cope is only the single of world shut your mouth. Oh, and the one of charlotte anne. The album Autogeddon, and Floored Genius -a greatest hits thingo that I'm addicted to. I will have to get around to getting some more of his things one of thse days.

12:44 PM

lee said...
I mean julian cope collection! Get it right!

12:45 PM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 08/03/2007 01:47 GMT
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