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urban_spacegirl's Journal
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2007-02-22 07:16:06
Update nonsense
Finally moved out of Halls and into a wee studio/apartment place which is adorable and rocks my socks.  Although, I did get the shock of my life the other day when I got home, really looked at it properly for the first time and suddenly realised that it's painted yellow with maroon borders.  Still, I won't think any less of it for this...
At least it's somewhere to have parties, so that's what I have been doing, thus the last three weeks are a complete haze, and I really have no idea if I've done anything at all. 

Other stuff...things to look forward to:  The Goodies tour (x2, but I'm thinking of making it x3), Scissor Sisters (Paris and London), The Arcade Fire (Lyon) but I'm missing out on Art Garfunkel yet again... I think that fate is trying to tell me that it's just not my destiny to see the great man live. 

Something I totally nicked from Facebook, but it sums up my time here quite adequately:

You Know You've Been in France Too Long When...

1. You respond to questions by shrugging your shoulders and blowing a raspberry. (Gotta love the old over-exaggerated hand gestures.)
2. You panic when you can't find a machine to composter your billet (They fine you on the train if you haven't stamped your own ticket...What the Hell is the ticket inspector for then, I have yet to figure that one out)
3. You are surprised that shops are open over lunch...
4...and for more than 3 days a week (The one and only reason I would ever live in France for a prolonged period would be to have a cushy job where you just don't bother doing any work at all)
5. You wouldn’t dare wear a skirt on a night out  (One of my biggest bugbears...can't even wear them during the day.  I was at traffic lights the other day wearing a skirt and the guy was so busy looking that he totally missed the green light.  You'd think they'd never seen legs before the way they carry on)
6. You find yourself grumbling about the quality of bread and you refuse to buy baguettes in Britain.  (Hear hear.  British baguettes suck - no-one does it like the French)
7. You forget you can now ask a shop assistant for assistance when you get back to Britain  (Don't get me started...)
8. An evening spent in a newsagent with a bar in it sounds like a great night out (And it usually is, especially if there's also table football)
9. You don't laugh at the name Fanny (True, except its usually spelled Phanie)
10. Instead of the latest Little Britain quotes, you and your friends are asking where Jenny is (Okay, this one I don't get cos I don't have a TV)
11. You find it strange people calling you by your real name.  (My name is *not* Kreeeesteeeeen...)
12. You've  gotten used to having a crepe instead of a kebab after a night out (oh Godddd...bakeries that are open at 3am - someone in Edinburgh has GOT to start that before I get back...)
13. It's the gravest insult if someone is saying cheers without eye contact. (The height of rudeness, apparently).

While we're on a French note, I have suddenly realised that the French did actually ban smoking in public places.  That was my one big thing that Scotland had over France - the fact that we had the smoking ban and they did not.  However, they may as well have not bothered, have you ever tried telling the French not to smoke when they want to smoke?? Go figure...

Mood - Hungry
Music - Green Day
Edited - Never

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