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urban_spacegirl's Journal
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2006-12-11 02:24:13
I'm not drunk, I'm just Differently Sober
The Weekend for Me:

Friday night:  Molly's 'I'm Getting Wasted, Who Want In?' Night - O'Berby's for numerous shots.  'After Eight', 'Nesquick' - why must they all have such tempting names.  'After Eight' tastes just like drinking a melted After Eight.  This is dangerous for someone like me, as it's so easy to accept the offer of another one.  After some time, I noticed the barman lining up six shot glasses on the bar and filling them with tequila, which made me decide that that would be a good idea.  However, he'd got there before us, as he was giving us all a free shot...silly silly man.  He filled each one with tequila, then placed a wee lemon slice on top, sprinkled sugar (not salt) on top and then deliberately spilled tequila all over the bar which he then set alight, so that the flame travelled along the bar and up each shot glass.  So the lemon was burning.  It was interesting.  Nice man.

Some time later, he gave us another free one.  I cannot remember for the life of me what it was exactly, but I know that it was something (vodka? tequila?) and absinthe.  This one, he did actually set alight, the whole damn thing and gave us straws to drink it down with.  I have photos.  It was ever so pleasant.  You know that way when you're drunk enough not to taste the alcohol?  Exactly. 

Having said all that, it was not a late night in the slightest - I caught the last bus back to campus at about half past midnight.  I'm glad I did, cos anymore would have put me in the TDTF category. 

Saturday:  we all met in Centreville and did a bit of Christmas shopping and basically wasting the day away.  I managed to avoid eating for the entire day (I don't know how, I just kept getting distracted) and by the time I went to do some food shopping in Monoprix, I was in just-about-to-pass-out territory.  I then ate loads which was a bad idea as I was illllllllll.... However, I still managed to haul myself out to shoot some pool with Ali and Tyler where I managed to fail miserably at every game. 

Today:  slept in like a mofo and then lay in bed reading Michael Palin's diaries.  Awesome.  I have nothing to do as all the work I did last weekend will do for the week's cancelled classes.  I'm going home on Friday again for Christmas.  Ooh, and we're having a School Disco themed pub crawl on Wed night cos we thought it would be an idea as the French don't have school uniform.  It'll be all the British students trawling around looking like idiots.  Always fun.

Mood - A bit laid back
Music - listening to ISIRTA these days
Edited - Never

Le Boo!
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 15/12/2006 01:27 GMT
Holy crap!  Scared the Hell outta me there, Peej...  And there was me being all laid back and all...
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 15/12/2006 05:04 GMT
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