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urban_spacegirl's Journal
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2006-12-02 04:52:14
Remembered a few unrelated and random Clue memories which I want to put on here, for hindsight's sake - I like remembering the random things.  I trawled through Jess's old journal entries about Edinburgh earlier and remembered a whole bunch of things that I'd completely forgotten about and it bothers me that these things just fall out of my mind as quickly as they fall in there. 

- Graeme making a pirate-style 'yaargh' noise.  That was hot.  I hope it gets kept in the show.  The world should not be deprived of the amazingness of that noise.  I still can't quite remember the circumstances, but I remember the hotness. 

- Was it just me or did Tim really say the words 'lucky him!' after he'd sung the lines 'They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace/Christopher Robin went down with Alice'.  I'm almost certain he did. 

- Humph said that Kirstyn was a very nice name.  That was sweet.  I told my Mum and she was very proud of having chosen such a brilliant name for me.
She's good with names, evidently.  I have a brother called Graeme.  We're such an amazingly-named family. 

Hmmm... I remembered a whole lot more today when I was in the laundrette.  I really should have made note of them. 

I've had a weird sort of few days.  I'm being insanely homesick which is quite strange as I wasn't at all homesick when I first moved out here.  But on the train on the way back to Paris, I was actually having to fight back tears.  i'm such a soppy git.  It didn't help that I had to deal with a ridiculous man at passport control who threatened to not let me through because my hair is a different colour now than it is in my passport (I was a blonde back then).  At first I thought he was joking, so I laughed in a sort of hearty 'haha, I get it, now let me go through' way, but he got serious.  I think I reacted badly.  I told him to 'f*ck off' and just went through.  He didn't come after me, but honestly!  You have the same passport pic for ten years!  Did he really expect my hair not to change at all?  Gastard.  Complete and utter gastard.

Yes, so now I'm just feeling a bit crap and wanting to be at home.  It didn't help that I've had a major headache for the past few days.  On top of that, I had a weird incident when I was walking down the staircase in my halls and swinging my keys in a jolly sort of way when they flew off my finger and fell down three flights of stairs to the bottom.  A Frenchman laughed at me, so I glared at him and ran down to get them.  I picked them up and as I stood up, I just heard a massive thud and found myself sprawled on the floor.  I'd hit my head on the bottom of some noticeboard thing, but by God it hurt like Hell.  I could only kneel there going 'Ow....ow...ow...' for ages, luckily nobody else was around - I imagine I looked quite pathetic.  I could feel blood too, and was worried that I'd gone and split the damn thing open, but luckily it wasn't so bad, just a sort of 'Ooooowwwwwwwwwwww' thing rather than anything more serious.  Now, there's a sizeable lump and its a bit tender.  At least if it's gone all red, it'll match my hair...

God, I'm pathetic sometimes.  What a childish tale.  It's like something I'd write in my 'Newsbook' in Primary Three or something. 

So this is why Im feeling sorry for myself.  France makes me bump my head.  I don't bump my head in Britain.  ERGO.... I need to go to Britain. 

OOh, and great news on Goodies tours!  Get in!

Edited to add:

Yes, yay for Goodies tours!  But booooo for being in France...  Sort of forgot about that bit.  I can sense a lot of money being spent in March/April.  Possibly some uni-skiving too... It's all good...

Mood - Ouch
Music - Ouch
Edited -

I read Jess's write up and it was great - It would seem and excellent time was had by all

Ouchie for your head - missing your family is something we just learn to live with - but I know where you're coming from everytime i'm sick i just want my mum and I am slightly older than twenty something
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 03/12/2006 12:33 GMT
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