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daftbird's Journal
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2006-09-06 22:52:52
monday monday so good to me
(yes, from blog again)

Monday, September 04, 2006
monday monday so good to me

Happy to report that gut has resumed its regular program and no longer resembles Henry VIII. Excellent. It will never ever happen again. Not until the next time. It's a fact of life that women do get bingey sometimes. We just do. Accept it and move on. Sometimes it could be our luteal phase, sometimes stress. That's bollocks. Food just tastes good.New paragraph...

Speaking of stress - it's a weird thing, isn't it? What I mean is that like most people who walk (or who have ever walked) the face of the planet I have tough stuff, some of it in the past that refuses to go away, some ongoing BUT - WHY OH WHY is it that it's the little things that end up stressing you and driving you completely mad?

Example: walking on Saturday with 2 bags over shoulder, both hands full of bags of op-shop junk and things. In other words loaded down like a pack horse. Very hot and very tired. Walking along, walking, walking(don't drive so it's always walking, walking) and - botheration to it - notice shoe lace has come undone. Stop and go to unload everything in order to be able to deal with the shoe lace and in the process FLICK, off flies my watch. (All together to the tune of Click Go The Shears: flick goes the watch, boys, flick flick flick. The band's had the sword, but it still goes "tick"). FRIG that was so annoying. It's those silly things in life that make me mental. The big things you have to deal with because you don't have much choice. And other annoying things such as banging your leg on the bed, or something falling on your head. Hate that thing. Maybe this could be a list .

banging your leg on the bed

something falling on your head

this was the most annoying thing ever - on the way to pay for an ebay item - neil young cd - and then accidentally finding it in a shop cheaper but still of course having to go ahead with getting the ebay one

getting an itchy nose while you're washing up

muddy pawed labrador jumping on your clean clothes

catching your little toe on something

finding the perfect shoe - style and colour - and they never have it in your size

you save up to buy something - yippee you get it- and then it goes on sale the next week

you are expecting a parcel to be delivered but they turn up on the day you're out or when you're in the shower and you miss the delivery.HATE that thing.

ummm what else in this list of annoying things?

the fridge door won't shut and your have to rearrange things 27 times so it will. The culprit always ends up being a piece of pumpkin

having a great hair day when you don't have to be anywhere(and of course the opposite is true)

These are the silly things that make me irritable. No doubt there are more of them - but I can't think at present and that makes me irritable as well .

Mood - ready for sleep
Music - isn't it time - the babys
Edited - Never

how do you do that Dafty - you know exactly what p!$$e$ us all off and are able to put it into words so well.  The best one  - the good hair day - why is it that i ALWAYS  run into people that I know when I look like something the cat draged in and did it's business on - sh!t I hate that!!!
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 09/09/2006 20:16 GMT
I hate this thing as well - when you get your hair cut and then have to do other things while you're out and you have that "I just had my hair cut look" and you look like such an idiot. Hate that thing .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 10/09/2006 12:37 GMT
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