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urban_spacegirl's Journal
Back to urban_spacegirl's Journal
2006-09-01 04:54:54
Good old Jess
After me telling myself for days and days that I was going to write up Edinburgh, Jess has only gone and done the World's Most Extensive Write-Up Ever.  Hoorah!  So, basically, if you want to know my Edinburgh Experience, go and read Jess's journal, cos she has covered it all brilliantly and in astounding detail.  Thanks, dude!   

My mood is awful at the moment, though - I'm on a complete downer and it's not fun.  It suddenly occurred to me that in two weeks time I have to go live in France for a year and I'm not ready to do that.  I haven't really thought about it as much as I should have done (I've been preoccupied by all the Edinburgh visits) and now it's suddenly occurred to me.  I know it's only a year and that I'll have a holiday at Christmas, but, to tell you the truth, I really can't be bothered with it.  I am excited to a certain extent, but it's going to be bloody difficult.  I have to go to uni there and do both French and English literature and kill myself all year working my ass off before coming back to Scotland and then having to do my final year at uni.  I should have gone to music school when I was 17, I swear. 
Anyway, enough with all the negativity.  I know that when I'm in a better mood, I'll read this back and cringe.  Bear with me until I feel a bit happier. 

Today at work, I said quite possibly the stupidest thing that anyone could ever say to their boss, ever.  I said (and this is going to be good) 
''Hey Liz, I've got crabs.''
I want to immediately point out that I Do Not have crabs, I Never Have Had crabs and I hope that I Never Will Have crabs - I was in fact talking about crabs in the sense of creatures from the sea which I was holding in a container in front of me.  How very embarrassing.  Luckily, Liz is my Nice Boss so she just laughed herself silly and then we stuck a pencil in the box to see how strong the little beggars were.  It wouldn't let go of the pencil and when we tried to yank it away, the pencil snapped in half.  So we had to sell five crabs to the customer, one of which was guarding this half a pencil with its life.  Also, I picked one up, which then came at me with its (surprisingly strong) nippers, so I dropped it back in the box, and its leg fell off.  I don't think the customer noticed...

Mood - Abysmal
Music - Ronan Keating MURDERING ''Iris''
Edited - Never

You crab bully!

hahahaha 'I've got crabs' - that's hilarious!

Dude, don't be too down (how can you be so down now?) but the Giddies will reform!  What a time that should be!!

Smile Smile Smility Smile Consider youself Smiled at!

Peej xxx
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 01/09/2006 05:27 GMT
That's the funniest thing I've ever read in my life...

So at Southport should I just tell Grae "Kirstyn's got crabs and has moved to France"????!!!!  hahahahahahahaahaha!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!  Will I ever stop laughing at this?!?!  NO!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 06/09/2006 06:56 GMT
Spev, you wouldn't do that????  Would you....?  You can't do that to me.  I'm only wee...  And I won't be there to defend myself and all...
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 06/09/2006 06:59 GMT
Don't be soft, like I'd ever do that to you!!!  I'll just sneakily slip him your phone number...  "ooh la la mon petit chausette!"
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 06/09/2006 07:01 GMT
That is the funniest French pun I have ever heard.  In fact it's the only French pun I have ever heard.  But it still makes me laugh.  And thank you for not telling Graeme that ''I have crabs''.  I don't want to ruin my reputation.
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 06/09/2006 07:03 GMT
Ah you can make up all kinds of French puns of your own in France - and if I ever afford to go to stay at my sister's house in France you should come and spend the weekend with me and we can make silly puns together - in English! Woo!

Don't worry about Grae - your secret's safe with me...!
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 06/09/2006 07:24 GMT
Hahaha, that is very amusing!

My Film Studies teacher once made a joke about me having crabs in front of the whole class. It was unintentional (she claimed), but it was very funny and strangely not nearly as mortifying as it sounds!

And we won't say a peep to Graeme, but perhaps when one of us is giving him a hug someone could slip your number and email address into his pocket. Oooh, what a thought!

This is what lack of sleep will do to you...
Posted by:JessPix

JessPix WWW 

date: 06/09/2006 10:45 GMT
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