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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
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2006-06-05 15:10:05
Six days to go...

I wouldn't say I've been gripped by fear or anything yet.  In fact I'm quite calm at the moment. 

I've not been starving myself or anything silly, just drinking heaps of green tea and taking three Pro-Plus a day (apparently that helps the old metabolism sort itself out!) - I've not even been really avoiding chocolate, I've just sort of gone off it a bit, amazingly.  But I still seem to have lost weight, which is brilliant. 

Gave up trying to get back to sleep at half four and came downstairs to watch Batman on FX.  God it's stupid.  I love it.  Was on the phone to Kirstyn the other night and apparently she's never seen Batman.  I felt so sorry for her!!!  It was so funny.  King Tut is my new hero.  Bless 'im.

Can't believe anyone doesn't know about Batman.  I have my bedroom decorated in Batman!  I have Batman bedding, Batman posters, a red bakelite telephone which is nicknamed The Batphone, I even have a Batman TV!!!  I love it!!!  It worries me when people aren't into superheroes - it's like people who don't believe in the Loch Ness Monster...

Had a crazy couple of dreams the night before last.  First of all I dreamed that I'd bought a duvet cover with the Mamas and the Papas on it, and I'd made my bed and was lying on top of the duvet, looking at Denny (incidentally the man with THE sexiest singing voice known to man - he could sing the phone book and I'd still keel over!), when all of a sudden he came to life!!!!!!  I was a touch freaked out but it was quite lovely really.

Then!  I dreamed I'd gone to see Green Day at Wembley Stadium, sneaked backstage so I could run onstage and leap off again (I had a sudden urge to be athletic!), when I bumped into Tre and he was like "Are you another stagehand?" and I was like "Not exactly, no..." and he said "Aha, you must be the groupie then!" and, being as I am, The Patent British Drummer Groupie, I had to say "yes" but quickly followed it up with "but I'm just here to jump off the stage actually, sorry about that!"  so he said "Well I'll jump off the stage with you and then we can go for a drink!" so we did, and we did, but his girlfriend was there all the time giving me filthy looks, which I couldn't blame her for, but I was trying not to flirt or anything with him, and in the end I said "your girlfriend doesn't like me, Frank me love!" and he just said "Nah, she doesn't like anyone - not even me.  I'm thinking of trading her in, do you fancy it?!"

At that point I woke myself up laughing!  What a great chat up line.  Not as great as when Adam asked Millie to marry him in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, of course.

I have an interview later on this morning.  Really hate interviews.  I don't really want the job but if they offer it me I'll have to take it because I'm so skint it's ridiculous and I have Buttercup to pay for.  Wish me luck!!  I'm going to pour meself out another cup of green tea and choose something amazing to wear.  Apparently red isn't a good colour to wear at interviews so that's out...  Hmmm... black it is then!!!!!!!

Mood - Tired but too awake to sleep. Damn insomnia!
Music - Batman Theme
Edited - Never

Hope your interview went well.  I am extremely envious of you going to Halifax - you must tell us all about it after
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 07/06/2006 05:05 GMT
You have the best dreams Spev !!!
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 09/06/2006 18:49 GMT
Hello you!  Congrats on the weight loss, you old, old thing (I'm 25 next month.  It's all over, Spev, we're raddled and past it!)  I think we'd better find someone to keep an eye on you in Halifax, so you don't spontaneously combust if Tim says a naughty word!

Good luck with the interview... which you've probably already had by now, but maybe good wishes can work backwards through time...
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 11/06/2006 09:47 GMT
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