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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
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2006-05-19 03:43:16
I'm not dead!!!

Am just not currently employed in a job where I have constant internet access!!!

The bastards at the NHS terminated my contract with immediate effect while I was in Scotland.  No big deal really, except I bet I've missed loads on the forums!!!

Am now working for TV Licencing (ie for the BBC) - this is possibly one small step on the ladder of finally working for the BBC.  Am currently handling complaints.  Most of the people seem okay - usually I get them on side quite quickly by dissing the TV licence and then saying "You know what's the worst thing - they show you all the same old repeats, but do they EVER repeat the Goodies?!?!  No!!!  Pathetic!" and everyone I've spoken to LOVES the Goodies.

I'm gonna start a campaign.  It'll tie in with my World Domination plans.  Speaking of which I still haven't heard back from Timbo.  Hmph.  He obviously hates me.

Can't be on long, am nicking my sister's computer to type this.  Just thought you'd all best know I'm still alive.  Am off to cause havoc in the forums for a little while and then I'm going.

If anyone wants to get in touch, you know the email address by now:

Incidentally I am officially too fat to go to ISIHAC.  I can't fit into any of my lovely clothes, and I found out we're SECOND ROW FROM THE STAGE!!!  THAT'S ABOUT TEN FEET FROM DAVID GRAEME GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm too fat.  I can't go.  I'll be ashamed of myself.  God I wish I was pretty enough to not have to worry about being fat. 

*contemplates suicide*

Er, not quite.  But am on a total downer on the whole weight front.  Had just started to head towards being okay with myself in a sort of "Ah well at least I still have all my own teeth and my eyes aren't crossed" way, when I registered with a new GP, got weighed and found I was over a stone heavier than I thought I was.  God I'm such a blimpoid...


Still.  Could be worse.  At least I am now completely over the initial shame I felt at being a Bill Luster - am now completely loud and proud over it!!!!!!!!

Mood - Cheery and jolly... ish...
Music - ISIHAC Volume 9 - classic!!!
Edited - Never

Yeah Spev is back ! Glad you haven't forget us lovey   Congratulations on the "ten feet from David Graeme Garden" seats - Don't forget the kidnapping plan - Tim is mine . Congrats also on the job - we (Jodes & Bondgirl)  plan on riding on your coat tails in terms of getting recognised as the comedy geniuses that we know we really are!!  (your crack at the fanfic will arrive asap)
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 19/05/2006 18:53 GMT
Um, yeh - asapwjhfwhb, that is (As Soon As Possible, When Jodes Has Finally Written Her Bit.)  Had a read of your and Teapot's Gibbon Hotel piece - that is hilarious.  Now write me into it to keep Bill company

Don't let being large put you off having fun - try to think of it this way.  Dr G and co. make a living making people laugh.  If no-one laughed when they did something funny, they'd be washing dishes or subediting medical textbooks for a living.  So I reckon they'd rather have a fat chick who thinks they're funny than one of these skinny women who I'm seeing everywhere on the streets at the moment, who've obviously taken the 'models don't smile' thing REALLY to heart, because they always look really pissed off and sulky.  And slouchy.  It does NOT look sexy.  It makes a reasonably pretty girl look like Quasimodo with constipation.

By the way, next time you have internet access, check out Patsy's (Patricia_Kellar) bit of the gallery. I'm the semi-trailer with the bandana standing beside the waif-like willowy beauty that is our Pats.
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 20/05/2006 19:09 GMT
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