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daftbird's Journal
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2006-04-26 13:19:55
paint it black
In a case of false advertising i perched on the lounge in anticipation the other night to watch rolf harris paint the queen on the ABC-and HE DIDN'T PAINT HER AT ALL! He did however paint a canvas with her likeness-and very well done ,too  .  So her Highness isn't into bodypainting ,then? Yeah it is a bit trailer trash. And good old rolf-not a wobbleboard and sight,but oh how good it would be if he might trim his nose hair-come on rolf,you can do it.

Rant-ish section of post

Looking through the newspaper-why IS every second child today named taylor or tayla. Sorry to anyone reading this if is is in fact the name of your beloved offspring. And every other child is ashleigh/ashlee/ashley -in the voice of that old scientist-why is it so?? The worst offender is michaela-i know someone in their 30's with that name-it suits them-great-i don't care how many kids have the name -so long as it's spelled properly.Spare us from mikayla and mekayla-i'm sure i'm not alone in gagging when i see it written. I was given a popular name in 1970-why do think that i prefer "daftbird" (apart from the fact that i go on with crap here and would prefer anonymity-hehe).

Mood - silly
Music - ohio-neil young(yet again)
Edited -

hehehehe we call those types of names "Bogan-chic" 
I don't know where it came from. They usually take an existing name and then change the first letter. Or they take a surname and make it a first name. Or they just make up a stupid word which doesn't even exist.  Then they either swap all the vowels around, or they take all the vowels out altogether and squeeze in as many "y"s as possible.  Such terrible names!
Oh and P.S. Important message to all bogans out there PARIS IS A BOY'S NAME NOT A GIRL'S NAME!!!!!
Posted by:AC


date: 26/04/2006 16:32 GMT
There are others that don't do it for me,either-but i guess it's more of a black american thing -names like Leshaun and stuff like that. Names are funny things-why were all the "hockey bitches" at school named christy? .A tiffany is probably a tart.An elizabeth probably isn't . It comes down to the parents doesn't it?-someone who calls their child crystal is probably from the western suburbs of sydney.hahaha.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 27/04/2006 11:45 GMT
I also watched ole Rolf - wasn't his house lovely - well where his house was , on the river and very green.  I would love to live somewhere that green (somewhere that actually gets regular rain).
Amen to spacky kids names - people wonder why kids today can't spell - their parents are trying to be soooo trendy and cool that they have inflicted their children with names that not only can't be spelt but can't even be pronounced. 
Hey AC I thought Paris was a city in France
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 27/04/2006 22:03 GMT
Funny,bondgirl .Just realised i'm an utter dolt and wrote not a wobbleboard AND sight instead of IN. A bit too lazy to edit it.Oh,another name i find off-tayeesha.Wankeesha.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 27/04/2006 22:17 GMT
The 'new kids just started kindy so we took their photos so all their parents would buy the newspaper' section of one of our local rags today was an eye opener.

Tahlia/Taalia/Tarlya etc
Lots of Ayeeshas, spelt various ways.
And my personal favourite, please welcome to a lifetime's worth of NEVER getting her christmas cards correctly addressed:
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 28/04/2006 14:40 GMT
Funny how the names from your childhood stay with you. Like people will say "Oh I could never name my child Sharlene because I was in primary school with a Sharlene who was a horrible little cow" or whatever.  It's like the names of kids you know when you are 6 or 7yo will be forever associated with those certain personalities.
Posted by:AC


date: 28/04/2006 15:53 GMT
oh,phelicity-ooh,that's hideous ! blagghhhh... .And that's  so true,AC -i will always dislike the name david because of 2 horrible boys at school .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 30/04/2006 16:48 GMT
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