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beci_star's Journal
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beci_star's journal
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2005-04-04 11:10:30
2 Sleeps to go!!!
2 Sleeps til my birthday!! I'm so nervous/excited!!! Both Marcus and Mum and been whispering and keeping secrets and tip-toeing around! It's so funny and so cute!!! I have no idea what they're up to which makes it even more exciting!!

Hurry up Wednesday!!!

Mood - Super happy
Music - Walk in the Black Forest
Edited - Never

2005-04-03 13:59:26
Rainy Sunday
Oh aren't Sunday's boring! Especially when it's raining and cold. And what makes it worse is that I have no Goodies episodes to watch *sigh*

On the good side though, it's only 3 sleeps til my birthday!! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm very excited! I hope it's not raining though. It nearly always rains on my birthday. I suppose I should really expect it being in the middle of Autumn.

The only type of rain I like is summer rain. When it's been a really hot day and then is rains in the evening - and if you're lucky, there's a few claps of thunder and some lightening!!! Now lightening is just beautiful! Maybe I should move to Queensland. Apparently there's heaps of lightning storms up there. The weather is a lot warmer too.

Hmm....I'm bored. I might surf e-bay is see if I can snag a bargin.

Mood - Blah
Music - Silence
Edited - Never

2005-03-24 08:35:35
I can't wait for this week to be over. Everything that could go wrong, has gone. And everything that's gone wrong involves money which is kinda stretched atm. *sigh* When will this be over?!?!?!? I just want everthing to be steady. It's so hard to get on top when you're so far behind.

On a lighter note, 13 sleeps til my birthday. Hard to be excited when there's so much stress around. 

Mood - Sad
Music - -
Edited - Never

2005-03-22 11:16:16
Forever Monday

Monday would have to be the looooongest day of the week. Next to Friday I guess. BUt this week is a short week so I guess I can't complain!!

My graphic design skills are getting a bit of publicity around the work place at the moment! Woo Hoo!! Just got an offer to create some marketing products for MONEY!! YAY! I'm nervous though.....very scary going into the real world of Graphic Art. It's a place full of judgement and picky people!!!! Probably not the best place for an overly sensitive person. Just means I need to grow a thicker skin.

Mood - Ok.....
Music - Kill Bill
Edited - Never

2005-03-17 10:29:20
Oh what a werid day. Nothing exciting has happened - it's just one of those days. It feels like Friday when in fact it's Thursday, I have a course to go to tonight for Graphic Design which I'm really looking forward to but can't really be bothered going cause I'm SOOO tired and I'm sick of answering the phone. "I really don't care that your printer isn't working!!!" 

On a lighter note.....I do have a chocolate in front of me so that should settle me down soon. Thank god for Giant Freddos! I would much rather be home, on the couch and watch my new goodies DVD. I've had it for 2 weeks now and I haven't even had time to take the plastic off it!!

Also, my work collegues are so sick of me talking about the Goodies concert that they have threatened to charge me $1 every time I mention 'The Goodies'!!! They're just jealous! 

Mood - Sleepy
Music - The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
Edited - Never

2005-03-10 10:38:47
Tuesday night was the night! My partner (Marcus) and I saw their show on Tuesday night at Melbourne's Hamer Hall. The show was fantastic! Marcus and I were laughing our asses off the whole night and we were one of the lucky few who were able to meet the most famous trio on earth!!!

The show finished and both of us raced around to the back stage door. Of course, we were met by many other fellow Goodies fans so we all waited very patiently with the hope of seeing our most beloved idols.

20 mins later, the moment arrived! First of all, Bill Oddie came out and made his way down the line and signed many DVD covers, books, programs etc etc. Tim then appeared followed by the lovely Graeme. I was very privelged to get my t-shirt signed and A CUDDLE from each of them!!! 

"Goody Goody Yum Yum!!"

It was totally awesome to finally meet (AND CUDDLE!!!) the three guys I've always wanted to meet!! Marcus was a honey and filmed with his Mobile each Goodie signing my t-shirt and the cuddles! My only regret is that Marcus didn't get a photo with all of them. Sorry baby 

Overall,  the night was fantastic!! It's a night I'll never forget (In more ways than one)

Mood - Goody Goody Yum Yum
Music - Goodies theme song
Edited - Never

2005-03-07 10:07:54
Hooray! Hooray!!

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow to see.....wait for it.....THE GOODIES!!! I SOOOO can't wait. I've been busting my guts to see them since I was 8.  I've got my fingers crossed too - I really want to get my Goodies T-Shirt signed. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Music - Scissor Sisters - Laura
Edited - 2005-03-07 10:08:20

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