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bright_tiger's Journal
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bright_tiger's journal
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2006-10-16 18:41:18
Well, things have been a bit up and down lately. Work sucks, life sucks.
Had a bat rescue yesterday; twin new born babies on their dead mother. The boy died, but hopefully the girl will be raised ok.

Been getting back into my art, ceramics. It's been good to get into again after 5years!
I was very pissed though when some bumfluff stole one of my pieces. I cannot stress haw bad that is. Apart from artistic licence issues, it makes the artist very mad and upset, besides, it's bad Karma. Don't do it.

Thinking about whether i should buy a house/unit or not......

Thinking about doing NaNoWrimo......

Thinking about should I study next year  full time or part time or not at all or something completely different.....

Mood - apathetic
Music - none
Edited - Never

2006-04-17 17:28:51
I got a kitten, Pangur, a few weeks ago. She is a purebred bengal, with spotted and striped coat, and definately very tiger-ish. Very active, naughty, playful etc. Typical kitten really. And has been a great excuse to do absolutely nothing else for a while. She is asleep on my lap atm.
Have had to do alot of reading this Easter weekend for uni as pracs are next week and I haven't done any study for ages.
And the Easter bunny didn't bring me any chocolate eggs.
I did get a fair bit of autumn cleaning done though which is a good thing.
Work again tomorrow *sigh*

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-03-05 17:43:14
Loooong Tiiime nooo poooost.

Been oversea's and back. Had, birthday, christmas, New year. Went to Nepal and India, had a great time, the food was fantastic! Curries and dosa's and Naan, and lassi's....mmmmmmmmm

Back at uni p/t externally, still working Fulltime, trying to figure out what to do with my life. Been a little down lately. Took up maths as well to make up pre req's, but i am finding it a little tough, hate algebra, but love geometry (well, love might be a little strong...., i prefer chocolate to geometry...)

Into fish lately, bought a tank, stand, heater, light, filter coming next week. Can't wait til i can set it up, get some gravel, start the cycling process, and get my fishies. Haven't decided on tropicals or cichlids yet.

Need to get into studying, but fishies are much more fun.

Mood - Stable, but i am hungry....
Music - placebo
Edited - Never

2005-11-13 12:20:24
Well, my exam is done, so I can get back to doing important stuff like reading and watching movies and sleeping and eating and playing games and drawing and stuff......
Not for very long though as I will be studying over the summer as well. I am just waiting for my books and course stuff to arrive.

I am also set to go o's in 5 weeks and 5 days and counting. I will be spending another christmas away from home. Hooray!!

Mood - Balanced
Music - Missy
Edited - Never

2005-08-22 17:31:38
Well, am still obsessed with a group of books that shall remain nameless, and in particular a specific character that is much beloved.  hehe

As a result I have done barely anything for uni, but I am in the process of alleviating that, (hopefully).

Otherwise, nothing much, just working.

Mood - good
Music -
Edited - Never

2005-07-23 18:55:34
Well, not much been happening lately. Been on hols from uni, but still working, so only my evenings are my own. Did well at uni am happy about that. Have just been reading lots, read 7 thick books in the past 4 weeks.  Was really good to do that again, as i don't read during semester 'cos otherwise I wouldn't study. Got very happy on wine last night, went to a book signing during the week (the author whose works I have been reading), saw topology and kate miller-heidke play/sing last weekend and went to a photographic exhibition opening, been VERY obsessive about a certain character, but apart from that not done much at all.
It's been gooooood.

Mood - good
Music - dr who
Edited - Never

2005-05-19 21:15:21
SHE'S BACK!! I am sooo happy. Things can return to normal, and I can leave work on time and get stuck into my (long overdue) uni work!

Mood - happy
Music - ben lee
Edited - Never

2005-04-29 20:52:03
Been a very stressful week, nothin' to do with uni, all to do with work. Am having to train new temp. staff, so am opening and closing, and I am very p____ed about the fact I did this last week, only to have the so-n-so up and leave, lying to my face in the process, when I asked her if she was going, and she said no, (blamed someone else for mixup) then someone else turned up the very next day! Apparently she had known 2 days previousley! So, I 've been coming home late, not doing any uni work, and I am very tired. And very sick of having to explain things over and over and over again. I cannot wait til my co-worker comes home from o/s, and things can return to normal.

Mood - Coming down off foulest mood ever
Music - JJJ
Edited - Never

2005-04-10 13:53:06
Had last uni prac yesterday, for Biology. Had a quiz in the afternoon. Think I did ok in it considering hadn't studied at all.

Assignment due tmw night. In the process of  -very unmotivated. Suprisingly not too stressed about it. I know I'll eventually get it done 'cos it has to be done.

oh well, back to it.

Mood - unmotivated
Music - thinking music
Edited - Never

2005-04-01 21:48:47
Good week. Been attending uni for animal anatomy pracs. Lots of guts and hearts and livers and sheep and kidneys and speens and brains and rats and tongues and bones and teeth and pancreas' and hooves and wool and cows and colons and small intestines and uteruses and oviducts and testes and...... it all smells bad.

Handed in assignment today. Fingers crossed. See how goes. Another one due in 10 days. (sigh). Got full marks in pracs though which is nice.

Off to bed (once I've finished my Baileys).


Mood - Tired
Music - anything mellow
Edited - Never

2005-03-23 18:16:41
Only a day til the long week end. I've already watched my goodies2 dvd so I should not be distracted toooo much.

*All hail the Goodies* 

But then I will have to get stuck into my assignment due next week. bugger

I bought myself a chocolate bunny to help me cope.

Work's been ok this week.

Re: goodies live show: I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Laughed the whole way through.
I still love Graham the best. He's been my fav since I can remember (i remember in grade 4-many years ago- talking about the goodies with a classmate and the Q of who's your fav inevitably came up. 'Tim' he said. I remember thinking 'hmmm, typical'. Graham was always my choice- I love an eccentric man with brains, still do!)
I look forward to when we be married and can plan World Domination together to earn our badges!!


Mood - nyeh with some craziness thrown
Music - sarah mcLachlan
Edited - Never

2005-03-20 01:04:06
Very late on a saturday night (sunday morn actually). Supposed to be doing uni s__t.... I mean important stuff and I'm instead. I have had all night to do stuff, and I've done practically nothing. Been gaming and checking out the (internet) sites instead.

Queen of Procrastination.
Better luck tmw.

Better go get some

Mood - Bored and depressive
Music - Leonard Cohen
Edited - Never

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