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skinheadskippy's Journal
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skinheadskippy's journal
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2009-11-27 11:15:57
Who, What & Where I Am

November 2009

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2009-11-27 11:09:18
Actually, it is. I just lost a rather lengthy journal entry due to a database error. If you can see this, the journals are working and it was a random cock-up.

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2007-04-02 22:55:12
Thank you and goodnight...
We performed our last show for the hometown fans last night. The response has been so overwhelming that I have no doubt we'll do another run soon. The last night is always a bittersweet occasion - we're all exhausted, yet we've become such a tight family that parting is quite emotional. The Lovelorn Living Party (the group that puts together these shows, of which I am a member) is an institution I dreamed of being involved with for many years, back when its key members were in the hugely successful Mousemoon. It's a huge honour to be working with them.

We'll meet again in a couple of weeks for wine, nibblies and times. Meanwhile, i've been invited to join a few LLP members in boosting crowd ambience at the Great Escape Festival this weekend. We're also looking at taking the show to Darwin, so we'll see how that pans out.

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2007-04-01 00:52:37
The shooow!
Just got back from the second night fo the show - or in my case, the first night. It seems our hometown has embraced the concept of the Bohemian Love Theatre, and the venue was packed pretty tightly. So tightly, in fact, that it caused a few mishaps - for example, I poked an innocent bystander in the eye with my flag during the "human cockfighting" sketch!

A recurring problem in the BLT happens during the big finale, the Goldie Feather spectacular (in which I appear as 'Lady Boomsticks' complete with a busty corset and fishnets - ooh la la!). The stage vibrates and bounces quite a lot, and it loosens the legs on the drums. Every night, when I first hit it, one leg collapses. It happened during every single performance at the Peats Ridge Festival, and it continued to be a prick tonight. Luckily I had a gap in the song in which to figure out the problem and fix it. Another crisis averted - there would be nothing more mortifying than the whole kit falling over and all four drummers tumbling offstage!

One more night to go, and then we get a well-earned break before planning the shows for the remainder of '07. That would be an excellent time to go through my Goodies footage collection...

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2007-03-31 16:02:47
Just my luck...
Last night heralded the opening night of the BLT (Bohemian Love Theatre), upon its triumphant return to its hometown. I should have been there onstage - working, performing, basking in the BLT's warm glowing warming glow.

Instead, I spent the night in bloody hospital (peptic ulcer). I missed my own opening night!

The good news is that I won't die in the next 48 hours, so i've been cleared to continue the show until it ends on Sunday.

In other news: I'm keeping busy with Rock Solid; one of my star clients just got a record deal; i'm living in the city now; i'm really looking forward to the next Kitten Kon (if all goes ahead). I'm having flashbacks to the first Goodies Rule OK! tour (2005) and my eyes keep wandering over to the wall where I proudly display my photos with the lads. Withdrawal symptoms? You bet!

Must dash - there's a last minute rehearsal to fix up a few bugs in the running order. Adieu.

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2005-03-24 15:52:49
Six Degrees of TBT
One thing you can always count on with me is that, at times of insane boredom and thumb-twiddling, I am always the person coming up with the activities. I seem to be the perennial party planner, creating or adapting silly games and making sure everybody is getting along.

Earlier in the week, I found myself sitting alone in my room, with my lukewarm cup of coffee on the bench and my kitten farting on my pillow. And I was bored out of my tiny little mind. Desperately searching for a task that I could easily amuse myself with for an hour or two (I briefly contemplated taking a leaf out of le` kitten's book and playing with some string for a while, but my mind just isn't THAT small), I visited the GROK.

Then, an idea struck (*clunk*). I developed Six Degrees of Tim Brooke-Taylor ( To my utter amazement, the game has exploded.

I told Lisa (t' Grandmaster of t' GROK) in an email earlier today: Why do I fear that Tim may be sitting in front of his computer at some
point screaming at us in a shrill voice, "NO! NO! There's a shorter link
than that!"?
Well, whatever Tim's thoughts may be on the game, I hope that he takes the attention and worship with extreme flattery.

Mood - Bouncy
Music - HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS - Hip To Be Square
Edited - Never

2005-03-20 13:09:07
The Ways of the Gay World
One thing that many people can't understand about my best friend Michael and I, is that we can sleep in the same bed and hug each other to the point of suffocation, and not actually be romantically involved. What can I say? We're one of the rare couples who can have a purely platonic relationship and be the most important people in each other's lives without the element of sex. (We also have something rather important in common - we both like men very very much.)

Last night is a great example of the kind of relationship we have...

(SETTING: Me, a wee bit drunk, settling into bed. Michael stumbles into the room, very drunk.)

MICHAEL: I'll be back soon - Justin and Jason are teaching me the ways of the gay world.

KIRRI: Alright, well, I expect a full report on my desk in the morning.

MICHAEL: No, you'll be hearing about it the second I get back, you won't be getting any sleep.

KIRRI: Looking forward to it.

(CUT TO: Same scene, 30 minutes later; Michael collapsing into bed.)

KIRRI: Well?

MICHAEL: I just threw up.

KIRRI (deadpan): Goody.

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Music -
Edited - 2005-03-20 13:11:12

2005-03-12 15:55:38
Welcome to my little corner of the institution. I have no idea what i'm going to put in here; I suppose as time goes on i'll fill it with nonsense and things that I only I would have any interest in. [insert careless shrug here]

I should probably introduce myself, but i'll do that in a later entry. First I have to talk about my evening with The Goodies.

How fitting that I write my first entry whilst on holiday in Brisbane - where, last night, I finally had the opportunity to see The Goodies in person. I never thought I would have this moment, this event, so i'm eternally grateful to the lads for making the trek out here.

Look, for a young fan like me, whose childhood memories feature The Goodies in one way or another, this was a big deal. These boys practically raised me. Back when I was a wee lass in primary school, I would always be found before dinner plonked in front of the TV with my nose on the screen (ignoring the static against my face) watching these three. They were the foundations on which my style of humour was built. They shaped my belief that life should never be taken too seriously. Alright, it could also be said that their influence determined how much of a loony I would turn out to be later on, but I still have an awful lot to thank them for.

Last night I was able to stand with them individually and tell them how important they were, and still are, to dear old me. Words didn't do it justice, but I was earnest and sincere. They had many people thanking them that night, and all the nights previously. I hope these men realize just how much magic they have created in their entertainment, and how special they are to many fans worldwide.

I doubt I will ever see them onstage again - unless I either live in London (which I will eventually do) or the director of the comedy festival entices them over for a second time, this was my first and last occasion of having these legendary men standing right in front of me, making me sink to the floor in fits of laughter. But i'll always be thankful that they came at all, even if they're not as fit as they once were!

So, there you are. I've crossed off The Goodies from my list of Heroes I Absolutely Must Meet.  They forever have my respect and admiration.

Must dash - for the last half-hour I have sat here wearing nothing but a flimsy towel. I should probably change into something, considering my gorgeous hosts will be coming home shortly. Nobody wants to wander into their own home to see their guest almost starkers. Well, alright, some may like it, but considering the sexual orientation of my hosts, seeing a woman in this state would send them reeling.

Argh - i'm still typing, and i'm still in my towel. Right. Off. Go. March.

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Music - SPLIT ENZ - Hermit McDermitt
Edited - 2005-03-13 21:18:02

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