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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #3
Goodies Quiz #3 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 28/12/2006


» Goodies Quiz #3
» Quiz Answers

It's time for a third chance at claiming the Mastermind Of The Year title from Cuddly Scamp ("he's the champ") Hairylegs Of Cricklewood by attempting to answer another 100 Goodies questions correctly.   Your time starts now …
"A Kick In The Arts"
(1)   Which notorious criminal does Tim evolve into?
(2)   Why are the Goodies summoned to the Tower Of London?
(3)   Who is the horserider supposedly responsible for stealing the Crown Jewels?
(4)   What happens to the rooster after it crows to signal morning?
(5)   Which card game are the Goodies playing while all sorts of spooky things happen around them?
(6)   Which building does Cecily blow up first?
"Chubby Chumps"
(7)   What was the "wrong bait" that Graeme used on his fishing trip?
(8)   What is the name of the "fat farm" that Tim gets lured away to?
(9)   Which group of people form the judging panel at the 'Miss Housewife Of The Year' contest?
"Come Dancing"
(10) What are the dancers doing on TV at the end of the episode?
"Cunning Stunts"
(11) Who comes to the door seeking to replace Bill as a Goodie?
(12) Which member of the royal family supposedly gives Bill a flash of his "crown jewels" while Bill is out seeking a front page story?
(13) Who are the two German entrants (played by Tim and Graeme) in the Falling Down contest?
"Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express"
(14) According to Graeme, what else is France famous for besides the Eiffel Tower?
(15) What is the name of Tim and Graeme's hunting club?
(16) What sort of animal does Graeme sit on during the club meeting?
(17) What is the only kind of food that the dodo will eat?
"Double Trouble"
(18) What do the badly-behaving Goodies doubles supposedly say to Vera Lynn?
(19) Who is the host of the awards night?
(20) Why have the world leaders decided to blow the world up?
(21) What time has Graeme brought Christmas forward to?
(22) How does Tim ruin the Christmas cake?
"Goodies And The Beanstalk"
(23) What is the grand prize in "It's A Knockout"?
"Hospital For Hire
(24) What is wrong about the plaster cast on Bill's leg?
(25) Which magazine do the Goodies have on the hook in their toilet?
(26) Which word makes the Minister For Health sneeze whenever he hears it?
"Invasion Of The Moon Creatures"
(27) Which phrase do the three Goodies conclude all of their sentences with while talking to each other over the radio?
(28) According to Big Bunny, what is the only bunny talk that humans will respect?
(29) What kind of pie does Graeme eventually tempt Bill and Tim to eat?
"It Might As Well Be String"
(30) Complete this advertising slogan: "Use Low Suds Mold or ..."?
"Kitten Kong"
(31) Where does Bill threaten to go to when arguing with Tim?
(32) What is the problem afflicting Graeme's vampire bat?
(33) How long is Tim stuck up in the tree for?
"Kung Fu Kapers"
(34) According to Graeme, what doesn't the king of kung fu do a lot?
(35) Which relative of Graeme's supposedly has a black sporran in the Scottish martial art of "Hoots Toots Och Aye The Noo"?
(36) What does Graeme tip into the black pudding mix to sabotage it?
"Lighthouse Keeping Loonies"
(37) Why has the lighthouse's lamp run out of oil?
"Lips Or Almighty Cod"
(38) What is the end result of the cod crashing into the pier at the grand finale?
"London To Brighton"
(39) What is the name of the charity that the Goodies are raising money for with their bouncing around the world?
(40) Which vegetable does the Minister for Pollution spray with weedkiller, then sell new ones to the unsuspecting gardener?
"Punky Business"
(41) Which dish was Tim unable to order at the punk restaurant, and why?
(42) Which magazine does Caroline Kook work for?
(43) What sort of creature is Tim's new friend, Buttons?
(44) What did the mysterious stranger Punkarella leave behind at the ball when fleeing once the clock struck midnight?
"Rome Antics"
(45) What is Tim's response to the Roman Ambassador's statement of "Legato sum."?
(46) Why is Bill so scornful about Stonehenge?
(47) What are Graeme's two new inventions for entertaining the public?
(48) What is used as a shot put in the Olympic Games?
"Royal Command"
(49) Which Royal does Graeme end up filling in for?
"Saturday Night Grease"
(50) What does Tim end up using as a necklace when getting dressed?
"South Africa"
(51) Why is Graeme suspected by the South African officers of being black?
(52) Why are the jockeys in South Africa only entitled to half a vote?
(53) Which two showbiz acts had been banned under the new apart-height regulations?
(54) What is the name of Tim and Graeme's jockey servant at their ranch?
(55) Which stomach-churning song do the Goodies perform on the Maxie Grease show?
"The Clown Virus"
(56) What does the "tomato soup" do to the Goodies after they eat it?
(57) How do they eventually dispose of it?
(58) What colour is Graeme's wildly-springing hair when he becomes a clown?
(59) Who emerges from the magic box after it has had bayonets thrust into it by the American soldiers?
"The Commonwealth Games"
(60) What is the prize for the winning team at the Commonwealth Games?
"The Greenies"
(61) What does the army missile testing range end up looking like after the Goodies have altered the initial plans?
"The Lost Tribe"
(62) How many years earlier did Hazel's father disappear?
(63) What did Graeme find in his scout sleeping bag?
(64) Which wild animal ferociously attacks Tim?
(65) What is Hazel's somewhat predictable surname?
"The Movies"
(66) What is the Goodies first film production?
(67) How does a drunken Bill try to kill one of Tim's poodles?
(68) Which Goodie gets clobbered by Moses and his ten commandments?
"The Music Lovers"
(69) What is so unusual about the "Best Of Rolf Harris" record displayed by the Music Master?
(70) What is the name of the Music Master's main henchman?
(71) The Music Master reappears in which later Goodies episode?
(72) What is the Music Master's true identity, as revealed in this later episode?
(73) What is the name of the Goodies' band when they stage their non-stop open air concert?
(74) Which Julie Andrews album of "sure fire hits" did the Music Master produce?
(75) What dire punishment are the Goodies threatened with when they can't produce a hit record?
"The New Office"
(76) How long do the builders take to "renovate" the Goodies' old office?
(77) Who does Mr Snatch (the real estate agent) run away to the south of France with?
(78) Which of the Goodies' favourite targets appears on Bill's punching bag?
(79) What sort of creatures does the new office come under attack from?
"The Race"
(80) What was Bill's indignant response to Graeme saying on the phone:"We are the Goodies. Le Bon Bon."
(81) What is the brand of Graeme's patented windscreen washer that drenches Tim with a torrent of bubbles
(82) What does the Baron do to the Japanese driver's car to nobble it?
"The Stone Age
(83) Name two of the three hobbies that Bill indulges in all at the same time.
(84) According to the book of potholing, what is the person about to descend into the pothole known as?
(85) Who scores a hat-trick of goals for Chelsea in Bill's imaginary soccer game?
"2001 And A Bit"
(86) Who were the three sons of the Goodies in this episode?
(87) And who was supposedly their mother?
(88) Who is Tim mistaken for at the MCC, copping a barrage of fruit for his trouble?
"U-Friend Or UFO"
(89) Whose empty vehicle crashes into the back of Bill's ute?
(90) What name does Tim give his new robot helper?
(91) Complete this quote from the end of the show: "It's a bird. It's a plane. ... "
"Wacky Wales"
(92) Which guest star plays the part of Reverend Llewellyn?
(93) Which rugby player breaks his vow of silence by swearing at Mary Whitehouse?
(94) How many points did the Catholics score in the final against the Welsh Druids?
"War Babies"
(95) Which boarding school are the baby Goodies sent to?
(96) How old are they at the time?
(97) What did Winston Churchill ask the Goodies to fetch from Germany?
"Way Outward Bound"
(98) What is the name of the school which runs the Way Outward Bound adventure course?
(99) How much is the bounty that they offer the Goodies for every child sent there?
(100) Despite the Sergeant Major seemingly being in charge, who is the real brains behind the scheme to create an army of babies?

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