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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #1
Quiz Answers - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 28/12/2006


» Goodies Quiz #1
» Quiz Answers



(Each correct answer is worth 1 point.  Score 1/2 a point if you're close!)

(1) The British Olympic team

(2) 3 pence (after paying Nicholas Parsons 500 quid not to turn up!)

(3) Tim's aunt

(4) Anything, Anytime

(5) "That's a bit vague, isn't it?!"

(6) Lemon sherbet

(7) Kenneth

(8) Terrapins

(9) Sunny Meadows

(10) An old pair of trousers

(11) Working The Line

(12) Cream, strawberry jam and scones (scOnes!)

(13) Uncle King Arthur (well, Arthur King at any rate!)

(14) The local town planner who wants to demolish it

(15) Des O'Connor's

(16) A female nanny

(17) By getting Tim to drag up!

(18) Weeding the garden / mowing the lawn

(19) Needed

(20) Lionel Bleeah's

(21) Peaches Stilletto, the ballroom shark

(22) The Goodies Clarion & Globe (hence the name of our fan club newsletter)

(23) By making her miserable father Sir Joshua laugh for the first time in years

(24) "You cow!!"

(25) The Eurovision Raving Loony Contest.

(26) A tree

(27) The Shafts

(28) Nice Person Of The Year

(29) David Frost

(30) Patrick Troughton

(31) Doctor Who

(32) A skateboard destruction kit, which is immediately put to use on Bill's skateboard after he careers into the Christmas tree just as Graeme had finished decorating it.

(33) "Tim's nuts are nicest!"

(34) His belly button

(35) A pair of y-fronts and a mop head

(36) Brown

(37) Esmerelda

(38) "Get up ya great nancy!"

(39) The Twerp Of The Month Award

(40) The Vikings

(41) Detonated a H-bomb on it, blowing it way out into the South Pacific

(42) Because Tim and Graeme have already eaten him, leaving only bones and feathers!

(43) A long-haired pug

(44) Rover

(45) Debbie

(46) By making Debbie remove her bra

(47) The "Keep Filth Off Television" campaign

(48) By making a sex education film for schoolchildren using the ridiculously censored script written by Mrs Carthorse herself.

(49) "He keeps his distance!"

(50) "Knickers!"

(51) A second leg

(52) The top of Mount Everest

(53) A guardsman (or according to Bill, a six foot scarlet lavatory brush!)

(54) Tally Ho Towers

(55) Tony Blackburn

(56) "I'm gonna become a folk singer."

(57) "Let us in, ya great 'nana!"

(58) Lettuces and carrots (bonus point if you answered "Nicholas Parsons" or "Rolf Harris"! :)

(59) The Archers

(60) The Queen's Own Highland Ferrets

(61) Advertising Men

(62) The housewives

(63) Bunter the guinea pig

(64) "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

(65) Michael Aspel

(66) "A little light housekeeping"

(67) Because everything on a lighthouse is round in shape

(68) Whale Of The Century

(69) "Love him?! Good God, we're dealing with savages!"

(70) The giant bagpipes spider

(71) One bite from it and "you dance the Highland Fling until you drop dead!"

(72) Sparklypegs Toothpaste

(73) Giant toothpaste tubes

(74) Because it is raining oil outside.

(75) David Frost

(76) The Little Laddies

(77) Shiny Shoes

(78) Willie Snot and the Bogies

(79) 55 AD

(80) Because of the conquering Romans and their garlic breath!

(81) The Vandals, led by Attilla The Hun

(82) Tim Brooke-Taylor

(83) "Off with his didgeridoo!"

(84) Night Fever

(85) Robin Yad (not Robin Day - only an anagram!)

(86) Through door and turn white.

(87) White and white minstrels.

(88) "Run"

(89) "The Sparrow Song"

(90) The Maxie Grease Show

(91) Major Charles M. Cheeseburger

(92) David Frost

(93) Cricket

(94) The August Bank Holiday Islands

(95) A triangle

(96) Pan's Grannies

(97) By shooting Tim's hat off

(98) Because of strange goings-on from the army base on nearby Penrudden Hill

(99) Because according to Graeme, women always sprain their ankles on explorations.

(100) Human clear soup


90-100 Mastermind Of The Year

75-89 Goodies fan supreme

60-74 Clever clogs

40-59 Reasonably Goodie

20-39 Thick as old boots

0-19 Rolf Harris!


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