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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #4
Answers - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 28/12/2006


» Questions
» Answers

(Each correct answer is worth 1 point. Score 1/2 a point if you're close!)
(1)   That his family were sheep stealers
(2)   Celtic Kilty
(3)   They were apple growers
(4)   The Max Bygraves Show
(5)   Land Of Hope And Glory
(6)   Bill in disguise
(7)   Captain Grayboots – Fearless Lion Tamer
(8)   Henrietta Hedgehog, because she supposedly makes a good loo brush!
(9)   The Bellamys
(10) Patrick Moore
(11) Barbara Woodhouse
(12) The commands don't work on dogs, but they do work on people
(13) The Rumbling Tum Carnivorous Cuisine
(14) Geronimoo!
(15) Filthy rich Americans
(16) Velasquez
(17) From Greenshields Stamps
(18) Turn them into a crazy-golf course
(19) As a petrol station to refuel their spacecraft
(20) The Loch Ness Monster
(21) The Canadian Rockies
(22) "Well I hope you cleaned it up!"
(23) Suet dumplings
(24) Pink
(25) It explodes when touched
(26) Daisy and Dennis
(27) A Union Jack corset / his own personal Concord
(28) The Radio Times
(29) Improving their poor public image
(30) Tony Blackburn
(31) With a cuckoo clock in his helmet
(32) Graeme
(33) Two
(34) Four million dollars (by cheque!)
(35) The Goodyfather
(36) By sitting on the "Royal Flush" toilet and pulling the chain
(37) Justice Once
(38) Graeme Garden
(39) Skid Row
(40) An audience of policemen
(41) Services to the music industry
(42) A pretty young nurse
(43) Little Jimmy Osmond
(44) The Mystic East Fish & Chip Shop (also accept Rochdale, Lancashire)
(45) The Archbishop Of Canterbury
(46) An advertising man
(47) The Queen
(48) The Workers Revolutionary Party (TWERP!)
(49) Tim, dressed as Timita
(50) "Listen to Radio Goodies … boom!"
(51) A fiver
(52) "A Walk In The Black Forest"
(53) By towing the whole country outside the five mile limit
(54) "You're a megalomaniac!"
(55) By sacking Bill immediately
(56) His eyes
(57) Sweden
(58) The Funky Gibbon
(59) Gumbies from Monty Python
(60) Theme from Black Beauty
(61) Germaine
(62) Because Bill has nailed his feet to the floor of his kennel
(63) 1000 OBEs
(64) 16 years
(65) Tim's platoon of ancient scouts
(66) The Wig Spotters Badge
(67) Oliver Reed
(68) The Salvation Army
(69) The Radio Times
(70) Venom
(71) "There's a good boy"
(72) Bill
(73) "Chop off their legs!"
(74) 'Orrible 'airy spiders
(75) Thames Television
(76) "I Do Anything Anytime"
(77) Stuff That Gibbon
(78) Harry Highrise
(79) To stop the squatters from moving in!
(80) "I'm a teapot!"
(81) Turps (for burps!)
(82) By becoming famous musicians themselves in the hope of getting stolen too.
(83) By asking him "Who are you?"
(84) Einstein
(85) A Tyrannosaurus Rex
(86) Cheese and chutney sandwiches
(87) Rolleregg
(88) Margaret Thatcher
(89) One of the brainy brats proved that God doesn't exist
(90) Adolf Hitler
(91) Hans and Fritz
(92) "Mama"
(93) A lollipop each
(94) Amazing Gracie
(95) The Radio Times
(96) Bognor on the Bank Holiday
(97) The North Pole Hilton
(98) Whale blubber
(99) Eskimo Nell
(100) A large butterfly
90-100    Mastermind Of The Year
75-89     Goodies Fan Supreme
60-74      Clever Clogs
40-59      Reasonably Goodie
21-39      Thick As Old Boots
0-19        Rolf Harris!

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