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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #4
Questions - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 28/12/2006


» Questions
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Here's yet another opportunity to win the Mastermind Of The Year title by testing your Goodies knowledge and answering another 100 questions correctly.   Your time starts now …
"Alternative Roots"
(1)   What past secret does Tim's family coat of arms reveal?
(2)   What is the name of Graeme's ancestor, whose story he tells?
(3)   Which occupation did Bill's ancestors have?
(4)   Which TV show (run by a frequent Goodies target) does nobody want to be assigned to?
(5)   Which song do the Goodies perform a rap version of as black and white minstrels?
"Animals (Series 8)"
(6)   Who is the old lady in the park that is shooting the pigeons?
(7)   What is the name of Graeme's new animal act?
(8)   Which animal has had a handle stuck to her, and why?
(9)   Which colony of wildlife presenters does Graeme (as David Rabbitborough) mingle with?
(10) Which guest star throws a tantrum when an owl swoops on his telescope?
"Animals (Series 9)"
(11) Whose dog training kit does Tim use?
(12) What is weird about the way that this kit works?
(13) What is the name of Graeme's restaurant?
(14) What does the final bullock yell as he jumps out the window?
(15) Which "art connoisseurs" does the Sothebys auction attract?
(16) Which artist's portrait is Tim determined to buy so that it stays in Britain?
(17) How do the Goodies supposedly obtain the money to purchase all of the National Gallery's artworks?
(18) What do the Goodies do with Henry Moore's sculptures?
(19) What do the aliens on TV use Stonehenge for?
(20) Which animal does Arthur C.Clarke deny the existence of, despite it peering over his shoulder at that very moment?
(21) Where do the Goodies head to in search of Arthur?
(22) What is Graeme's comment when Bill says that he's had a sasquatch?
"Chubby Chumps"
(23) What is the revolting recipe that Bill and Graeme have to cook for Tim?
(24) Which colour dress is Tim wearing when he returns from his beauty treatment?
(25) What kind of survival mechanism does the slug supposedly have?
(26) What are names of the two dodos in the Walt Disney nature film?
(27) What does Tim request from Santa for Christmas? (name one of the 2 items)
"Give Police A Chance"
(28) Which magazine is Tim reading, using a magnifying glass to find something of interest?
(29) What do the police want the Goodies to help them with?
(30) Whose face does Bill see during his lemon sherbet visions?
(31) How does policeman Tim tell the time for a passer-by?
(32) Which Goodie plays the saxophone during the courtroom trial?
"Goodies In The Nick"
(33) How many arrests has the Police Sergeant made in the past 25 years?
(34) How much money do the Goodies end up stealing from the bank?
(35) Nobody calls him "Tim" anymore. What is he now known as after several robberies?
(36) How do the Goodies end up escaping from their cell?
(37) What is the name of the original trial judge in the final court hearing?
"Goodies Rule OK"
(38) Who supposedly wrote the song "Eleanor Rigby"?
(39) Where do the Goodies find themselves when they are down and out?
(40) Who do the Goodies perform "Wild Thing" for at Wembley?
(41) What do the Goodies receive their OBEs for?
"Hospital For Hire"
(42) What sort of lure do the Goodies have to chase after in their medical test?
(43) Who are the hospital patients forced to listen to through headphones when they become too rowdy?
"Kung Fu Kapers"
(44) Where does Bill venture to in order to learn the martial art of Ecky Thump?
(45) Who is the "Nationwide" presenter looking forward to eckythumping at the end of his TV segment?
(46) What is Graeme's new role at the start of the episode?
(47) Who does Bill tell to "belt up you old gasbag" on the phone?
(48) Which party does Bill represent when he is dressed as Vanessa Redgrave?
(49) Who does Bill refer to as the "tin transvestite"?
"Radio Goodies"
(50) Complete this jingle: "For the sound of sensation across the nation …"
(51) How much money for the GPO has Bill enclosed with his radio licence application?
(52) Which record fills the entire Radio Goodies hit parade?
(53) How does Graeme propose to take over England?
(54) What do Tim and Bill repeatedly yell at Graeme to rile him just before his boat sinks?
(55) How do Graeme and Tim decide balance the Goodies budget?
(56) Which feature does the Robot have that is the same as its "father" Graeme's?
(57) Which country is Helga, the new ugly nanny, supposedly from?
(58) Which Goodies song does the teenage robot have blaring from its speakers?
"Scatty Safari"
(59) Which celebrities wander across the road in front of the Goodies' van, forcing them to rapidly hit the brakes?
(60) Which theme music accompanies Tony Blackburn's run for freedom across the meadow?
(61) What is the same name of the three Australian ladies that the Goodies encounter?
(62) Why is Little Rolf hardly ever sighted by the visitors to the Safari Park?
(63) How many OBEs does The Queen offer to whoever rids her land of the plague of Rolfs?
(64) How many years has Tim gone through his regular Thursday night ritual?
(65) Who does Graeme describe as "A job lot for the undertakers!"?
(66) For which scouting badge does Graeme use a Nicholas Parsons mask to help him obtain it?
(67) Who do Bill and Graeme promise to blow up if they achieve their World Domination Badge?
(68) Which organisation does Tim join after being humiliated as a scout?
(69) Which show is on Graeme's radio when he destroys it with an automated hammer?
(70) What is the original name of Snooze bedtime drink?
(71) What is Graeme's response to Bill saying "I've done a jingle."
(72) Which Goodie initially wanders off on a lengthy and eventful sleepwalk?
"South Africa"
(73) How does Bill propose to bring Tim and Graeme down to his size?
"That Old Black Magic"
(74) What product has Graeme been out selling?
(75) When Hazel wants to speak to "those lost souls on the other side, who does Tim try to ring on the phone?
(76) What sign has Graeme stuck on the office door when Tim and Bill return?
(77) Which Goodies song is the backing music for the chase scene where Tim and Bill are trying to catch Graeme?
"The End"
(78) Who is the property developer that Graeme is working for?
(79) Why does Graeme's building design have no doors, windows or rooms in it?
(80) Which phrase (and accompanying gesture) does Tim utter for the first time when he realises that the Goodies are trapped?
(81) What does Tim give Bill to bring on his burping?
"The Music Lovers"
(82) How do the Goodies attempt to find out who has been stealing all of the famous musicians?
(83) How does Tim try to trick the Music Master into revealing his true identity?
"The New Office"
(84) Whose face does Graeme have on his version of the "girl on a motorbike" poster?
"The Stone Age
(85) What sort of creature are the Goodies trapped inside below ground?
(86) What sort of food was the potholer who was trapped there before them most fond of eating?
"2001 And A Bit"
(87) Which violent sport does young Graeme participate in?
(88) Whose face is on the 5 pound note in 2001 and a bit?
"War Babies"
(89) Why was the school chaplain extremely upset?
(90) Who did Churchill bear an uncanny resemblance to?
(91) What are the names of the two German border guards?
(92) What is the only word that Tim can say, courtesy of his teddy's voicebox?
(93) What were the Goodies rewarded with for helping to win the war?
"Way Outward Bound"
(94) When the Goodies disguise themselves as schoolchildren, who does Graeme become?
(95) When Tim goes power-mad at the end of the episode, which organization does he threaten to take over?
"Winter Olympics"
(96) The Goodies training facilities are at the coldest place in Britain. Where is this?
(97) Which hotel do the Goodies stay at when they reach the Winter Olympics venue?
(98) What does almost every dish on the hotel menu consist of?
(99) Who helps to thaw the Goodies out very rapidly when they become frozen?
(100) What sort of creature does Graeme attach his sunlamp to?

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