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AC's Journal
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2005-12-26 15:37:28
Boxing Day
If you are squeamish or you don't like hearing about bodily functions and such-like then I would recommend NOT reading this section. You have been warned.  OK so on Thursday I went for my six-month check up at the hospital. The doc seemed to think that all matters relating to my female innards seem to be running as well as we can expect. So I should just continue as I have been with that stuff.  With regards to the stomach cramps/spasms/pains which have been waking me in the night the doc seems to think it's more likely that these are related to my bowels than my girl-bits.  Apparently the CAT scan I had back in June showed an unusual amount of "matter" in my lower intestines and bowel. The doctor said, and I quote "This means you are reeeeaallly constipated".  Oh great    I already eat loads of fruit and a fair bit of vegies. I also drink bucketloads of water already. So he suggested I should start taking Metamucil as well.  I bought a jar of metamucil tablets (thank god they come as tablets now - that gritty watery fake orange flavoured stuff that you're meant to drink is repulsive!) So I've been taking the tablets but they don't really seem to be having any effect as yet. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes.  And I've got to go back to the hospital in another six-months. Hoorah 

Friday Trent was at work (by himself because all his colleagues have gone on leave already!) I was at home cleaning the house. Seems like that's all we ever do lately! How can there still be things left to clean??  I started outside because it was a really hot day and I wanted to get things done before it got tooo hot. I started trying to clean off the outdoor table and chairs and umbrella and stuff. It was really hard to clean. Then when I tried to rinse off the table all these spiders started coming out! Argh! There was a huge huntsman. Ick! And also a freaky looking spider which just seemed like one of those ones where you've only got three minutes to get to the hospital if it bites you!  I started to doubt my sanity at this point, given that I was only in thongs, t-shirt and shorts and that I'd been wiping off the table using a cloth and my bare hands and given that Trent wasn't there to help me or rush me off to hospital within the three minutes if I happened to get bitten by one of these things! So that's about the time I gave up on the outdoor stuff and just cleaned and tidied inside. I got things pretty well organised and hid the left over mess in the bedrooms since the plan was to close them off anyway.

That night we went to Trent's cousin's place for a family Christmas dinner. This is the cousin (Cathy) who has had all the trouble trying to conceive. She only recently had the operation to help her, and then had to go back to hospital again when she got an infection. Apparently she's OK again now but has to take things easy. So we just had take-away chicken and chips and potatoes for dinner.  Cathy bought her sister Nicole two guinea pigs for Christmas. Their names are Hamish and Petunia. They are cute. One of them peed on Nicole though. Which half the family though was hillarious!
The next morning we got up early and went to the supermarket for last minute Christmas food before the shops got toooo insane. We then spent the day alternating between procrastinating and actually cleaning/tidying/organising stuff.

Christmas Day mum came over around lunchtime. We had cheeses and dips with crackers and vegies. That was basically our lunch. We hung about chatting, watching telly and preparing things and mum cooked the meat in our oven.  In the late afternoon my Uncle and his girlfriend came round for an hour or so too. Then Trent's Aunt, Uncle, Nanna and Mum came - and the dog!  We all exchanged presents, chatted, ate and ate and ate.  Then ate dinner as well! We played our groovy "Christmas Cocktails" CDs. Very funky lounge-music type Christmas songs.
I had a call from my workmate Peter saying that he was coming round too. Since Peter is gay and was bringing his boyfriend Kevin and a very camp mate of theirs called Scott - I was a bit worried about how the family might react - mainly Trent's Nanna. I also wasn't too sure about how the gay-boy brigade would react to a bunch of old relos.  As it happened they got lost on the way here and in the meantime all the relos had packed up and gone home!
Peter & Kevin and Scott got here eventually so we sat down and had a drink and a chat with them.  They felt a bit like a breath of fresh air after having the relos here for hours!

Why is it called Boxing Day? Anyway, this morning we got up tidied away the last of the mess from yesterday. Then my Grandparents (who are down here from Queensland) came over. On their way down to Melbourne my Grandad fell over and got a big black eye and five stitches.  I'm a bit worried about them driving to Melbourne each year. I really hope they fly next time. We exchanged presents with them, watched a bit of cricket, had some Christmas leftovers for lunch and then they left.
And now for the first time in what feels like a million years, we actually have some free time to do whatever.
OK technically we should start packing but we've got to have a bit of leisure time.

Regards all the house business...looks like we will get a bit knocked off the price due to something the solicitors found in the contract. That will make the amount of extra cash we have to find a little lower. So it looks like we will go ahead and borrow the last small bits from our Mums. Unfortunately things are still all up in the air a bit because we have to wait til all the solicitors and the lender and the mortgage broker finish their holidays and sort it out for us. Seems like things will work out though. I have to admit I still feel kind of sad about it, I wish it didn't all have to go so crazy. But I really should just be thankful that we're able to sort things out.

Anyway, now I'm listening to They Might Be Giants. Their song "Angel" always reminds me of The Goodies now because I had it stuck in my head all day on the day of the signing and the show.  Trent wants to go to the movies tonight but I think it will be too busy. Either way, time for some relaxing I think!

Mood - Phew! The Christmas madness is over!
Music - They Might Be Giants
Edited -

Sounds like your Chrissy wasn't to bad AC.  I think they call it boxing day because when the kids get their presents they spend the next few days fighting and boxing each others ears until everything is broken and no longer playable (he he he).  Have a great new year and I'm pleased that the house is going ahead.  Don't you love it when a plan comes together.
ps also watched a bit of the cricket and i think south africia is going to give us a run for our money, howdy doody!
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 26/12/2005 19:46 GMT
hey AC-thought i'd tell you this thing that gets me going-so to speak-a litre of warm water first thing in the morning with the juice of a lemon in it-does the trick.The water alone isn't enough.The lemon juice helps the liver.i know this comment comes under the heading of TMI but it really does work.(In light of what you've said before too re:secret women's business-hehe-i would suspect that the pain you get is in the tummy and below(though maybe it could be in the lower back and below).)Is it quite red down the edges of your tongue?-compared to the rest of your tongue i mean.O.K.-daft health questions over and out!I have a feeling that this "clogged up" situation and the secret women's situation are not unrelated.Do you ever get nightsweats?.o.k enough already.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 28/12/2005 12:28 GMT
Hey bondgirl. Yeah it will be interesting if South Africa actually have a good go at it. It'd be nice to see an even battle for a change.

Hey daftbird - thanks for the advice. I've sent you a personal user message so we can discuss our inner processes in more detail without grossing-out the others round here
Posted by:AC


date: 28/12/2005 18:18 GMT
Yeah I had to have cat scan earlier this year for my stomach problems. Nothing sinister was found they were looking at my Female parts for cysts. My doctor thinks my problems are I get a bit constipated just after my time of month and I take metamucil drink and that helps keep it away.
Posted by:RatDog


date: 29/12/2005 19:00 GMT
I'm starting to think that the metamucil drink might be more effective than the tablets.  I got the tablets because the drink is so yukky, but maybe the drink works better and if so it's probably worth the yukkiness
Posted by:AC


date: 30/12/2005 21:00 GMT
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