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zaphod's Journal
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2005-10-28 08:25:14
2001 & a bit....
I've just finished re-reading the entire 2001 series.  Do you have any idea how boring most of it is?  Sure there's some interesting stuff, especially in the first and last books (yes, there's 4 of them now, where will it ever end....) but overall, I'm not entirely thrilled by it.  On the other hand, I'm also now re-reading Footfall (Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle)  which I am finding quite riveting.

I must admit, that I have read some real trash in my time, plenty of pulp as well.  Everything from Douglas to John Wyndham, and then some.

My personal favourite authors are Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein, HG Wells, and Isaac Asimov.  With a few interspersed individual works from some other authors.  A few gems from E.E. Smith and the occasional bit from A.C. Clarke.

As you can imagine, I read a lot.  I currently have about 500 Books on my shelf at home, all but 3 I've read, several more than once.  Surely you know what I mean, you read something a couple of years ago, you can remember one scene from it but forget the context that scene was in, so you read it again, only to find that it wasn't the same as you remembered it to be.

Which leads me to my main problem.  I've read several books when I was in high school (yeah, I know, it's totally unheard of, a high school student who can read) but I've mixed up what I remember a book being like, and what it is like when I get hold of it again.  My guess is that my memory is failing me, especially since I'm remembering very clearly certain sequences from a book, and when I go to re-read it, these sequences aren't there.

Needless to say, this can be quite disconcerting.

Mood - Dazed & Confused
Music - Europe - The Final Countdown
Edited - Never

i hope you don't think that the day of the triffids is a crap book-i always enjoy reading that one!!.Completely  unrelated to the above-one of fav books ever is "the moon's a balloon"by david niven.Love it.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 28/10/2005 16:46 GMT
Funny, daftbird; I was thinking the same thing about Day of the Triffids, when I read Wyndham in the list!! Great minds think alike!! I'm sorry, zaphod, but your wording makes it sound like you think Douglas (Adams?) or Wyndham, or both, are trash or pulp. What did you actually mean? (Adams was good and Wyndham was trash?) I'm not meaning to criticise your opinion...I'm just not sure what you meant.

I am not a great reader, but enjoyed War of the Worlds. I was amazed at Wells' foresight. I love the short stories by both Asimov and Arthur C.Clarke. Asimov published a great volume of Sci-Fi "Mysteries". Each story has a preface by him. It's an interesting collection and well worth getting your hands on (and your eyes into!). Iread Non-Stop, by Brian Aldiss in high school, but didn't fully understand it. Nevertheless, had a keeness to try again. After finding an old, second-hand copy, I re-read it some years ago and enjoyed it.
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 28/10/2005 17:58 GMT
Actually, now that I re-read it, that sentence should have been part of the next paragraph.  I loved Day of the Triffids, and how could I not be a Douglas Adams fan with a handle of Zaphod

Actually, I was just writing for the heck of it to get up to 42 journal entries (yet another H2G2 reference) and because My last couple of entries didn't really come across the way I wanted them to.

Sometimes I think I need to start proofreading my work before hitting submit
Posted by:zaphod


date: 29/10/2005 15:42 GMT
I found 2001 and 2010 good reads, but really struggled with 2061 and 3001. The last two book in my opinion offered the least as nothing much seemed to happen.
Posted by:New_Roosterman


date: 01/11/2005 19:13 GMT
Go sci-fi! Or do we have any hardcore fans that insist on saying SF? I agree with most here, Adams, Wells, Asimov, etc, they are all fantastic authors. What about Lovecraft and Verne?
Posted by:Junius


date: 05/11/2005 13:15 GMT
Never read any Lovecraft, but I have a resonable familiarity with Verne, especially since I have hardcover versions (quite old) of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Posted by:zaphod


date: 07/11/2005 16:13 GMT
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