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D-Day's Journal
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2005-09-28 07:22:20
Goodbye Don Adams Agent 86 of CONTROL
I was very saddened by the news posted by lisa detailing the passing of my favorite Secret Agent Don Adams who played Maxwell Smart Secret Agent 86 of CONTROL.

So Long Don and Thanks for the Laughs.

Mood - Saddened
Music - Theme from Get Smart
Edited - Never

I thought of you straight away when i heard about the above.Isn't it funny-somehow we don't think that our "heroes" will die just like everyone else.Somehow it seems worse when someone in the public eye passes away.It's weird.(Just think of how it will be down the track when it happens with a goodies member?you don't even like to think it,i'm sure).
Posted by:daftbird


date: 28/09/2005 23:12 GMT
I guess its just one of those things about TV and Film/Video our favourite actors are forever young. in a Time Warp if you will. mmm time Warp makes me think of a young Susan Sarandon in her lingerie, sorry forgot we are G rated here. Thoughts of girls in lingerie running arround at Rocky Horror, but not of the "blokes or the unknown types" Serious Shudders there.
Did we ever see 99 in just her lingerie? I remember some skimpy outfits but not lingerie.
Posted by:D-Day


date: 28/09/2005 23:47 GMT
we never like to part with those beloved actors... he's another one of the "classics" gone. I've been waiting to see Get Smart come out on DVD. Maybe it will now...

So, that was Susan Sarandon in Rocky Horror, was it? I saw it on Year 12 camp...that was a long time ago...and it shocked my sheltered self. I've never seen it again since. I wonder how I would take it now?

99 was always "the girl next door". She wanted to be seductive to 86, but was always "proper", I think. Pity more "heroines" weren't like it now... Role models are pretty poor these days, methinks...
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 29/09/2005 00:04 GMT
No fear, D-Day, it'll all be good. Was also saddened to hear of the passing of Don Adams. As daftbird said, the death of a public figure, particular a beloved one as Maxwell Smart was, seems to hit almost as hard as that of a family member or friend.

daftbird - You're right, I don't want to think about that! Just the thought sends up a bright beacon for the Black Dog to follow back to my place...

Shall have to think cheering thoughts of Rocky Horror instead... heh heh, so many good songs... cheers for the memory, D-Day!
Posted by:Junius


date: 30/09/2005 14:29 GMT
So you know the black dog as well Junius, we should chat soon
Posted by:D-Day


date: 30/09/2005 20:22 GMT
I think everybody knows the Black Dog, D-Day, but not that it is called the Black Dog. Picked up the habit from my grandad. Was surprised to see a book published about it recently; I always thought it was some strange family habit...

Hope you're feeling cheerier of late. If not, send me an email, I'm always happy to chat!
Posted by:Junius


date: 03/10/2005 15:51 GMT
I know Churchills "Black Dog" [clinical depression] only to well and I have developed a rating system called Black Dog 21. If you get to 21 black dogs you are dead, [suicide] and it is too late. The 21 refers to a 21 gun salute at a funeral.
I have and this is no exageration, been as far down as Black Dog 20 and I spent months there. I will have to write a jounal entry all about this topic, but it is way to heavy for most cowards.
The main thing is you can come back if you still alive, and then you can kick the crap out of the Black Dogs.
Posted by:D-Day


date: 03/10/2005 19:30 GMT
I'm not familiar with Black Dogs...didn't really know what Junius was talking about, but I think I'm catching on now... I remember you making the Churchill reference before, D-Day... I had a lot of black dogs at one stage, according to your theory...nasty creatures!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 04/10/2005 12:31 GMT
They're a nasty lot, those Black Dogs... that's a very efficient ratings system you've got going there, D-Day, though I was upset to hear you'd been visited by Black Dog 20. Am very glad you found it in you to "kick the crap" out of it!

I'm pretty good with the Black Dogs, luckily, haven't ever got further than Black Dog 10, at a guess. I know two or three people who have succumbed to 21, though, and as far as I'm concerned, that's two or three too many.
Posted by:Junius


date: 04/10/2005 14:17 GMT
Thanks Mate. Yes Black Dog 20 is an absolute Bastard of a dog and when he gets a hold of you he is very hard to shake. Like I said I will get round to making a journal entry about it all.
I am still nutting out the exact trip points in the scale but it is a lot easier to work that a 1 to 10 scale. Adding or subtracting a Black Dog does not seem such a big deal and then you can review where you are exactly on the points scale.
Naturally anything over Black Dog 14 requires critical assistance and the hardest thing is to admit you need help, particularly blokes.
Posted by:D-Day


date: 05/10/2005 07:59 GMT
I think I've been past Black Dog 14, but I'm a Christian, so really had to cling on to my faith in God. It was a tough time, but, like D-Day, I'm living evidence that recovery is possible!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 06/10/2005 09:59 GMT
got a black dog nipping at my heels at the moment.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 06/10/2005 23:16 GMT
Well put on your work boots and give it a Bloody good hard kick to the head, the privates and to the bum and send it on its way with a very vocal reminder to never bother you again. If that dont work give me a call and I will come and "Exterminate" it with "Extreme predjudice" of course.
No point pussyfooting arround with these bastards. Take em on head first full throttle with fixed bayonets. Fight fire with fire and take no prisoners.
mmmm so much for a tribute to Don Adams then again he would no doubt rather we were alive and healthy so we could enjoy his work to the Max
Posted by:D-Day


date: 07/10/2005 09:15 GMT
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