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D-Day's Journal
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2005-07-25 19:52:41
Goodie Soldier 2
So once you have done your First Aid Course or refresher and are feeling more prepared it is time to begin work on developing your Danger Radar.
We are all born with a danger radar, its just that it is never developed or understood in todays busy world. Example;  Dogs moving to high ground before the tsnuami struck on Boxing Day. Animals have to use their danger radar more.
Learn about terrorist behaviour from documentaries to know likely targets and methods of attack.
Study people to detect suspicious behaviour.
Listen to your gut feelings and the hairs on the back of your neck, it could save your life.

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Was it actually noted that dogs were seen moving to higher ground before the tsunami? How interesting!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 25/07/2005 23:02 GMT
Yes the dogs [strays] were noted to have disappeared prior to the tsunami only to reappear afterwards, with few if any casualties discovered in the weckage.
Children cats and dogs are also noted for avoiding certain people because they read the bad aura surrounding those persons and so avoid or get upset when forced to be in their company.
All children have this capability but the majority lose the capability and memory of it arround about the time they start learning to read. I am not sure why this is but that is the correlation. This all sounds a bit "New Age" mumbo jumbo but trust me I have anecdotal evidence from several different unconnected sources of varying ages and backgrounds, so the pattern seems consistent.
So where does this leave us with the "danger radar" question? Well the easiest solution is to use well trained dogs with their range of well developed senses on point duty at key locations to intercept suicide bombers and their deadly packages.
Posted by:D-Day


date: 27/07/2005 17:33 GMT
Sheep do the same thing.  Ever watched sheep in a thunderstorm?  They huddle under a tree, and sometimes, for no reason they all leave, and a minute or 2 later, the branch comes crashing down.  Its a well established fact (or coincidence) that even the dumbest of animals have a far greater "Danger Radar" than people do.  Which leads me to believe that no matter how dumb an animal is, it's probably smarter than the average person   My dog was smarter than me, my cat was definitely smarter than me, and there's this magpie that's been giving me some funny looks lately too .....
Posted by:zaphod


date: 28/07/2005 08:27 GMT
So when my dear zaphod have you spent time watching sheep in a thunderstorm. Havent they heard what the experts say about standing under trees in a thunderstorm? Now I can believe that your cat and dog are smarter than you, so why arent you putting them to work helping with your web stuff or is it because they dont have opposing digits and have trouble with qwerty keyboards.
I am concerned about this magpie giving you funny looks, maybe you are about to experience an Aussie version of being set upon by magpies instead of crows or ravens [what was the name and director of that film?] So maybe you should not be worried about katsups "beware the kitten" and instead carry your flamethrower to be prepared for when you need to "beware the magpies". D-Day
Posted by:D-Day


date: 28/07/2005 20:56 GMT
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