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D-Day's Journal
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2005-06-20 18:56:26
Sally has a good day
The other day I was on my way to look at yet another rental property, when I pulled into Maccas for some drive thru. I got a 1/4 pounder medium meal, and took off, sharing some of the fries with my Long Haired Chihuahua, Sally. She is a little dog I rescued from the side of the road near my old house several years ago. She was in a terible state and was so scared that when I finally caught her and picked her up she bit me and drew blood. Try not to laugh too hard, and remember I have tradie hands, so she must have bitten pretty hard to draw blood. Funnily enough, she stopped screaming when I put her in the front of my work van. I took her to the vets, she had them scared, when I went back she was in a cage you could fit a German Shepperd in, but nobody had tried to claim her, so I took her home. We quickly learnt that Sally likes meat and pasta, and loves chicken and Maccas.
Anyway, Sally and I arrived outside the rental property and were tucking in when the real estate agent arrived. I hurredly packed up the meal, I had not even started the 1/4 Pounder, and went to see the agent.
It was another disappointment, the house still had the original kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet. The house was probably built in 1950 as an early cream clinker, with the rest of the street mostly post WW11 red clinker. I know because I know my houses and also because I asked an old guy living in the street, to confirm my assessment.
So would you pay $250 a week to live 11 km out from Melbourne, in a 3 bedroom house with a 55 year old kitchen? For the record, the house is currently for sale for $310,000.
Anyway, I got back to the van and openned up the door to discover quite a sight on my drivers seat. There was Sally having the time of her life ripping appart my 1/4Pdr. The drivers seat was covered in all the ingredients from the burger. Good thing it is a work van, what a mess.
I picked up one very solid little dog, and was told off vocifeously for my touble. I couldnt get too mad with her as she has been picking at her food lately, and has been hard to feed. She has also lost condition recently with the house move and so on.
She also hopped into the scraps again on the way home later that night. One very full dog that night.
Moral of the story, keep Sally clear of my maccas, and dont leave any in the van.
Still I love having her in the van, she loves travelling on my lap, resting her chin on my arm, so she can watch the world go by. Better than a car alarm too.
She has a few other funny traits but I will tell you about them annother time. D-Day

Mood - You have to laugh
Music -
Edited -

Well, amongst the hard times, it's given you something to laugh about!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 20/06/2005 23:45 GMT
Do you have photos of Sally?
Posted by:zaphod


date: 21/06/2005 12:48 GMT
Yeah it was a bloody good laugh, and she has plenty of funny little quirks to keep you ammused. As for a photo I will talk to my brother and see what I can arrange. My brother half jokingly refers to Sally as a Raccoon, rude that. D-Day
Posted by:D-Day


date: 23/06/2005 14:44 GMT
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