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zaphod's Journal
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2005-05-02 08:45:05
Do you remember......
I was feeling rather nostalgic this morning and decided to spend (waste) some time checking out all the old TV shows I used to watch as a kid.  Some classics that sprang to mind were:

The Goodies (Of Course)
Metal Mikey
Danger Mouse
Dr Who
Ghosts of Motley Hall
Beans Baxter
Mysterious cities of gold
Ulysses 31
Inspector Gadget
Captain Planet
Voltron (both versions)

I can't think of any more offhand, but I'm sure others can.

What's really sad, is that most of these shows just aren't available anywhere.  I've managed to get my greedy little mitts on a couple of them, but the rest are nearly impossible to track down.

It's such a waste of really good TV.  Lets face it, what do we have now?  We have crap.  Mostly cartoons based around tournament gaming of one form or another.  Shows like "Dragonball Z", "Pokemon" and so forth.  Almost no plot to speak of.  No real challenges to the thought process, and absolutely no entertainment value whatsoever.

Maybe one day these classics that I've missed will come back to bring a little joy to the next generation.

Mood - Nostalgic
Music - Fifth Element Soundtrack
Edited - Never

Hmmm...some of those I remember; many I do not...but I'm just that little bit older! My mind hearkens back to The Cattanooga Cats, The Hair-bear Bunch, Whacky Races, Space Ace, Kimba the White Lion, Gilligan's Island, Get Smart and Hogan's Heroes! (I reckon I'll be buying Get Smart, when that one finally appears on dvd!)
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 02/05/2005 17:43 GMT
Most of those appeared on commercial TV.  In Alice Springs in the early-mid 80's we had the ABC and that's it.
Posted by:zaphod


date: 02/05/2005 21:33 GMT
Dr Who has quite a bit out on DVD. Also the new series starts screening here on 21 May Zaphod
Posted by:New_Roosterman


date: 05/05/2005 13:31 GMT
Oh My God, zaphod, I just realized that if you only got Auntie ABC in Alice Springs, then you never got to watch THUNDERBIRDS on Channel 9 at 6 AM on a Saturday Morning. Proceed immediately to the official web-site at THUNDERBIRDS On Line to rectify this gap in your education.
Re; Janice's comments The Cattanooga Cats, Sorry I don't remember that one, but I do remember; The Banana Bunch [I always wanted and still do want one of those ATV buggies] with the short series Danger Island, Gigantor; The Space Age Robot, Speed Racer, both Japanese Cartoons. Add to the list Gilligan, Max Smart, Hogan's.
Posted by:D-Day


date: 11/05/2005 15:05 GMT
Actually D-Day, that was the "Banana Splits" and I managed to catch a few episodes (kindly taped from a relative in Adelaide and sent up to us) and my uncle actually owns one of the ATV's.  Not from the show, but the same model as used on it.

It was screened in the late 70's and early 80's on Hey Hey It's Saturday (before it became a saturday night entertainment show).
Posted by:zaphod


date: 11/05/2005 21:39 GMT
I always thought it was the "Banana Bunch", because I don't recall them using the word "Split" in their theme song, but it is @ 20 years ago. The theme song as I recall it went " Tra la la, tra la la, one banana , two banana, three banana,  four, makes a bunch or more. The rest of the song I could never de-cipher, but you get my drift.  I am not to sure about the "Hey Hey" bit, so maybe someone else might like to chip in a comment. Finally you made no comment about  "THUNDERBIRDS", did you get to see them, and if so were you an early riser or a stay up all night viewer.
So have you taken the ATV for a spin?
Posted by:D-Day


date: 12/05/2005 20:54 GMT
Well, D-Day: I was confused by The Thunderbirds when I was a kid... they seemed too good to be puppets, but weren't quite human either! I don't think I saw that much of them as a kid, but borrowed a friend's tapes many years ago and got into them. I was wondering about that "Banana Bunch" that you mentioned and then thought that you must mean the "Banana Splits", so I think Zaphod is right. I recollect being accused of la-la-la-ing the tune at times in the past, although I didn't remember the words, or the show!
By the way...I tried to send a message to you, but I don't think that option is working. I wanted to comment re your comment to me about the Catalinas...
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 12/05/2005 23:22 GMT
D-Day, I do remember seeing a few episodes of Thunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet, and all the other classics, I jsut didn't see them as a kid, I've seen them all after I passed 20.

And I'll just mention another classic I used to watch on ABC in the mornings, Astroboy   and Star Blazers.
Posted by:zaphod


date: 13/05/2005 14:59 GMT
I was going to suggest Star Blazers - hired out the whole series on VHS a few years ago from a dodgey video shop on Waverley Rd, Malvern (Melbourne) a few years ago.  Watched a whole bunch but it wasn't quite as magical as when watching them in the early 80's, back when imagination was required to enhance 'special effects'.  Astro Boy can also be found on video - but I don't think I'd bother.

I thought growing up in country S.A. was bad enough with only one local commercial channel (SES and ABC available, but having heard Zaphod's childhood TV woes I feel a bit better.

Huge fan of Get Smart.  I seem to also recall finding "F Troop" quite humourous, yelling at the telly,"Don't fire the damn cannon!"  They never learnt.
Posted by:Lax


date: 14/05/2005 12:47 GMT
Thanks for reminding me of F-Troop. I loved that show!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 17/05/2005 08:56 GMT
That was an awesome show .
Posted by:ezcard


date: 20/02/2020 06:52 GMT
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