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zaphod's Journal
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2006-09-11 12:16:19
It's been a while ......
Honestly, I'm still alive

Actually, I've just been getting used to the idea of regular eg: paid) work with a 9-5 job andI'm finally settling down into a routine.  This also means that I'm now finalyl starting to catch up on all the things I've been putting off for lack of time.  Things like, the half dozen websites I'm supposed to have completed (or at least started) the servers I'm supposed to have re-built and the million and one other things I'm supposed to have done and haven't quite gotten around to lately.  Of course, instead of actually doing the things I haven't done, I'm procrastinating and writing in my journal instead

I was watching cable TV over the weekend, and in particular the channel VH1.  This is good becasue they had a marathon top 200 80's ultimate hits (or something like that) where I let my brain drain away through my ears for a few hours of nostalgia and really bad hair (Can anyone say Mullet?!!!!!)

personally I believe that there was far too much showing of michael jackson (I don't think he deserves capital letters) and madonna (ditto for this one).  There should have been more Bananarama and Pet Shop Boys (YaY!!!) but that's my personal opinion.

On the other hand, I was at a friend's wedding on Saturday.  The weather even seemed to brighten up for the occasion.

Mood - Lazy and unmotivated
Music - Underworld - Underneath the radar
Edited - Never

I was a bit miffed the other day - I was in the chemist getting a script filled when on the shop music system can this song - The dude behind the counter (who was about 3 years old) made a comment about how lame the song playing was - Of course I pipe up and said "Bananarama sings that song and they were pretty good in their day".  His cheeky response, the young whipper snapper " I don't know anything about old time music"  WHAT THE !!!!     Needless to say I was not impressed
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 17/09/2006 22:04 GMT
Old time music?  The fiend.  This kid probably thinks that Madonna wrote American Pie and Nicki French wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Mind you I was quite disgusted with those 2 in particular, becasue they didn't put any emotion into the songs that is more important than the song itself.

As for me, I wasn't totally unimpressed with the (Australian) Idol entrant (can't think of his name offhand) who sang "What About Me" by moving pictures.  He was dissed for singing it like a last ditch effort, but he at least put the right emotion into the song.  That is one song that needs to be sung like you are about to burst into tears, and there is no other way to do it.

In the immortal words of Dave Barry: Kids Today: They Don't Know Dum Diddly Do
Posted by:zaphod


date: 18/09/2006 08:51 GMT
I know !!!  We have Don Maclean's American Pie (or as my 6yr old son calls it the 'Pie Song) and he loves it and tries to sing the words - very cute.  Wasn't it Shannon Noel who sang What about me - I thought he released it as a single as well.  And your spot on with the emotions, It's the emotions or feelings that the songs release in you that makes them stayers.  How many of Madonna's old songs do you hear and remember the words to and want to dance around the house to - very few I would imagine.  There I've had my rant and feel better for it to
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 19/09/2006 08:55 GMT
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