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AC's Journal
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2006-04-23 16:58:35
30th birthdays, revelations and Dr Who
Went to my best mate's 30th last night. She had it at the Harp of Erin hotel in Kew. It was a good night. Had a good pub dinner (lamb cutlets with gravy and mashed potatoes) and a few drinks. (maybe a few too many drinks I'm afraid)   

Our friend Tina was there. She has recently come out to us and her girlfriend Ang was there too. We've all met Ang a few times before anyway but this was the first time we've been out with them knowing that they are a couple. Tina was telling us that her Mum is not dealing well with the situation at all. She has banned Ang from even coming in the house (and since Tina still lives with her folks this is really difficult)  Poor things! I feel bad for them.

Our other friend Alisa was there with her boyfriend Barry. When Alisa arrived she said hello and held out her hand to me. Being a bit slow on the uptake I was thinking "What? Does she want me to kiss her hand?" Then I noticed the engagement ring on her finger!! Barry asked her to marry him last weekend! It wasn't a huge surprise because they are quite devout Christians. They've been together for a year and we all kind of suspected that they would get engaged before too long. Christians always seem to get married quicker than non-Christians.  I think it's partly because they don't believe in sex before marriage and they are dying for a shag (hehehehe sorry to be so crude but that's what I always think!) but it's also part of their doctrine I guess.

Today I've been feeling a little seedy. Not too bad really but just a mild hang-over. We watched the second episode of the latest series of Dr Who. Also watched last weeks and this weeks episodes of "Dr Who Confidential" which are sort of making-of type things.  I really like these new series of Dr Who. It's become a bit of a ritual for us to download the episode from England over night on the Saturday night and then bunch up in front of the puter on a Sunday with the doona wrapped round us to check out the latest episode.

I'm loving David Tennant as the new Doctor. I especilly loved seeing him in the making-if stuff when he is speaking in his real accent. He does a very good English accent in Dr Who, and in pretty much everything I've seen him in lately. But I just want to eat him up when I hear him talking with his Scottish accent. Tooooo yummy! 
Does anyone remember him as Cambell in "Taking Over the Asylum"?  I used to love that show. It must be from at least 10 years ago, probably more. Mum and I used to watch it together when I was living at home. It was a really great show and David Tennant's character was fantastic. I never saw David in anything after that until the last year or two. Suddenly now he's in everything! I wonder what he's been up to all these years. I must check it out online and find out.

Anyway I'd best be off. We're going to see Lano & Woodley tonight.

P.S. I bought the new Singstar game the other night. It's all rock songs. It's pretty cool. Some easier ones for boys to sing on there so maybe I'll be able to talk Trent into playing it with me a bit more often.  The new Buzz game is coming out this week too! Yay!

Mood - Slightly hung-over
Music - New Order
Edited -

I haven't seen David Tennant as the Doc yet - can't wait to though! I love New Order's CD 'Get Ready' - some good stuff on it! And Lano and Woodley!!!!!!! (You lucky bugger! ) Hope you have a great time.
Posted by:ek


date: 23/04/2006 20:38 GMT
Hehehehe....when I read the part about your friend holding out her hand I immediately thought "do you have to kiss it - like the Queen" but then I read on  ......  Great minds think alike (or fools never differ)  Congratulations on their engagement.  I hope things improve for your other friend that came out is too short to be holding grudges 
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 24/04/2006 18:24 GMT
Hi Guys!  I don't think any of the David Tennant episodes have screened in Australia yet. It's only coz bf is being naughty and downloading them that I got to see them.  Yeah New Order are great. I love that kind of mellow dance stuff.
I think Tina's mum will come to her senses because she is already thinking of moving out of home as soon as she finishes her study and gets a job. Hopefully her mum will realise that if she doesn't accept Tina's lifestyle she will never see her again!  And they have always been so close up to now
Posted by:AC


date: 24/04/2006 19:12 GMT
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