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STRAWBERRY's journal
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2005-06-22 03:47:40
Yey, I gart n, I gart n uver badge, wondebull

Mood - joy
Music - joy division
Edited - Never

2005-06-22 03:45:27
Will I get a new badge after this entry?

Mood - excited
Music - what she did to my mind / Icicle works
Edited - Never

2005-06-22 03:43:02
Day trip to Bath (Had A Shower)
Took my Daughter to Bath today on the choo choo, to have her booster injections for the single vacinations of MMR. She did not make a sound, brave girl. Bat was lovely as usual but the staff at the Restaurant we went to were a bit Dim, I had a mixed grill (with not a fish in sight) I asked for some Brown sauce....She came back wit Tartare Sauce.....I never had Fish!!! She had just brought me the order, she knows I never ordered Fish! I said Clearly BROWN SAUCE....Heeello!! McFly!      Numpty!!!

Home now, time to have a shower!

Mood - Nackerd
Music - QOTSA
Edited - Never

2005-06-19 19:59:40
That time of the year
Well, folks, it's that time of the year where I suffer like mad to that crazy affliction...HAYFEVER. so when you are out for a walk in the woods, or a picknick in the park, please give a thought to the poor souls who can't.  Ahhh Choo!!!

Mood - sneezy
Music - foo fighters/ELO
Edited - Never

2005-06-12 20:23:56
Case of the Missing Wood and Cardboard Castle SOLVED!
I have at last found the answer to the missing Castle prop in the Goodies and the Beanstalk.  It was pushed over a cliff and was eventually made into a boat!
  I feel quite chuffed that all my detective work has paid off. I can now sleep at night.

Looking foreword to the release of the new Foo Fighters album "In your honour" Out tomorrow....13/06/05

Mood - In Joy and Frivolity
Music - Foo of you
Edited - Never

2005-06-07 04:03:11
What I did today
I went to work.
we are having a memorial next week to the HMS Sidon. a submarine who's torpedo exploded whilst alongside in Portland. 17 men died in 1950.
and I want my journal badge too!

Mood - flustered
Music - Foo of you
Edited - Never

2005-04-19 04:03:42
Looks like the Saints are going to be relegated this season, Bit fed up at the moment.... wo is me! :'(

Mood - tedium
Music - Brian wilson
Edited - Never

2005-04-14 03:57:58
Singing me socks orf
I have been  attending singing worshops in my native Portland for a whole month now. I am not a particulary good singer, but I'll give it a bloody good go!
  I am also doing writing workshops with a writer named Paul Hyland.
  Work is fine, weather getting better, so I will be able to paint the Tugs...water and paint don't mix.
  Have not had much time to visit the site as you will no doubt be aware with all that going on. Hope you are well. thanks for watching.........Andy

Mood - annoyed, wife getting in the way of my vdu
Music - QOTSA
Edited - Never

2005-01-30 06:31:16
Weekend joy
Great news, I don't have to work this weekend, No ships want to come in, So, took the wife and daughter out for lunch. Saints beat Pompey 2.1, my joy is unimaginable. Took part in a murder mystery last night at Southill community hall to the local over 5o,s club. I was the Murderer, but only one table of 8 got it right. Ahhh, next stop...Midsommer murders for me! 
log on to and click on news, I'm there somewhere holding a light, sign our guest bbok if you like. have a great day!

Mood - happy
Music - Icicle Works (what she did....
Edited - Never

2005-01-28 07:01:19
Watching badges scroll right to left going sideways, fell the need for more badges...must have more badges, steeling Tony Blair's studded thong is not on my domination is not on my list, rowenta steam iron with detachable thing is, however, no badge for that one. Zaphod creating more content on the, still trying to navigate, must eat shredded wheat,

Mood - silly
Music - Foo Fighters, one by one!
Edited - Never

2005-01-28 06:52:27
Spent time in shop
I have been spending a lot of time in DVD Shops recently awaiting the new release goodies DVD. Should start camping out soon...still looking at the goodies at last DVD, will go into Dorchester next week to find the park bench where the first scene of beanstalk was filmed...wonder if graeme has left that champagne in the bin, will search for screw holes where tin opener was attached to the tree.
  Got to drive the Tug tommorow, big ship coming to Portland.

Mood - ambient
Music - Green day ( whenSeptember ends
Edited - Never

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