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Posts: 268



 Subject:  Re: Looking for digitised off air recordings of any episodes
25/10/2023 23:59 GMT

Are you still needing any more digitised off air recordings?

Finding any differences between aired recordings and box set ?

Only one I noticed is on Big Bunny episode, image of Spock has been replaced by image of Jon Pertwee.

I have recently found my stash of [archived] DVDs I created a few years back before the box set came out.

If you want more round things with a hole in the middle, can send your way, these are converted from VHS (aka video home system) off air recordings and a Season 9 rental tape converted to DVD.

I gave all my beta tape recordings away years ago and never digitised these, so don't have the original 'original' broadcast copies no more.

If all ok your end, then I'll just have more coasters, put 'em on my fruit trees to try and keep birds off via the shiny bits, or get Worzel Gummidge to stand in the yard.....

Bill: "I used to have a pet rabbit once.......and at no stage did he ever strap me to the couch and stick carrots in my ears!"

Posts: 62



 Subject:  Re: Looking for digitised off air recordings of any episodes
20/02/2023 02:05 GMT

I still have my complete run of off-air recordings I digitized before the set existed. I am in Sydney.

I never get notifications of anything here so if you are in Australia and want to chat, email sec at nondivine dot com


Posts: 49



 Subject:  Looking for digitised off air recordings of any episodes
14/01/2023 07:16 GMT

Hello to all on the forums,

Myself (Henri Phillipps) and Ben Rohde are looking for digitised off air recordings of any episodes.

Particuarly ones of the telerecordings of Come Dancing, Commonwealth Games, and Caught In The Act/Playgirl Club, along with Invasion of the Moon Creatures, Culture for the Masses, Music Lovers, and all other series 1 & 2 episodes.

This is so we can compare them to the Complete BBC Collection.

We'd preferably like DVD recordings (straight DVD recordings mind, not VHS recordings that were later transferred to DVD), but again, anything is good.

If you can help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Last modified: 14/01/2023 07:17 GMT by BritOzMan

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