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 Subject:  Re: 2nd Goodies novella, "The Goodies: Pods and Monsters",available fo
26/03/2023 03:12 GMT

My copy of this book arrived a few days ago.

Have not read it as of yet but did have a little peruse, and found even the footnotes amusing, the first footnote explains a word used, which reminded me of definitions from ISIHAC's Uxbridge English Dictionary.

Page 1 makes brief reference to the first book and footnote says "See The Goodies - Avengers Dissemble. Well, you can't anymore as it's sold out. Just take our word for the destruction"

Their website says in reference to the first book.

"We have decided to make this, and future adventures, limited editions. This means we'll only be doing one print run."

So if you are interested in the novella, then I would suggest you order it before they are all gone.

25% of the royalties from each book sold will go to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground, the charity that Tim Brooke-Taylor was President of for over 25 years.

Last page of book (after the previous 102 ones) says "even more Goodies coming soon"

Looking forward to it even before I've read this one!

Bill: "I used to have a pet rabbit once.......and at no stage did he ever strap me to the couch and stick carrots in my ears!"
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 Subject:  2nd Goodies novella, "The Goodies: Pods and Monsters", available for p
05/01/2023 03:09 GMT

The second Goodies novella from Chinbeard Books is now available for pre-order.  Join the team again for another Goodies-authorized adventure, with a forward by Robin Ince (and all sales benefitting a charity in honor of the late Tim Brooke-Taylor).

From the official product description:

"These are dark times for the BBC.
Unceremoniously axed by the new Prime Minister, it has been forced from the airwaves at the very moment it is most needed.

For there is a mystery afoot that threatens the very fabric of the nation or, at least, of Tim’s waistcoat.

A missing sherbet heiress. A mysterious chalk outline. A bilingual rodent with a secret past.

Oh, and a brand new true crime podcast just waiting to take the country by storm.

That’s right.

The Goodies are on the air and on the case ."

You can pre-order here:


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