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C&G 7 Jun 1996
#7 Jun 1996 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 02/09/2006


» #7 Jun 1996

Issue No. 7                  12th June 1996
            Look, I know it’s not the 12th of June. I’m very sorry about this but my computer broke down three times this month, so that’s why I’ve been unable to send this newsletter. I apologise especially to all the new members who haven’t received this newsletter or in fact any newsletter since they joined.
            The reason we’ve had so many new members in the past month is mainly because of last month’s controversy, when Judith Lucy bagged this club on two national radio programmes. In fact since she payed us out, I’ve been pleased to welcome over 40 new members. So you see, bad publicity can be good publicity. In fact, I’m seriously considering writing her a thank you letter. Who knows, if we sound crazy enough she might mention us again!
            Interestingly when Judith last appeared on Martin Molloy (one of the radio shows on which she bagged us) she apologised to many of the people she had payed out in her appearances on Martin Molloy. Of course we failed to get a mention, but then we didn’t complain, did we? Of course her apologies were about as sincere as my recent apology to Michael Bolton fans on (you might remember Daniel Frankham and I discussing it on Goodies-L), but I’m sure if we wrote her a letter, she’d mention us again! But then maybe I’m going publicity mad? I dunno. Tell me what you think, <>
            Of course, I could also mention the Judith Lucy tribute page I’m working on. A draft version of it is at:
Feel free to visit it and comment on it. As I said above, it’s a draft and I’ll be writing a Judith Lucy profile to go up there too. Thanks once again to Nik Whitehead, who puts up with me constantly wanting to update the pages and very generously provides the space.
            But before I get on with this newsletter, I’d just like to thank Daniel Frankham, who told some of you on Goodies-L what had happened to me and the newsletter and to all those who wrote me e-mails re the Judith Lucy issue. Anyway here’s this month’s newsletter....
            There’s nothing like a national radio bagging to bring people together is there?
From Kerrie Murphy <>
            “I just wanted to say that you are taking this Judith Lucy Issue with remarkably good grace. I don't know how I would deal with being mocked by someone I'd admired. I too am a fan of hers and it amazes me that she chose to slag off an obvious fan on not one, but two national radio shows. I remember when I read about her getting all those nasty letters when she joined the late show and I felt like writing her a letter to say how much I admired her work, but it seems she is just as bad as these people. This is the tenth time I've Said "I" in this letter, talk about self obsessed.
            “While Martin Molloy are funny I would question whether or not their humour is any more sophisticated than the Goodies. Someone let me the tape on the weekend and as a big Late Show fan I wasn't particularly impressed.
            “Anyway, this all boils down to the Goodies being stigmatised as "Kids TV" or tired British sitcoms. As I'm sure you're aware, what appeals to a child watching The Goodies is different to what an adult would like and the fact that my favourite childhood episodes don't interest me quite so much these days attests to this. Yes the Goodies were racist and sexist but in a "within" their time sense. Like the early James Bond Vs the Roger Moore ones. The early ones just treated women as they were treated at the time where as the later ones were deliberately "up yours feminists" sexist. The Goodies were not based on racist jokes like say Love Thy Neighbour or Mind Your Language, but were occasionally racist in a naive way. This is why I don't find them 'blacking up' quite so offensive as say, the guys on the footy show dressing up in afro wigs. Anyway I've crapped on enough.”
from F.D. Luchok <>
            “Sorry you got dissed on the radio. If it's any consolation, we have no clue in the States who Judith Lucy is. Doesn't sound like we're going to find out, either, if her humour is so mean spirited.”
from Jane Hornbrook <>
            “I wouldn't worry too much about Judith Lucy's negative publicity. Sometimes, it's the negative publicity that gets people to check things out. They'll find out that we're a great bunch of folks with a strange sense of humour.”
from Daniel Frankham <danielf@SENET.COM.AU> (Originally posted to Goodies-L)
            “It's true that it's technically illegal to tape shows and distribute them to your friends; however, this is one of those things that the BBC has chosen to turn a blind eye to, so long as people aren't *making a profit* from such activities. For instance, there has for many years been a so-called "Fan Video Network" among Doctor Who fans, where rare episodes are copied and sent on to friends. The BBC is well aware of its existence, and doesn't really mind. (The exception was when some previously missing episodes found their way onto the "network" within a few days of being returned to the BBC's archives; apparently the Beeb stepped up the archives' security after that.) The only time they've actually prosecuted anyone, is when they were trying to sell (probably bogus) copies of missing episodes for large amounts of money.
            “As for the Goodies themselves; I suspect they'd be more flattered than anything :p
            “After all, if the episodes aren't available on commercial video, they're not losing any money. And in my experience, videos obtained on that sort of network tend to be of such poor quality that fans will buy the episodes when they become available anyway (I do :p)
            “All things considered, it might be best if a respectable club like ours didn't openly organise such activities... but there's no reason why private individuals couldn't work something out among themselves.”
from Jane Hornbrook <>
            “The copyright problem is a serious one, but perhaps not a disaster. Those of us here in the US can continue to try to get the shows aired again. I wish that I'd have been smart enough to tape the Goodies when they were on the local PBS station. We can always ask the BBC about how they handle issues like this, or whether they would be willing to help us out. I'm sure that they would see that, if there are enough interested fans, they would benefit in the long run.”
            Some interesting ideas here. Of course there is already a petition going in Australia, to get The Goodies re-screened (to help mail me for details) and I believe there’s a petition being organised in the UK too, but I’ll tell you more about then when they get organised. Members in the USA are writing to their local PBS stations. So, hopefully we’ll succeed in getting The Goodies re-screened and then we’ll all probably go mad with blank video tapes (don’t deny it!!).
            I agree that commercial releases are better and when they are available, I certainly buy them. Australian and British fans can buy the two Goodies videos but US and Canadian fans have the problem of a different video format. There is a list of PAL/NTSC format converting services in James Kew’s alt.comedy.british FAQ, which is posted regularly to alt.comedy.british so I suggest that US and Canadian fans check it out.
            Jane’s idea that we contact the BBC is a good one. Perhaps they would make copies of Goodies episodes for us or at least endorse the idea of non-profit video swapping. As they haven’t replied to my first letter about this club, I’m considering writing again. The problem with the original letter was that it was just sent to the BBC, if we knew which department of the BBC to target, perhaps we would have a better chance of the letter being read. Any ideas folks?
            Bananaman is back on ABC-TV at 5.25pm, Monday-Thursday. Bananaman is a surreal, animated series which features the voice of Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. It is often amusing and has the odd pun in it, so it’s well worth a look.
            Also back on ABC-TV is Surgical Spirit, a BBC sitcom set in a hospital. Graeme Garden wrote some of the episodes, so tune in at 6.30pm every Wednesday. The show is produced by Humphrey Barclay Productions. As many of you will know, Humphrey Barclay was the director of Cambridge Circus and the original producer of I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again. It is likely that he called in his colleague Graeme Garden to write some episodes, as Graeme is a qualified doctor.
            At last the second Goodies video has been released in Australia. Featuring the episodes The Goodies and The Beanstalk, The End and Bunfight At The OK Tearooms, it’s well worth a look, despite the edits which were mentioned by various people on Goodies-L. You can buy the video for $29.95 at your local ABC shop or centre. It is probably available from their web site or by mail order too.
            I received an e-mail the other day from “Jabbers and The Colonel” who do a show at radio 5UV (where I do a fortnightly comedy and music programme with my friend Sarah). They mentioned that they are Goodies fans and that they are working on a dance re-mix of Bill Oddie’s song ‘Run’. I don’t know whether it’s the Spiderbait version or The Goodies version that they are re-mixing, but I’ll keep you posted as more details come to hand. Meanwhile Adelaide listeners can listen to “Jabbers and The Colonel” on Friday nights at 6.30pm on 5UV (531 AM).
            Got a Goodies-related plug or a Goodies question? Send it in.
From Peter Bryant <>
            Just to let you know that there is a new radio programme on in Sydney on radio station 2RRR (88.5FM) called "A Walk in the Black Forest" It is on Wednesday mornings between 1am and 6am.
            Now, while it doesn't have a lot of Goodies content, it has been named in honour of that fine piece of songwriting.
"...and NOW, A Walk in the Black Forest"
PS: It stars three v.big Goodies fan in Richard Bennett, Peter Bryant and Alex Pekar.
            David Haratsis <> tells me that he is in a band called Ecky Thump. So if you’re in Melbourne, Australia, look out for them or you may get belted over the nut with a black pudding! (I wonder if they sing Black Pudding Bertha???)
from Daniel Frankham <> (Originally posted to Goodies-L)
The shows were mostly written by Garden and Oddie and it is a great testament to their skill as >writers that they made full use of the limits of radio and then later in The Goodies, wrote highly >*visual* humour.
            “I've been thinking about this a bit too, lately (I've bought all the ISIRTA tapes in the last few weeks.) I think the translating of material from their radio show to the TV is what gave the Goodies some of their uniquely surreal visual humour. Puns are pretty standard fare on radio, but it's rare to see them translated to the screen like that... (I'm trying to think of a good example, but all I can think of are the duck pies from Down on the Farm :p)
            “When the Goons tried to translate their show to telly, it was apparently a disaster, with them just filming the radio show being made! It was bad telly, and also ruined the magic of the radio show for a lot of people. Or so I've read...
            “I know I don't have to tell you guys the Goodies was good, but I'm in an advocative mood after recent <spit!> events :p
            This month’s question is
What is Graeme Garden’s first name?
            The Goodie that danced ‘The Belligerent Bee’ in ‘The Goodies Almost Live’ was Tim, who gave a very uncharacteristic series of ‘up-yours’ to the camera!
            In the back cover of Graeme Garden’s book “The Seventh Man” he lists his hobbies as “painting and playing the banjo in private”. Graeme has not played the banjo in private in several episodes of The Goodies such as, “Bunfight At The OK Tearooms” and “The Goodies - Almost Live”. He can also been seen drawing in “Culture For The Masses”. He did some of the illustrations in the Goodies books as well.
Timbo The Rector
from: Nik Whitehead <nwhitehe@MIC.DUNDEE.AC.UK> (originally posted to Goodies-L)
            “Re: Timbo as rector of St. Andrews. I got my BSc(Hons) at St. Andrews, so I think I'm qualified to explain. :) The Rector is elected by the students to serve as their representative on the University Senate and other such committees. John Cleese and Nicholas Parsons have also been Rectors of St. Andrews. The Rector also turns up for things like graduation and tours the university meeting people. (I had a very enjoyable breakfast with Nicholas Parsons while he was Rector.) It's just someone that the students think is a good idea. It's not just TV celebrities - we've had a number of authors and journalists and so on, as well as military types and politicians.
            “After the Rector is elected, he arrives in the town in some interesting manner, and is then driven around to each of the halls of residence in an open-top coach drawn by members of the university rugby team. He ends up at Younger Hall and is officially installed as Rector and gives his Rectoral Address.
from David McAnally <>
            “With regard to the query in the latest C&G, The Rector of St. Andrew's University is an honorary position which is held for a year and elected by the students.”
            Coming up soon is the birthday of everyone’s favourite bird watcher, Bill Oddie (or is that Dougal from “The Magic Roundabout”?). He turns 55 on the 7th of July. So why not celebrate that momentous day by bird watching while practising some football (soccer) and playing the saxophone and the drums all the while sucking away on a sherbet fountain. Or if you’re feeling depressed, because you’re raddled, measure yourself up for a coffin!
Ecky Thump!
Alison Bean
This is an archive newsletter of The Goodies Rule - OK! International Fan Club (copyright The Goodies Rule - OK! 1996). Some of the information in this newsletter may now be incorrect. Current information can be obtained from

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