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C&G 18 May 1997
#18 May 1997 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 13/09/2006


» #18 May 1997

Issue No. 18                12th May 1997
What's Graeme Garden up to? What's it like to meet Tim Brooke-Taylor? - A survivor tells ;) And has Bill Oddie ever played the vacuum cleaner? All this answered this month...PLUS more crazy quiz questions and the lyrics of The Goodies theme song.
3. GOODIES TRIVIA QUIZ by David McAnally
Thanks to all those people who've visited and commented on our newly relocated homepages. At the moment the pages are just updated versions of our old ones, but in the next couple of months we'll be extending them and putting up more pictures and more information. You can visit the new pages at:
Also, don't forget our Bookpages page, up and running thanks to Rastous. This page allows you to buy books written by or about The Goodies, with part of the money you spend going towards our Convention 2000 fund. The Bookpages page is at:
If you want any more info about the new pages or have any suggestions or corrections please e-mail <>.
Thanks to all those who've shown interest in our Convention in 2000. If you think you'd like to attend, please register your interest by filling out the form below and returning it to me. The purpose of the form is to work out what city we should hold the convention in and how much money you're prepared to spend to attend.
1. Put a * in the [ ] next to your answer.
2. Send this form to <>.
1. In which city would you prefer the convention to be held?
ADELAIDE          [ ]
BRISBANE          [ ]
CANBERRA          [ ]
DARWIN            [ ]
HOBART            [ ]
MELBOURNE         [ ]
PERTH             [ ]
SYDNEY            [ ]
2. If the convention is not held in your preferred city would you be willing to travel to another city to attend the convention?
YES       [ ]
NO        [ ]
3. What is the *maximum* amount of money you'd be willing to pay for entry to the convention and accommodation?
less than $50      [ ]
$50-100            [ ]
$100-150           [ ]
$150-200           [ ]
over $200          [ ]
*Your answers will be kept in strictest confidence *
Don't forget that we're looking for people to help us plan the convention. If you'd like to join the convention committee (meetings would be held on IRC), please e-mail me <>.
by Santhia Keiller <>
Is there any chance of another IRC session on the Goodies? I have just worked out the basics of IRC (hell, I only just worked out what IRC stands for!) and having checked out various IRC servers have found a dearth of people interested in chatting about the Goodies. How can that be??????
Editor's Reply: Great idea Santhia, we all had a great time last time we got together on IRC. The problem is that we can't really find a time to suit everyone. With well over 500 members all over the globe, it'd be impossible to link everyone up at once. So what we could do is select a day and get a channel going called #goodies and people can come and go as they please. I'm not really up with IRC servers and I know that a lot of other people aren't either, so if someone could suggest a good server, that everyone can get to, then I can e-mail everyone later in the month with the details.
The word is spreading and there are hundreds of people all over the country who have either signed or are collecting signatures. Remember when you've collected as many signatures as you can please return the completed forms to me at:
Alison Bean
7 Sharpes Ave
Fulham Gardens
S.A. 5024
I'd like to send the petition to the ABC within the next six months. DON'T FORGET if you want to sign the petition or get involved in the campaign, visit the petition homepage at:
And speaking of which, here's someone else who agrees with us:
from Matthew K. Sharp <>
There was a letter in The Age Green Guide (24 April 97) from Marina Carpirelli of Seaford, headed "Bring back oldies". It reads: "I miss the old shows that the ABC used to run in the 5-6pm timeslot. Now there're only gameshows, news and cartoon repeats on all the channels at this time. I appeal to the ABC to bring back the old classics such as Doctor Who, The Monkees, and The Goodies. I am sure this would increase your ratings greatly."
Seen a Goodie recently? Mail <> with the details...
by Matthew K. Sharp <>
On Friday 25th April, SBS-TV Australia screened a documentary "Orson Welles - The One-Man Band", which appears to be the same programme as that broadcast in the UK in February under the title "The Lost Films Of Orson Welles" (see Keith Topping's article in C&G 15); although my impression is that the UK version was subtitled whilst the Australian screening had a new, English language narration added by SBS (and in the process screwed the sound in the first half hour).
Of interest to Goodies fans is that two of the film snippets used in the programme featured Tim Brooke-Taylor. One, "One-Man Band" (duration 2'25"), has Welles in a number of roles including a busker, a policeman, two old ladies and a Chinese strip joint owner. Tim is seen as a bowler-hatted British gent providing commentary for a travelogue film talking about swinging London (It says "Official Guide To London" on the clapper board in which Tim gets his nose caught). At one point we can see a poster behind Tim which reads "Annual Garden Fete - Saturday 23rd August". Aug 23 was a Saturday in 1969, but my guess is that the film is more likely to have been made in early 1970. (It is certainly before the end of 1971, by which time Welles was bearded; see "Marty Feldman's Comedy Machine", incidentally a series for which Tim Brooke-Taylor contributed additional material. Incestuous, ain't it?).
Of equal if not greater interest is the fact that the song Welles "sings" (if that's not too strong a word) is "Here Comes The One-Man Band", a Bill Oddie composition, performed by Bill on I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (Episode 6/5, 12 May 1968) and Broaden Your Mind (Episode 2/4, 8 December 1969).
The other film, "Stately Homes" (duration 2'00"), sees Welles as Lord Plumfield, with Tim Brooke-Taylor in a short cameo as his son Algy, a flannelled, straw-boatered compilation of every stereotypical upper-class British noise ever uttered. Lord P throws mints at him, which Algy catches in his mouth.
As presented in the documentary, this film also sees an older, bearded Welles edited in as an interviewer, and the narration makes the point that the footage of Welles interviewing was shot and edited into the film years after it had first been shot.
However, in two instances (the opening voice-over: "In England's green and pleasant land, few stately homes have entered the hectic hurly-burly of showbiz more recently than Plumfield Manor", after which the vision cuts to the older Welles asking the first question; and the final comment, "But then you'll have nowhere to live," the only question done as a voice-over rather than as a cut to the older Welles), there is a different voice saying lines which more properly (especially in the second example) belong to the interviewer. This other voice is that of Graeme Garden; and I would not be surprised to learn that before Welles re-edited the film, Garden was featured as the interviewer (although Garden's more extensive presence, I should point out, is pure speculation on my behalf).
Both films contain some great gags and are highly amusing. Another short, "Tailors" which seems to have been made around the same time, is also quite funny. All three are well worth digging out, as in addition to the Goodies links noted above, they show Welles to have a considerable comic talent, one which sadly saw the light of day only too infrequently.
by Daniel Graaskov <>
I have just remembered that, although I hardly recognised him (due to his lack of either his sideburns or his glasses), I saw Graeme Garden some time last week on the BBC program "Call My Bluff" on which he spoke about an obscure Middle Eastern game involving two men batting a dead cat around with spoons. In order to avoid people writing in and complaining he did make it absolutely clear that of course they didn't use a real spoon!
by David Balston <>
I thought you might be interested to know that Graeme Garden has recently been involved in the recording of a pilot TV show called 'If I Ruled The World', a sort of panel game show with two teams of two players, acting as two political parties try to score points off each other by mud slinging and back stabbing in true political style. Graeme was teamed up with comedian Jeremy Hardy and the show was hosted by Clive Anderson of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' fame. The other team was Tony Hawks and a comedian whose name I forget. The show was recorded in London on 20th April 1997. As it is a pilot it might not get shown on TV, but as he has made so few TV appearances recently I thought you might be interested.
by Arnaldo Lay <>
Somewhere between the months of Sept - Dec 1990, my housemate Paul, was on HMAS Darwin during Operation Desert Shield (out in the Gulf of Oman). His ship was on 3 days Rest and recreation (R&R) in the port of Muscat in the country of Oman. (This is during the gulf war!). Paul and some of his buddies decided to go and stay at the Intercontinental hotel during which period they were lazing around the poolside (during a war!) when they decided to have lunch. It was at this time , that one of his buddies spotted TBT, and they all decided to promptly 'hassle' him for his autograph. And from here, TBT invited the 3 of them to join him for lunch. THE BIG QUESTION : Paul and his friends asked him what he was doing in Oman (with all the fun things going on), and TBT said that he was involved in a play at the time and that was the reason he was there (we all know he was fighting the Iraqis though).
They all had a nice lunch and all discovered that he was a very nice person and not full of himself, didn't act like a big celebrity and was a very interesting and polite person to speak to. And so readers, that is our brush with fame.....
But DOH! my friend Paul had his autograph on the back a business card and somehow one day he threw away this business card (cos it was one he didn't need and didn't realise he had earlier got the autograph on it) , and now kicks himself for doing so.
But YES, this is a true story. so you better believe it.
by Matthew K. Sharp <>
Bill Oddie is credited as one of the vacuum cleaner players in "A Grand, Grand Overture", part of the Hoffnung Festival Of Music, recorded on 12 & 13 February 1988 at the Royal Festival Hall, London, and issued on double CD Decca 444 921-2.
by Andy Williamson <>
Thought you would like to know that the BBC in the UK have reissued the 2 Goodies videos at a lower price (sadly no new ones available yet). They are part of the new "Right Price Comedy" series of mid-price videos, and are on sale in my local W.H.Smiths at £5.99 (the old ones were £10.99).
The videos have new reference numbers, but the contents plus the front and back of the sleeves remain the same. The spine is different and the reverse of the sleeve now advertises other BBC comedy videos (so sadly we've lost the "Who Are The Goodies" and the Trandem specifications from the earlier release).
BBCV 5829 is Kitten Kong / Scatty Safari / Scoutrageous (formerly BBCV 5391) BBCV 5830 is The Goodies And The Beanstalk / The End / Bunfight At The OK Tea Rooms (formerly BBCV 5370)
Test your Goodies knowledge with this month's brain-teasers, written by David McAnally <>
1: How was the Giant in "The Goodies and the Beanstalk" different to other giants?
2: What was Bill's name when he appeared on 'Mastermind' in "Frankenfido"?
3: What effect did the American Army's mysterious 'Tomato Soup' have on every person it came in contact with?
4: Which famous TV astronomer appeared, as himself, in some Goodies' episodes?
Q: Two "Dr. Who" lead actors have appeared in Goodies` episodes. Who were they - and what were the episodes in which they appeared?
A: Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) who appeared as the Druid Priest in "Wacky Wales" and Patrick Troughton (The Second Doctor) who appeared as Dr. Petal in "The Baddies"
Q: What is the name of the Goodies' trandem?
A: Buttercup.
Q: In "Football Crazy", when spectators were banned from attending soccer matches because of hooliganism, what became their replacement 'sport'?
A: Ballet.
Q: At the end of the song 'I'm A Teapot' (from 'The New Goodies LP') Tim changes his mind. What is he instead?
A: A coffee percolator.
Forgotten the exact wording of your favourite Goodies quote? E-mail <> and we'll publish it for you next month.
from Jo Madge <>
Is it possible to get the lyrics to the Goodies theme song printed in a future newsletter? (The one where they spell out "GOODIES" and end with, "Here we come into town, getting up, falling down.") ?? I've *never* been able to understand all the words to that!
Editor's Reply: All right Jo, you asked for it, here's the lyrics to the Goodies theme song INCLUDING the mysterious second verse, which did not appear in the show. This is the version of the theme song on 'The New Goodies LP' and the one used in shows made between 1975 and 1980. (The lyrics were changed slightly for the LWT series.)
by Bill Oddie
G - you need a helping hand
O - you know we'll understand
O - we're with you right to the end
Everyone needs a friend
Goodie, Goodie, Goodie
D - we'll show you definitely
Y - you should employ us three
We - can take on any old line
Anything anytime
Hey, hey, hey
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum
Goodies - we're coming for you
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum
Here we come into town
Getting up, falling down
Hey - why don't you give a shout
Man - we can work it out
Aaaah - come on and don't be shy
We'll lead you to a better life
Goodie Goodie Goodie
Do - you want to sing our song
You - can learn right along
We - can show you all what to do
So you can be a Goodie too
Oh Oh Oh
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum
Goodies - we're coming for you
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum
Up down, in out
Right in, fall about
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum - Goodies
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum - Goodies
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum - Goodies
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum - Goodies
The Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum - Goodies
Goodies - goodie goodie yum yum - Goodies
That's all folks! Tune in at the same time next month.
Alison Bean
This is an archive newsletter of The Goodies Rule - OK! International Fan Club (copyright The Goodies Rule - OK! 1997). Some of the information in this newsletter may now be incorrect. Current information can be obtained from

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