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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #5
Answers - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 30/12/2006


» Questions
» Answers

(Each correct answer is worth 1 point. Score 1/2 a point if you're close!)
(1)   Golf
(2)   Lose
(3)   Graybungles Casino
(4)   Lady novelist's mud wrestle
(5)   The Dead Sea Scrolls Relay
(6)   Dunghill
(7)   Porridge
(8)   Bill
(9)   County Cutie
(10) We Shall Overcome
(11) Brooke-Taylor’s Beast Boutique
(12) Cruelty Is More Fun
(13) The Patagonian Nose Bulb
(14) Jacques Cousteau
(15) A horse throwing itself under the Queen’s corgi
(16) In a sheep dip trough
(17) Monarch Of The Glen
(18) They laugh themselves to death at the sight of his silly-looking enlarged foot
(19) Banjo
(20) A mule
(21) As mudguards for his Mini
(22) 4 o'clock
(23) Tomato sauce squirters
(24) Because, in Tim's words, "he's a raving loony!"
(25) Bognor
(26) Tim
(27) Twice a night and you're doing alright!
(28) 75
(29) Tipping it over his own head in a fit of rage.
(30) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(31) It's an album full of creatures that he's stamped on!
(32) Terry
(33) A cricket ball
(34) Smootho Mix
(35) Bill
(36) Mrs Liverpool
(37) A sparrow
(38) Tim’s
(39) One made out of a seal pup
(40) It can shoot a barrage of concrete eggs
(41) A curly-coated bull corgi
(42) A white feather duster
(43) The Obedience & Intelligence Prize
(44) Robin Day's
(45) She Loves You
(46) John & Eric
(47) The Bouncing Party
(48) A hog's head
(49) Dunsquabblin
(50) It is mounted half way up the wall
(51) Either a puffin or a flycatcher
(52) Sick people
(53) Hand puppets of Sooty
(54) Old monia
(55) Tim
(56) An ancient Egyptian mummy
(57) So that his great-uncle will leave Tim all of his money in his will
(58) Basterville
(59) His toast
(60) By tricycle
(61) "Ouch, I've pulled a flamin' muscle!"
(62) "Commit Harry Corbett!"
(63) Enter With Drag On
(64) Peckinpah's Perfect Puddings (None Blacker)
(65) Choice of pig's blood, calves' stomachs, tom kitten's unmentionables, monosodium glutamate, rat's brains and dung
(66) A trout
(67) Liza Minelli
(68) To Greenland (Eskimoland) as MCC (cricket) players
(69) He puts on a Max Bygraves record
(70) Lenny Lion
(71) The Bahamas
(72) Tim dressed as Margaret Thatcher
(73) Walking behind the bowlers arm at Lords
(74) The return of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister
(75) A transmitter for the radio station
(76) "Dear Goobies"
(77) The Saucy Gibbon
(78) Parcel Post
(79) "No he bloody wouldn't!"
(80) The vacuum cleaner
(81) "What?! Three fellas going out dancing together? People would stare at us!"
(82) Disco Bilius
(83) Jackie Onassis and Rod Stewart
(84) You're The One That I Want
(85) The Snooze sends him to sleep before he can try the antidote to it
(86) Skittles
(87) Work as garden gnomes
(88) A pantomime cow
(89) The xylophone
(90) A zookeeper
(91) That they should be beheaded … twice, very slowly!
(92) His own
(93) 350 feet
(94) Because he's "gonna make damn sure I see neither of you ever again!"
(95) Rastus Watermelon
(96) A bean
(97) Mr Snatch
(98) The Silver Rose awarded to the Goodies at Montreux 72'for 'Kitten Kong
(99) Santa Claus
(100) The Balmoral jumble sale
90-100    Mastermind Of The Year
75-89     Goodies Fan Supreme
60-74      Clever Clogs
40-59      Reasonably Goodie
21-39      Thick As Old Boots
0-19        Rolf Harris!

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