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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #5
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Posted by bretta 30/12/2006


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Here's a further chance to stake your claim as the Mastermind Of The Year title by testing your Goodies knowledge and answering another 100 questions correctly.   Your time starts now …
"A Kick In The Arts"
(1)   Which sport is Tim playing as he adds up his charity money?
(2)   What did the ancient former British athletes fervently aspire to do at the Olympics?
(3)   What is the name of Graeme's gambling business?
(4)   Which Olympic event does Barbara Cartland supposedly compete in?
(5)   What is the final and deciding event of the Olympics?
"Alternative Roots"
(6)   Which village do Graeme's ancestors hail from?
(7)   What is Graeme's ancestor totally immersed in as part of his initiation ceremony?
(8)   Which Goody descended from the "Oo Ar" tribe?
(9)   What is the name of Tim's ancestor?
(10) Which song do the three Goodies ancestors sing together on the tour bus?
"Animals (Series 8)"
(11) What is the name of Tim’s animal shop?
(12) What is written on Graeme’s placard in response to Tim’s placard of “Kindness Costs Nothing”?
(13) Which animal takes a liking to Graeme’s nose?
(14) Which wildlife presenter is wearing flippers as Graeme observes him?
(15) What did the dramatic animal protest at Epsom involve?
"Animals (Series 9)"
(16) Where is Graeme finally cornered by the enraged people/animals?
(17) Which painting does Graeme mass-produce for the Americans to purchase?
(18) What usually happens to people when they sight Bigfoot?
"Bunfight At The OK Tea Rooms"
(19) What instrument is Graeme playing when he enters the office at the start of the episode?
(20) Which animal is used to transport the Goodies' equipment?
(21) Why did Bill supposedly steal the ears from Tim's life-size model of Prince Charles?
(22) What time did the Bunfight take place at the OK Tea Rooms
(23) What sort of weapons do the Goodies duel with?
(24) Why has Tim never been to visit his uncle before?
(25) Which location do Tim's uncle and family go for their holidays?
(26) Which Goody is dressed as a jester at Camelot?
(27) Complete this quote from the jester's routine: "Once a knight, always a knight …"
"Change Of Life"
(28) How many candles are on Bill's birthday cake?
(29) And what does he end up doing with this cake?
(30) Which movie do the Goodies' dates take them to see?
(31) What is unusual about Graeme's stamp collection?
"Chubby Chumps"
(32) What is the name of the DJ whose program Tim is constantly listening to?
(33) What does Bill throw at the framed photo of Tim on the wall?
(34) Which dishwashing liquid does Graeme do a sales pitch for, only for it to squirt All over Bill's face?
(35) Who plays "Lionel Bleeah" in the dance routine at the 'Miss Housewife Of The Year' contest?
(36) Which housewife contestant does Graeme introduce by saying "Lord have Mersey."?
(37) What sort of bird do Tim, Graeme and the other hunters shoot after invading the wildlife sanctuary?
(38) Whose favourite item on the hunt club menu is “barbecued badger balls”?
(39) What sort of hat is Tim wearing at the hunt club meeting?
(40) What defence mechanism does Bill’s hen have?
(41) What sort of novelty dog does Graeme breed for the Queen?
(42) Which household item does Tim's dog supposedly mate with in Graeme's cupboard?
(43) Which prize does Bill (in a dog costume) win at Crufts?
(44) Whose leg does Graeme use in the creation of Frankenfido?
"Goodies Rule OK"
(45) Which song are The Bootles singing onstage when they get pelted with vegetables by the crowd?
(46) What are the names of the two Gumbies on Skid Row?
(47) Which political party do the Goodies form?
(48) What does Tim cook Bill and Graeme for dinner?
(49) What is the name of the seaside town that The Goodies travel to?
(50) What is unusual about the toilet in their holiday house?
(51) Name one of the two birds that Tim impersonates for Bill to watch?
"Hospital For Hire"
(52) According to the Minister For Health, the health department is so slow because they keep getting pestered by whom?
(53) What disposable item does the Minister Of Health use to blow his nose with?
(54) Graeme's magic elixir supposedly cures "pneumonia and …"?
(55) Who is the "poor sufferin' boy" cured by this elixir at the medicine show?
(56) What does the elixir bring back to life at the museum?
"Hunting Pink"
(57) Why is Tim so keen to impress his great-uncle Butcher?
(58) What is the name of great-uncle Butcher’s servant?
(59) Which item of food does Tim shoot at the breakfast table?
(60) How does Bill get from one end of the massive kitchen table to the other?
"Kung Fu Kapers"
(61) What does Graeme's mighty Kung Fu roar translate to in English?
(62) What would Bill rather do than divulge the secret of Ecky Thump?
(63) What is the name of the movie featuring Ecky Thump in ladies' clothing?
(64) Who is the manufacturer of the black puddings?
(65) Name three of the ingredients of these black puddings according to the recipe sheet.
"Lips Or Almighty Cod"
(66) Which frisky fish ends up being put in with the kippers after it has made a crash landing outside its tank?
(67) Who does Bill think is out on the lake after Tim's description of them having "slanty eyes, little floppy noses and fur coats"?
(68) Where do the Goodies travel to in order to regain a cod and what disguise do they use in the process?
(69) After many failed attempts, what does Graeme inadvertently do that eventually annoys his fish?
(70) What is the name (and picture) on the pedal boat that Tim and Bill scramble onto to get away from the cod?
(71) Where have the Prime Minister and the other MPs retired to?
(72) Who is encouraged to be “Empress of the World”?
(73) Which transgression does Tim want the death penalty to be invoked for as part of his campaign?
(74) What is England's booby prize from "It's A Knockout"?
"Radio Goodies"
(75) What is Graeme busy designing at the start of the episode?
(76) How does the GPO Department Of Broadcasting's return letter begin?
(77) What is the name of the Goodies' boat moored outside the five mile limit?
(78) What does Graeme propose that homing kangaroos be used for?
(79) What is Bill's retort to Tim saying that a drowning Graeme " … would have wanted it this way."
(80) Which domestic appliance almost swallows Tim whole?
"Saturday Night Grease"
(81) What is Graeme's rationale for wearing a pink frilly dress and hat when going out dancing with the others?
(82) What is the name of Bill's exclusive new disco venue?
(83) And which two celebrities are refused entry to it?
(84) Which duet do Tim Revolta and Olivia Newton Grayboots perform together?
(85) What problem does Graeme encounter when trying to test his antidote?
"Snow White 2"
(86) Which game did Snow White invite the dwarves over to the palace to play?
(87) What was the new job that she gave them at the palace?
(88) What disguise do the Goodies use to get inside the palace?
(89) Which instrument does a talentless hack play as a running joke throughout the storyline?
"That Old Black Magic"
(90) What other occupation had Witch Hazel originally wanted to be?
"The End"
(91) What punishment does Tim propose for those responsible for the Kew Gardens redevelopment scheme?
(92) Whose name does Graeme misspell while Tim is dictating a letter to him?
(93) How high is the block of concrete that the Goodies' office is encased in?
(94) Why is Tim going to miss the others upon their release?
(95) What is Bill's new holy name upon becoming a Muslim?
"The New Office"
(96) Which last item of food does Graeme overcook while the Goodies are stuck outside their office?
(97) Which of the four real estate agents at Gazump, Grasper, Meanie and Snatch serves the Goodies when they go there?
(98) What does Tim cover with gold paint?
(99) Who emerges from the chimney placed on the ground during construction?
(100) Where did Tim purchase his throne from?

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