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C&G 159 Feb 2009
Feb 2009 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 14/02/2009


» Feb 2009

             ( )
Issue No. 159                   12th February 2009
- Brett Allender <>
- Lisa Manekofsky
- Wackywales, Jenny_Gibbon, Steve Gerlach, Brian Labza, Alison Bean, Linda
1. QUIZ & QUOTE - Goodies brainteasers for you and you and you
2. BOFFO IDEAS - The latest club news and happenings
3. SPOTTED!!! - The latest Goodies sightings.
4. 2001 AND A BIT - Tim, Graeme and Bill sightings post-Goodies.
(by "Magnus Magnesium")
QUOTE: "How can I create a new world when I'm surrounded by fools?!"
(a) Which Goody says this quote?
(b) What have the other Goodies done to annoy him?
(c) Which episode is this quote from?
QUIZ: This month's questions are from the episode "A Kick In The Arts".
(d) Which sport is Tim playing as he adds up his charity money?
(e) What did the ancient former British athletes fervently aspire to do at the Olympics?
(f) What is the name of Graeme's gambling business?
(g) Which Olympic event does Barbara Cartland supposedly compete in?
(h) What is the final and deciding event of the Olympics?
The answers are listed at the end of this newsletter.
You can make it happen here. Liven up the club with a boffo idea for bob-a-job week. E-mail <> with your comments, ideas or suggestions - meanwhile these are the boffo ideas which our club has been working on this month:
Our favourite loony scientist, Graeme Garden, celebrates his 66th birthday on February 18th. All the best to Graeme for a very Happy Birthday from all members of "The Goodies Rule OK"
The voting pattern was predictably rather one-sided in last month's poll with most people wanting any series release of The Goodies to be done properly by being released in sequence from Series 1 onwards. The classic Series 5 (along with the Rolf episode which is in this series anyway) was the only other one to garner much support as a first release.
If the Goodies were to be released on DVD series by series, which series would you want released first? (Series 9 isn't listed as it has already been released in regions 2 & 4).
- Series 1                               89 votes
- Series 2                                2 votes
- Series 3                                5 votes
- Series 4                                3 votes
- Series 5                               25 votes
- Series 6                                2 votes
- Series 7                                1 votes
- Series 8                                3 votes
- the one with the Rolf Harris episode   29 votes
Total:                                  159 votes
This month's poll gives you a chance to vote on your favourite Goodies ad from the following choices (or add your own choice to the comments section of the poll):
Which is your favourite Goodies mock ad?
Beanz Meanz Heanz
Butch Tobacco for Men
Captain Fishface Cod Pieces
Fairy Puff Man
Soft Golden Dairy Margarine
Low Suds Mold
Plastic Spacemen
Razz 2 For 1 Swap
Bristo Gravy Mix (with Rolf's Granny)
So "listen to breakfast (and get your head blown off by an exploding bowl of Rice Crunchies) then fly Gladys to your nearest polling booth to cast your vote on Robinson's Paper (the strong one). You know it makes sense!
More exciting than getting your wig-spotters badge! If you've seen the Goodies recently, e-mail <> with the details. Here's where we've Spotted!!! the Goodies this month:
(Lisa Manekofsky – 14th Jan)
Just a reminder that the Slapstick 2009 Festival in Bristol is coming up next week. Limited tickets are still available for The Goodies in conversation with Phill Jupitus. The "Audience with Eric Sykes", hosted by Graeme, has sold out.
Details about these and other festival events can be found at  
Bookings can be made on the Old Vic's website at  or by calling their box office at 0117 9877877
The Goodies Show
Slapstick ‘09 welcomes two of Britain’s much loved comic performers as a modern day homage to the great silent comedians of the past. For over a decade, The Goodies TV show delighted millions of viewers with their inventive and often hilarious slapstick comedy and its writers/performers became household names and major pop stars! With The Goodies enjoying a new lease of life on DVD both in the UK and overseas, we are delighted to welcome both Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden to discuss and screen extracts of their unique show with comedian and Goodies fan Phill Jupitus
(Lisa Manekofsky – 14th & 30th Jan)
Various dates & times - The Comedy Channel in Australia is occasionally repeating episodes of "The Goodies". Consult their website (at ) for details about any episodes coming up in the next 7 days. 
Weds, 11 Feb - "The Goodies" - episodes (probably from the LWT series) are being repeated on Paramount 2 at 21:00-22:00, then again overnight from 01:00-02:00 Thursday morning.
(Lisa Manekofsky – 14th Jan)
Fri, 16 Jan - "Time Shift - The Comic Song Book" and "Comedy Songs - the Pop Years" are being repeated on BBC 4 at 21.00 and 22.30, respectively. Thanks to Jenny_Gibbon for this info.
There is another repeat of Time Shift: The Comic Songbook on 15th Feb at 1.25am on BBC4 Thanks to Wackywales for this information.
(Brian Labza – 27th Jan)
I randomly tuned into the Comedy Channel on pay TV in Australia last Friday - they usually run old Australian comedy classics, like the Norman Gunston show. This was a 1970's send-up of cheesy TV talk shows, very funny in its day and still funny IMHO.
Anyway, the blurb for last Friday night's show was:
9:30 PM FRI 23/01/09
The Norman Gunston Show
At 10 Downing Street in London, Norman fails to get an interview with the British Prime Minister but he has better luck with Tim Brooke Taylor of The Goodies, actor Michael Caine, cricketer Tony Greig and Miss Australia, Julie Ismay.
I watched it and indeed Norman interviewed TBT, for about five minutes in a 30 minute show. Despite how the above is worded, the interview was on Norman's studio set, whereas the Michael Caine one was on film on location in the UK. Norman's studio set consisted of a BBQ, concrete breeze blocks and swimming pool, to simulate the 'typical' Australian backyard.
Anyway, TBT was obviously out in Australia promoting the Goodies on ABC in 1977 - he told some anecdotes from the then recent filming of Scoutrageous and how the show was on too early in the afternoon in Australia. TBT sported his 1977 haircut too and actually sounded very English against Norman's accent.
The reason I mention this if people could remember it, in the event there is another DVD coming out (one day!), it would be a great DVD extra, especially for any more episodes of season 7.
It would only need the 5 minute segment, which, by definition, still exists in broadcast quality colour video (the show was made by and is presumably still owned by ABC in Australia).
The other aspect is if someone who is in contact with TBT was able to find out if he remembered doing this interview - probably not, but it would be a hoot to see his reaction to it now!
Having seen the recent tours in Australia and Kitten Kon in 2000 I must say it was odd to see the real, younger TBT in interview mode in 1977, bemusedly sipping lime cordial - what a time capsule!
** Tim remembers doing it. When he came out for Kitten Kon he showed some of us a Norman Gunston badge he'd been given. He was in Australia in 1976 to promote The Goodies and the Gunston show was one of his numerous public appearances.
(Alison Bean – 27th Jan)
** I would imagine Tim does remember doing the Norman Gunston show , he has mentioned it in more recent interviews when he talks about The Goodies in Australia . Apparently Tim has mentioned that the interviewer talked to him about the time slot it was shown at and Tim suggested it was too early and apparently Norman Gunston looked into camera and said "He doesn't like children!"
(Linda – 27th Jan)
** Yep, that is the one!
Although to be fair, Norman was hardly making a serious point when he looked to camera!
Good to know that TBT remembers it, only adds to the appeal - a potential DVD with an extra from 1976 with TBT providing a commentary on the extra and his recollection of the Australia tour of that time.
(Brian Labza – 29th Jan)
(Lisa Manekofsky – 30th Jan)
Sun, 1 Feb - "The South Bank Show: Beyond the Footlights" on ITV1 from 22:15-23:15. Here's a listing: "A look at the history and influence of the Cambridge Footlights - a breeding ground for comedy writers and performers, many of whom are now household names. The programme follows the company from the 1960s, when it really began to flower, to the present Footlights Review at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival. Featuring clips and contributions from a who's who of comedy, from Peter Cook to David Mitchell. Footlights' influence is immeasurable, providing a launching pad for the Goodies, several of the Monty Python team, Stephen Fry, Armstrong and Miller, and a host of others."
4. 2001 AND A BIT
If you've sighted Tim, Bill or Graeme in a post-Goodies role, e-mail <> so that we can tell everyone where to spot a Goodie nowadays. Those of you seeking radio and tv alerts between issues of the C&G should consider signing up for the Goodies-l mailing list (more details available on the club website), as our crack (cracked?!) team of reporters attempt to post alerts as the information becomes available.
** (All items in this section contributed by Lisa Manekofsky, except where otherwise credited) **
* Sat, 17 Jan - "Outtake TV" on BBC 1 at 21:20, whose listing reads, "Anne Robinson presides over a brand new collection of hilarious outtakes. Featuring clips starring Dawn French, Bill Oddie and Alan Titchmarsh."
(14th Jan)
* Sat, 17 Jan & Sun, 18 Jan- "Bill Oddie Goes Wild" - a marathon of episodes are being repeated on UKTV Gardens starting at 15:00 running through the 01:00 Sunday morning. The repeats then resume on Sunday at 07:00, running for most of the day.
(14th Jan)
* Sun, 18 Jan & Mon, 19 Jan - "Birding with Bill Oddie" & "Bill Oddie's How to Watch Wildlife" - UKTV Gardens will be showing episodes of these two shows throughout the day Sunday & Monday. Consult your local listings for specifics.
(14th Jan)
* Fri, 30 Jan - "The Green Balloon Club" on CBeebies at 16:00 is a repeat which includes an appearance by Bill "introducing Jelly to some of the creatures that visit his garden." The show is repeated Sunday, 1 Feb at 09:00 and 15:00
(30th Jan)
* Fri, 30 Jan - "Natural World" on UKTV Gardens at 19:00 is a repeat of "The Eagle Has Landed", which is narrated by Bill. The show will be repeated on Saturday (31 Jan) at 07:00 and 11:00.
(30th Jan)
* The following appears in the 30 Jan 2009 edition of The Mirror (at ):
Bill Oddie quits Springwatch 
Exclusive by Nicola Methven 30/01/2009
Bill Oddie is spreading his wings and leaving the Springwatch nest after four years to "take a breather".
The nation's favourite TV twitcher will continue to front other natural history programmes for BBC2.
Fans will miss Oddie and co-host Kate Humble's gentle bickering and bosses are looking for a replacement to work with her.
Candidates include the show's roving reporter Simon King, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, Countryfile's Ben Fogle and even ITV chat-show host Alan Titchmarsh.
Yesterday Oddie, 67, said: "I'm really going to miss working with Kate, Simon and the team but after an amazing four years of really intense work it feels like the right time to take a breather and recharge my batteries."
The new series will kick off in May with a special to celebrate the former Goodie's most memorable moments from the shows.
The dedicated naturalist is planning new editions of Bill Oddie's Top 10, in which he picks his favourite wildlife.
Springwatch launched in 2005 and became a hit thanks to the combination of bossy Oddie and exuberant Humble.
Live every weeknight for a month, it regularly attracted four million viewers.
Last night the Beeb's natural history unit head Neil Nightingale said:
"Bill's style, in-depth expertise and unflinching dedication helped establish Springwatch and Autumnwatch as two of the nation's favourite natural history programmes."
BBC2 boss Janice Hadlow paid tribute to Oddie's "amazing ornithological knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject".
(30th Jan)
* The BBC, as well as a number of newspapers, have confirmed that Bill will not take part in Springwatch or Autumnwatch this year. Here are links to some of the articles that have popped up this morning:
BBC News:
The Guardian:
Commentary from The Guardian's blog:
The Daily Record:
The Sun (which has a nice photo of Bill with Kate Humble):
The Norfolk site EDP24, which mentions that Springwatch (without Bill Oddie) will by returning on May 25th (for the nature fans):
(30th Jan)
* Thurs 19th Feb, Stately Stoats is on at 9.50pm on BBC2. "Bill Oddie monitors the exploits of a family of stoats being raised in the grounds of Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire. The grand surroundings provide shelter and a playground for the kits - as well as plenty of rats and rabbits to prey on"
(Wackywales - 12th Feb)
* Fri 20th Feb, Saturday Kitchen on UKTV Food at 6.30am, 10.30am, 3.30pm and 8.30 pm is a repeat of Bill's episode - "James Martin is joined by Sarah Raven and Nick Nairn, while Bill Oddie faces his food heaven and hell"
(Wackywales - 12th Feb)
* UKTV Style Gardens are repeating the series Bill Oddie Goes Wild on Thurs 19th Feb 7-8pm, Sat 21st Feb 10-11am, and Friday 20th Feb 7-8pm.
(Wackywales - 12th Feb)
* The following article appeared in The Evening Standard yesterday (January 14, 2009):
Messing about on the river ; The Londoner's Diary
VETERAN comedians Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden performed a double act at yesterday's Oldie literary lunch at Simpson's-in-the- Strand, promoting their book, The Doings of Hamish and Dougal, You'll Have Had Your Tea.
Garden recalled that, while fishing on the Spey, he noticed that ghillies displayed a wonderful mixture of contempt and respect. "Don't bugger about with your reel, SIR," he was once told while landing a fish. Garden said that, after a bad day, his ghilly suggested they should try Rifkind's pool. "Would that be the Secretary of State for Scotland, later Foreign Secretary?" said Garden.
"Does he catch a lot of fish?" "No," said the ghilly, "only the one
(15th Jan)
* Thursdays - "The Right Time" - the first series, whose cast includes Graeme, is being repeated on BBC Radio 7 at 08:30 (repeated later in the day). It can be heard from Listen Again at
(30th Jan)
* Thanks to Jenny_Gibbon for the following info:
Tickets are available for the recordings of the next series of The Unbelievable Truth. Bookings can be made on the BBC Tickets website:  
Here are some details from that page:
The Unbelievable Truth
David Mitchell hosts this brand new panel game in which panellists are encouraged to tell lies and compete against one another to see how many items of truth they are able to smuggle past their opponents.
Panellists include Graeme Garden, Jack Dee, Sean Lock, Arthur Smith, Fred MacAulay, Jeremy Hardy, Will Self, Clive Anderson and Tony Hawks.
A series of recording dates and venues are also listed on the webpage.
(9th Feb)
* If you happen to be in the Warsaw, Poland area you'll have a chance to see the latest production of "The Pocket Orchestra" by Graeme Garden & Callum McLeod. 
I'm afraid the details at this site -  - are in Polish, but it also has an image of the groovy poster.
The Pocket Orchestra's official website (which is in English) can be found at the conveniently named  
(10th Feb)
- Sat 14th Feb,Graeme's episode of What the Dickens is repeated on at 4.30pm on Sky Arts.
(Wackywales - 12th Feb)
* Sat, 7 Feb - "What the Dickens" - Sky Arts 1 is repeating episodes from the first series (on which Tim was one of the team captains) from 16:00-19:00.
(30th Jan)
* I received my copy of the ISIHAC LIVE DVD over Christmas and I've been meaning to mail the list just to voice my thanks to everyone involved for making this DVD happen. Being in OZ and unable to get to any of the radio recordings or stage shows, it was wonderful to see Humph, Graeme, Tim, Barry and Jeremy. It's a lovely swan-song for Humph and terrific to see how everyone interacts. Colin was very impressive as's just a shame about Samatha. ;) Anyway, this extended version of the program that was shown on the BBC late last year, clocking in at almost two hours on DVD - with bonus interviews...Jeremy's being the best, really makes you feel like you're there. I even got out my kazoo to play along! So, a huge thanks to both teams, the BBC and John Naismith for making this happen. Don't know if they'll see this email or not, but thanks anyway. I saw all three Goodies on stage in Oz and thought things couldn't get better. This DVD certainly completes another long-held wish of mine. If you haven't got a copy, you should.
(Steve Gerlach – 14th Jan)
* Mondays - "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" with Tim, Graeme & Bill is being repeated on BBC Radio 7 at 12.30pm and 7.30pm. The show can be heard worldwide via the internet from; each episode will be available for a week after broadcast from Listen Again at  
(14th Jan)
* Thursdays - "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" repeats on BBC Radio 7.   The show will be available online from ; repeats will be available for a week after broadcast from
(14th Jan)
* Sat, 7 Feb - "Comedy Controller: Tom Robinson" on BBC Radio 7 at 09:00-12:00 includes an episode of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" from June 12, 2000. The show will be repeated later in the day. It can be heard online at  and will be available from Listen Again for a week after broadcast.
(30th Jan)
* An interview with Barry Cryer at  to promote his show "Barry Cryer: Still Alive with Colin Sell" at Norwich Playhouse on Friday February 20 mentions that when "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" returns later this year the first guest chairman will be Stephen Fry.
Tickets for Barry's show in Norwich are still available from the box office on 01603 598598, or online via
(30th Jan)
(by Brett Allender)
This puzzle consists of a series of Goodies clues to solve, with the highlighted letter from each horizontal answer forming a vertical solution, which happens to be an expression which is used (in part and full) in a few different episodes, mostly by Graeme (5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3 letters).
The information to solve the clues can be found in my Goodies Episode Summaries in the Articles/Guides section of the website if there are episodes listed that you are unfamiliar with.
The solution will be published in the March edition of the C&G. Alternatively there is a copy of the puzzle (in print-friendly Word format) and solution on the website at:  
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































1.   (6, 5, 9 letters)
Tim's entrant into the Crufts Dog Show (Frankenfido)
2.   (5, 5 letters)
The new dance that Graeme teaches Tim (Saturday Night Grease)
3.   (5, 4, 10 letters)
The Goodies are stuck there for 5 years (Lighthouse Keeping Loonies)
4.   (7, 7 letters)
Where the Goodies are taken to by the town planner (Camelot)
5.   (9, 8 letters)
Tim delivers these with the backing of Land Of Hope And Glory
6.   (4, 5 letters)
The Goodies are dressed as businessmen to sing this (Goodies Almost Live)
7.   (8, 7 letters)
The backing song for the Le Mans race (The Race)
8.   (6,5,2,5,4 letters)
The "wildlife" film that Bill has been to see (Gender Education)
9.   (5, 3, 4 letters)
Timita tells them not to cry for her (Politics)
10. (8, 7 letters)
His mask is good for wigspotting, but not for annoying fish! (Scoutrageous/Lips)
11. (6, 4 letters)
The Goodies must dispose of a large tin of this (Clown Virus)
12. (7, 6 letters)
Where the moon capsule lands upon returning to earth (Invasion Of The MC)
13. (8, 3, 4 letters)
The Goodies set up a mobile medical service in this episode
14. (4, 9 letters)
He runs across a field to the Black Beauty theme (Scatty Safari)
15. (4, 5 letters)
The Lancastrian martial art which Bill is a master of (Kung Fu Kapers)
16. (8, 4 letters)
Tim wins her hand in marriage after the Trendsetters Ball (Punky Business)
17. (5, 4, 6 letters)
A possessed Graeme runs around the place to this song (That Old Black Magic)
18. (11 letters)
Tim flaunts his belly button and Bill shaves off his beard in this episode
19. (6, 7 letters)
This train is hijacked and taken to France (Daylight Robbery)
20. 7 letters)
All of Graeme's animals share this same name (Black & White Beauty)
21. (5, 2, 6 letters)
Bill bellows "Come on you blighter, die!" while viewing this film (The Movies)
22. (5, 7 letters)
This ad ends with Tim walking hand-in-hand with his minder (Kitten Kong)
(by Brett Allender)
The solution of the Word Finder puzzle from C&G #158:
2 words (6 & 6 letters) - clue: "part of the reason why the dodo became extinct":
Finger lickin
(a) Graeme
(b) They announced that they are closing down his pirate post office
(c) Radio Goodies
(d) Golf
(e) Lose
(f) Graybungles Casino
(g) Lady novelist's mud wrestle
(h) The Dead Sea Scrolls Relay
8    Mastermind Of The Year
7    Goodies fan supreme
5-6 Clever clogs
3-4 Reasonably Goodie
1-2 Thick as old boots
0    Rolf Harris!
- #160:    12th March 2009.
Upcoming Articles:
- March: Goodies Themes – Graeme's Inventions
- March or April: Goodies Music Review – Baby Samba
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