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The Goodies

BBC Two Goodies repeats (and other shows)
03/12/2010 22:30 GMT

Posted by lisa

Andrew Pixley reported that, according to Chris Pearson on the Roobarbs Forum, the schedule for the BBC Two Goodies repeats will be:

  - Wed 22 December 11.30pm - Scoutrageous
  - Thu 23 December 11.30pm - Kung Fu Kapers
  - Xmas Eve 12.25am - The Goodies and the Beanstalk
  - Boxing Day 12.15am - Kitten Kong
  - Mon 27 December 11.30pm - The Lighthouse
  - Tue 28 December 12 midnight - Saturday Night Grease
  - Wed 29 December 11.15pm - Loch Ness Monster
  - Thu 30 December 12 midnight - The Stone Age

Other upcoming shows of interest (it's advisable to check your listings for details & to watch for schedule changes):

* Sun, 5 Dec: Tim appears in the repeat of the "One Foot in the Grave" 90 minute special "Endgame" on GOLD at 12:00.  It is repeated on GOLD (TopUpTV) at 20:30 that day.

* Weds, 8 Dec: Tim appears in the children's show "Little Howard's Big Question" on BBC 1 at 16:00.  Here's a listing: "Why Do Things Have to Die? Series about a six-year-old cartoon boy with a lot of big and cheeky questions about the real world around him. Little Howard mourns the death of his goldfish, El Pipi Ninjio Gonzalez III. At the funeral, Big Howard is arrested for some fishy goings on. A potentially difficult subject is handled with sensitivity and gently humour. Starring: Howard Read, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Marek Larwood, Barney Harwood"

* Weds, 8 Dec: "Beardyman and the Mimics" with Bill is repeated on BBC Radio 7 at 14:00.  Here's a listing: " Champion beatboxer 'Beardyman', aka Darren Foreman, goes in search of nature's champion sound mimics. With Bill Oddie."

* Thurs, 16 Dec: "Celebrity Eggheads" on BBC 2 at 18:00 includes an appearance by Bill.  Here's a listing: " Dermot Murnaghan hosts a celebrity special of the show where every day a new team of challengers take on probably the greatest quiz team in Britain. The Eggheads are made up of some of the country's top quiz champions, including Mastermind Champion of Champions, Pat Gibson; Are You An Egghead? winner Barry Simmons; Millionaire winner Judith Keppel; International Mastermind winner Chris Hughes and four times world quiz champion Kevin Ashman. Can a team of natural history presenters featuring Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Nick Baker, Philippa Forrester and Mark O'Shea triumph over the general knowledge Goliaths and win the cash prize for their charity or will it go to this year's Children In Need appeal?"

* Mon, 27 Dec: A new series of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" begins on BBC Radio 4 at 18:30.

* Mondays & Thursdays: ABC 2 in Australia is repeating "The Goodies" at 8:05pm Mondays and 11:05pm Thursdays - watch your local listings for changes, especially around the holiday season. Coming up next: "The Goodies - Almost Live"on Monday, 6 December at 8:05pm and "Way Outward Bound" on Thursday, 9 December at 11:05pm. The episode information for the following Monday isn't on ABC's website at the moment but Thursday, 16 December's episode is "Superstar" at 11:05pm.

* Thursdays: "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" (Tim, Graeme, & Bill's 1960's sketch comedy radio series which also starred John Cleese, David Hatch, and Jo Kendall) is repeated on BBC Radio 7 at 12:30 & 19:30.

* Sundays: "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" with Tim & Graeme is repeated on RTE Choice at 9:30.

Please note: BBC RADIO SHOWS listed below can be heard online via each station's website ( or and then for a week after broadcast from the BBC iPlayer (aka Listen Again),  Radio shows on the iPlayer should be available for listening worldwide.

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Let us hope that the repeat of episodes not yet out on DVD will inspire the next DVD to have these episodes and that the next DVD will come out soon as th current one will no doubt be a success!
Posted by:Blabs


date: 04/12/2010 11:05 GMT
A good mixture of episodes, plenty of very strong ones to attract newcomers to our ranks and a couple of treats for those of us who have the DVD's already.
Posted by:faz


date: 06/12/2010 15:00 GMT
good selection of episodes. :0) long time in coming... :0)
Posted by:theclownvirus


date: 07/12/2010 19:55 GMT
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