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Posts: 975




 Subject:  Re: Am I techno-illiterate or is this forum a pain to use?
27/07/2009 03:53 GMT

Hi Nose Vole,

I suppose I'm the one to blame for the site being the way it is, since I built most of it, but I'll try and respond to your problems.

Firstly, I made a decision several years ago (Actually when I rebuilt the site sometime around 2001) to have the most recent posts listed first.  This was from personal preference, rather than common sense, so I'm definitely to blame for this one.  Incidentally, I have been meaning to ask the general members what they think, should I change it or leave it.

Secondly, as long as the site it still open, then you should be able to complete your post/reply from any page.  This is a problem with all popup style forums, of which this may not be much longer.

There are no user settings (this is a very old codebase and hasn't been updated in some time) however this may be changing in the near future.

As for the colour scheme, I'm sorry but, that won't be changing anytime soon, if ever.

Never settle with words when a flamethrower! is much more fun

Nose Vole

Posts: 28

Nose Vole


 Subject:  Re: Am I techno-illiterate or is this forum a pain to use?
26/07/2009 13:25 GMT

Yeah, I was being deliberately melodramatic for effect.  Iíve actually posted one or two posts before under an inferior username, since forgotten.  I no longer use the e-mail address I was registered under hence the reason for the change.

I have no moral outrage against the site rather that I find it quaintly difficult.    Any absences on my part I put down to human error.

Does this post show up in the right place?

vanessa cricklewood

Posts: 830

vanessa cricklewood


 Subject:  Re: Am I techno-illiterate or is this forum a pain to use?
26/07/2009 10:31 GMT

Hi Nose Vole. I had never used a computer before I got this about computer ignormaus!! But if I can do it anyone can!! I am self taught and manage to always have my 2 bobs worth to persevere!! This is the best web site in the world!!   

please marry me Grayboots!!
Nose Vole

Posts: 28

Nose Vole


 Subject:  Am I techno-illiterate or is this forum a pain to use?
26/07/2009 05:11 GMT

First of all, I get the last posts first, the actual text space is too small and secondly, I only see reply icons for individual posts and not the thread itself.

When I went to reply in a thread I unluckily happened not to be on the precise page and now my post is off in some little private limbo-land.

I subsequently tried to find where you could alter the settings to make them more conventional and thus, to my way of thinking, more user-friendly but I ran out of patience and the bright yellow hurts my eyes.

As I already noted in my lost post, I'm the world's biggest Goodies fan ( ) and it would be a pity if I could not contribute properly.

Talk about bad Feng shui - help!!!


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