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Bertha Torr

Posts: 65

Bertha Torr


 Subject:  Re: Traffic Island - Ron Goodwin version
11/01/2020 23:26 GMT

Sorry, only just visited and seen your reply over a month ago, Wahski. Thanks very much for finding this - and I have now found the radio station's own playlist, which I've listened to the song on. Traffic Island is at 43minutes in. (I was curious to hear the DJ talking but if you go on to the next track there is no DJ so it must be the music only.)

This IS is the exact version that is on the B-side of Nothing Better To Do. I know this because I have just bought the disc with my Christmas money from Canada via Discogs and the seller kindly sent me a soundfile first! I was sorely tempted not to follow through and buy the vinyl but she was agreeable to dropping the price a little and so I kind of felt morally obliged.

It is the song as in ISIRTA but with sound effects of gulls and waves, more as heard in the RNZ version which you can find on YouTube, with some great uke [?] accompaniment obviously laid on by Ron Grainer or his musician. But, scandalously, they have failed to credit Jo Kendall on the label! Bill, your feminist principles are affronted, I'm sure.

The other records you mention are intriguing; I shall check out the Timbo one at any rate.

EDIT Have just found 'MC Graeme'! The Timbo one is spoken word sketches btw.

I don't have to take this kind of thing from you, you know! But I'm going to...
Last modified: 11/01/2020 23:43 GMT by Bertha Torr

Posts: 268



 Subject:  Re: Traffic Island - Ron Goodwin version
03/12/2019 07:23 GMT

Nah unfortunately I've only got Goodies vinyl (aka round black CDs )

I found an old podcast that may have played the vinyl version (goes for 1hr 8min)?

But I think you may have to register to listen to it and brush up on your french. Or they could have just ripped it from ISIRTHA?

Je ne peux ni parler ni écrire un mot de français

It was about 9th from the bottom in the list.
If you get it to play, might have to fast-forward through to get to it?

Looking at cannot see any cheaper editions been sold of this single.

I found Timbo had a single with Marty  Feldman that I didn't know about (1968)

I am a bit doubtful about the entry for "MC Graeme Garden" though on that site, cannot see him doing a rap tune

Bill: "I used to have a pet rabbit once.......and at no stage did he ever strap me to the couch and stick carrots in my ears!"
Bertha Torr

Posts: 65

Bertha Torr


 Subject:  Traffic Island - Ron Goodwin version
01/12/2019 14:29 GMT

Is anyone lucky enough to own Bill's 1964 single, 'Nothing Better To Do'? The A-side - a brilliant mods & rockers song that was banned by the beeb in case it inspired violence - is helpfully up on YouTube but not the B-side, which is 'Traffic Island', a Bil & Jo duet from Cambridge Circus/ISIRTA.

There is a good recording of Traffic Island amongst the Cambridge Circus RNZ recordings on YT but I've never heard the vinyl version. If the orchestration is at all similar to 'Nothing Better To Do' it will be fab so I would love to be able to hear this. (Yes, I am looking to buy the 7" but at present it goes for well over £100!!)

As a great admirer of Bill's music, I have an ambition to catalogue all his songs and transcribe all the lyrics. What a project to take on, eh?

I don't have to take this kind of thing from you, you know! But I'm going to...

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