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 Subject:  Looking For a Graeme (to be in a Goodies group)
26/07/2017 16:01 GMT


I run the 'fuckyeahthegoodies' Tumblr (been going strong for a few years now!)  and I would like to film a spoof/parody Goodies episode (with my comedy partner)!

As such, since there are only two of us, barring the invention of a cloning machine, we’re looking for a Graeme! (To film with, not to make one, although that would definitely count in your favour.)

Ideal candidate would be:
- 20-25
- Female
- living in the north of England (Chester way) or VERY willing to travel
- a budding comedienne or actor
- able to take time off work or willing to travel, probably sometime next year

It’s not going to be high budget and you aren’t gonna get paid although we can chip in for petrol.

It’s all for the love of the craft (and The Goodies!)

If interested, shoot us a message! (on here or on my Tumblr) I will send my email to those interested!

Thanks for reading 


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