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02/02/2002 20:54 GMT

Speaking on behalf of the Clarke family tribe is old Father Clarke
just turned 40 and old enough to remember the tv shows.
My eldest lad James  age 10 - 11 in March is Goodies mad and has nearly worn out the only 2 video tapes we can acquire in our local
in Nottingham England. We don't have cable or sat tv cos they only seem to put the same old comedy shows and neglect the the diverse
and more unusual off the wall stuff i.e. Goodies, Spike Milligan, Bentine, etc. As for the good old BBc and ITV I fear that we will not see any reruns of the Goodies because they seemed to be obsessed with reality shows and Diy progs and soaps.
But I live in hope that someone wiil see the light soon
Andrew C.

Goody Goody Goody yum yums.


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