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 Subject:  Trandem or Buttercup?
06/04/2002 09:33 GMT

I spotted a Goodies question in the entertainment quiz  in the Herald Sun a few days ago. It was 'What was the name of the three seater bicycle belonging to the Goodies?' Someone who knew I was a Goodies fan asked me the question, and when I said that the answer was 'The Trandem' they delighted in telling me that I was wrong. The newspaper said that the answer was Buttercup. Now, I know that it was called Buttercup in the Goodies and the Beanstalk episode, but wasn't that all part of the joke about Bill having to sell the bike, like Jack had to sell the cow in Jack and the Beanstalk? Does anyone else reckon that 'Trandem' would be it's proper name? I know it's not that important, but my reputation as a Goodies fan is at stake!!


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 Subject:  Re: Trandem or Buttercup?
12/01/2002 00:53 GMT

Your reputation as a Goodies fan is quite safe.  The name of the bike is indeed "the Trandem".  Also you are correct in saying that the name Buttercup was used in the Beanstalk episode, but this is by no means the regular name given to the bike.


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