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Posts: 19



 Subject:  Re: The disappearance of the mobile office?
23/11/2014 01:16 GMT

Having checked, I see there's a brief exterior shot of it in The Movies, and all the outside views from their office are of a ground level, so I assume they're still supposed to be in their mobile office up to series 7?

Series 8 seems more complicated... Tim has a ground-level pet shop in Animals, but it's not the mobile station. Obviously the LWT stuff is set in a tower block again.


Posts: 19



 Subject:  The disappearance of the mobile office?
15/11/2014 19:02 GMT

I've just been watching the show in a fairly random order and I'd completely forgotten, watching the later series first, that they had a mobile office in 3/4.

As there's no mention of them discarding it, is all of series 5 set in it? I know that in The End they get sealed in, so presumably they go back to a tower block at some point?

It's just watching the series 5 episodes (unless I've missed something VERY obvious) there's no indication they're in a mobile building.


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