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 Subject:  Re: Come Dancing on 2010 DVD
05/06/2020 03:12 GMT

I ended up getting the UK version (early 2005) as I knew it had the colour version of Come Dancing.

The only 2010 release of a DVD (in Australia) that I am aware of was "At Last .... Back For More, Again!" which did not have Come Dancing on it. Unless the one you mention is a re-release?

If you have a bo-peep at Lisa Manekofsky's site you can see it says down the page a bit under the Australia Release section....

Originally intended to be the Australian version of “The Goodies – At Last A Second Helping”. However, the Australian set went into production before mastering of the UK set was finished (to ensure it would be available in time for the Goodies live shows in Australia starting 4 March 2005). Due to this the Australian set is missing some of the special features included in the UK set, specifically the colour version of Come Dancing, the restoration featurette, The Goodies in Conversation featurette, the commemorative booklet and the original script PDFs.

Later "The Goodies – The Tasty Box (DVD)" Sep 2005 was released with the colour version.

Bill: "I used to have a pet rabbit once.......and at no stage did he ever strap me to the couch and stick carrots in my ears!"
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 Subject:  Come Dancing on 2010 DVD
30/05/2020 08:56 GMT

Is the version of Come Dancing on the 2010 release of At Last A Second Helping the B&W version or the colour version?


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