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 Subject:  Re: Episode with George Harrison mannequin
19/02/2017 02:29 GMT

Sounds like "Goodies Rule OK?" special from the end of the 5th season.  In first few minutes of episode they re-enact a scene from "The Bootles" playing at the Cavern Club.

Band members are Don (GG), Saul (TBT) and Bingo (BO) with the motionless George standing on the left.

Bill: "I used to have a pet rabbit once.......and at no stage did he ever strap me to the couch and stick carrots in my ears!"

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 Subject:  Episode with George Harrison mannequin
22/01/2017 00:39 GMT

Hi.  I remember a Goodies episode from when I was a kid...and I could be confused.  I remember the Goodies having a George Harrison mannequin in reference to his stage presence that they would move around.  Did this happen and does anyone know the episode?


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