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 Subject:  Re: Lyrics during cut scenes
21/10/2019 02:04 GMT

Ah! I'm getting closer.

I've had this song kicking around in my head for the last few decades, but couldn't work out whether it was "Leave It", "Need It", "Be There", or something else. Thanks, Bill. 


Does anyone know of this little treasure of incidental music being anywhere on the internet? I'd be delighted to buy it.

Last modified: 21/10/2019 02:15 GMT by el_gallo_azul

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 Subject:  Re: Lyrics during cut scenes
19/05/2007 02:05 GMT

I take no responsibility for accuracy or otherwise of the following lyrics, as roughly transcribed from memory...

Don't know where I'm going, Or what I'll do
Somebody is calling,  I don't know who
(line missing... damn sound effects)
What I'm feeling, is needed

Needed, needed, Oh goodie that's nice,
Needed, needed, needed.

I think there might be another verse (or eight.)


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 Subject:  Re: Lyrics during cut scenes
17/05/2007 23:00 GMT

That would be 'Needed' Some folks around here might have all the lyrics.

"I banged my floor on the head with joy." Tim Brooke-Taylor

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 Subject:  Lyrics during cut scenes
17/05/2007 22:51 GMT

I haven't seen the show since I was a kid, and now am watching the first 2 seasons.

During the cut-scenes (for lack of a better word), when they're off on their bike doing something insane, there's this song that keeps coming up that sounds like "eden, eden, oh baby that's ni-i-ice, eden, eden, e-den ... doobie do-ahh" etc.

What are the actual lyrics?  I can't make them out and it's driving me nuts.  At first it sounded like "me dead, me dead ..."


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