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 Subject:  Re: Slapstick 2022
29/01/2022 17:55 GMT

A very enjoyable collection of some great moments - and so good to see "The Goodies" being remembered by so many talented people. Samira Ahmed's introduction to "Cunning Stunts" was particularly meaningful.

All the best



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 Subject:  Slapstick 2022
16/01/2022 02:50 GMT

An update from Slapstick Festival:
"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Goodie and birdwatcher Bill Oddie has had to withdraw from #Slapstick2022. His lecture is written and he is looking forward to delivering it at some point later this year.
In the spirit of The Goodies we have reached out to the comedy community to create a 2-D replacement event - The Goodies Forever with Robin Ince and Friends.Animation Fanatics will now be presented solo by Peter Lord. Hopefully, this will be the final change that we make to #Slapstick2022"

The Goodies Forever event is included as one of the Slapstick Online events for those who wish to attend the festival virtually:


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