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FAQ - Answers
Who are "The Goodies"?

Tim Brooke-Taylor (played by Tim Brooke-Taylor).

The character of Tim is an upper class patriot and sometime wearer of women's clothing. He would do anything for an O.B.E., unless it required being brave. The real Tim is much more of a leftie, despite his hyphenated surname. He is a huge sports fan and is especially devoted to Derby County Football Club (he has a toilet seat in team colours).

Other than that Tim's a keen golfer, loves a good red wine and surfs the net on a regular basis. He has been married to Christine for over 30 years and they have two sons, Ben and Edward.

Graeme Garden (played by Graeme Garden).

In The Goodies, Graeme is a mad scientist and inventor with a penchant for impersonating such British TV and radio personalities as Eddie Waring and Terry Wogan. He loves his computer so much, he almost married it. In real life Graeme isn't nearly so scientific; sure he's a qualified doctor, but he is unlikely to marry his computer as he's worried that it's taking over his life (aren't we all!).

In his spare time Graeme draws, fishes, reads and plays the banjo (quietly).

Graeme is married to his second wife, Emma and has three children, Sally, John and Tom.

Both Tim and Graeme still work together, as panellists in Radio 4's "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" with Barry Cryer (whose voice has been heard in several Goodies episodes).  See the Links section for more information on ISIHAC.

Bill Oddie (played by Bill Oddie).

The TV version of Bill Oddie is a militant leftie environmentalist and grotty little frustrated pop star. He also likes watching birds, both of the feathered and female variety.

The real Bill Oddie is a singer and composer, responsible for writing all and performing most of the songs which saw The Goodies become pop stars in the mid 70s.

He is also a real life birder and has written books and presented TV programmes on birding and wildlife. He was awarded an OBE in June 2003 for his services to Wildlife Conservation. 

Bill lives with his second wife, former Sale of the Century hostess Laura Beaumont and their daughter Rosie, in a house painted to go with their collection of Disney memorabilia. He has two other daughters, Bonnie and Kate and a grandson, Lyle.

For more information about Bill's many wildlife efforts please visit the BBC's Nature page,
Posted by zaphod

Is "The Goodies" available on DVD?
Yes, 23 Goodies episodes have been released in the UK and Australia.  A 3-episode DVD was also released in the US. 

Full details about the Goodies DVD and VHS releases can be found in our Goodies memorabilia guide in the Articles section at or by visiting our companion site The Goodies Illustrated Guide (

Following is a summary of the releases.  At this time we do not have information about any future releases.


The sets sold in these two countries have different packaging and titles but they contain the same materials.  This includes the digitially restored episodes:
1. Tower of London (aka Beefeaters)
2. Gender Education
3. Kitten Kong
4. The Goodies and the Beanstalk
5. Kung Fu Kapers
6. Lighthouse Keeping Loonies
7. Earthanasia
and 8. Saturday Night Grease. 

The set also features bonus materials including commentary from the Goodies on 3 episodes, out-takes, and storyboards.

The UK set was released by Network Video and is entitled "The Goodies - At Last!".  It is Region 0, PAL format.

The Australian set was released by Roadshow Entertainment (who licensed the contents of the UK set for Australian release) and is entitled "The Goodies - 8 Delicious Episodes".  It is Region 4, PAL format.

The first disk from the Australian set has also been released separately under the title "The Goodies 4 Delicious Episodes" (which is Region 4, PAL format).


Volume 2 was released in the UK on 14 February 2005 as "The Goodies - At Last A Second Helping".  It is PAL Region 2.

A slightly different version was released in Australia on 3 March 2005 under the title "A Tasty Second Helping".  This is a PAL Region 4 release.

Both sets contain the episodes:

1. Radio Goodies
2. Come Dancing
3. Movies
4. South Africa
5. Bunfight at the OK Tea Rooms
6. The End
7. Scoutragoues
8. Punky Business

Both versions include extras, including audio commentary from the Goodies on 3 episodes.

The Australian set went into production before mastering of the UK set was finished (our understanding is that this was to ensure that "A Tasty Second Helping" would be available in time for the Goodies live shows in Australia).  Because of this the Australian set is missing some of the special features included in the UK set.  These include:
    * a colour version of the episode "Come Dancing"   
    * the restoration featurette
    * "The Goodies in Conversation" featurette
    * the commemorative booklet written by Andrew Pixley
    * original script PDFs

Please note that the "Tasty Box" DVD set, released in Australia on 1 September 2005, includes an updated version of Australian Volume 2 which has the same features as the UK set.  As present this version of the DVD is not being sold separately.

The first disk from "A Tasty Second Helping" has been released separately under the title "The Goodies A Second Helping: 4 Tasty Serves" (which is Region 4, PAL format).


On 9 May 2005 Network Video in the UK released a box set containing the previously released DVDs volume 1 & 2 (described above) in a cardboard slipcase.  There is no difference between the editions released individually in the UK and those in the box set.

On 1 September 2005 Roadshow Entertainment in Australia released a Goodies DVD Box Set entitled "The Tasty Box".  As was mentioned above, this contains the previously released volume 1 plus an UPDATED version of volume 2 containing extras missing from the original release.


"The Goodies - The Complete LWT Series" 2 DVD set was released in the UK on March 26, 2007.  The DVD is encoded for both Region 2 and Region 4, making it compatible with Australian DVD players. 

The set was released in Australia in May 2008 under the title, "The Goodies - The Final Episodes".

The DVD contains the episodes:

1. Snow White 2
2. Robot
3. Football Crazy
4. Bigfoot
5. Change of Life
6. Holidays
and 7. Animals

Bonus features available on both sets include:
    * commentaries on two episodes (Change of Life and Holidays)
    * various 1975 Goodies musical performances from Shangalang (Funky Gibbon and Black Pudding Bertha) and Look Alive (Nappy Love and Make a Daft Noise for Christmas)
    * archive interviews from Sunday Sunday (1983) and This Morning (1983 and 1984), plus a 1978 interview with Tim & Graeme at the Cambridge Arts Theatre
    * a complete episode of From the Top, written by Bill Oddie & Laura Beaumont, and starring Bill
    * a 1981 clip of Tim judging a turkey competition
    * original script PDFs
    * a stills gallery

The UK set also has
    * a complete episode of Doctor in the House.  The episode is Doctor on the Box, written by Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie and including a cameo appearance from Graeme
    * a booklet written by Andrew Pixley


You can contact Network at to politely let them know you're eager for further Goodies DVDs to be released.  Please bear in mind that Network receives a huge number of requests from fans of many different series so you may not receive a personal reply. 


A DVD entitled "The Goodies - Three Classic Episodes" was released in the US on 31 July 2004.  It contains the episodes from the BBC "Kitten Kong" video - "Kitten Kong", "Scatty Safari" and "Scoutrageous".  The DVD can be purchased from vendors such as and

Please note that it is often possible to play overseas DVDs in computer DVD drives or by using multi-region DVD players.  The website may be able to help you determine if your DVD player can be made multi-region (or to help you find an appropriate unit).

Fans in countries using the NTSC broadcast system (such as the US & Canada) should ensure their DVD players can show PAL format disks.
Posted by Kay

Are there any videos available in the NTSC format (for the US and Canada)?

As mentioned above, several Goodies DVDs are available from the UK & Australia.  It may be possible for fans other countries to play these with multi-region DVD players or in computer DVD drives. 

Two 1980s BBC Goodies videos were being sold in NTSC format by Brits USA ( [see the separate FAQ entry about Goodies memorabilia for a full listing of their videos].  However, due to a change of distributors Brits has been having difficulty restocking the titles.  They hope to be able to offer them again in the future.

A tape called "The Goodies - Three Classic Episodes" was being sold in the US.  It contained the same three episodes as the BBC "Kitten Kong" video.  This collection was also released on DVD in the US (see the Goodies DVD entry above).  Unfortunately, it appears both the video and DVD have gone out of print. 

"The Goodies - At Last" (the 8-episode video that was released in the UK in April 2003) doesn't appear to be available in the US at this time.  It is possible to buy copies from overseas (such as from and have them converted to US format, although this can be costly.  This same collection of episodes is available on a UK DVD (see the entry above).  In general it will probably be easier and cheaper to find a PAL convertible DVD player than to convert PAL VHS tapes.

The Goodies briefly appear in "Pleasure At Her Majesty's", which has been released in the US.  This video presents a 1976 Amnesty International charity performance and features sketches from the Monty Python and Beyond the Fringe troops plus the Goodies performing "Funky Gibbon".  The tape is available from and most major video stores.
Posted by lisa

Is there a list of Goodies memorabilia (such as their records & books)?
A listing of the Goodies' memorabilia entitled "A Guide to The Goodies Books, Records, & Videos) can be found in the Articles section (the direct link is

This is an abbreviated version of The Goodies Illustrated Guide (, our companion site which was set up by club president Lisa Manekofsky.
Posted by lisa

Where can I find Goodies CDs/albums and books?
Goodies Music

Unfortunately, all of the Goodies vinyl albums and singles from the 1970s are out of print.  However, these titles do turn up at used record shops and on auction sites.

Two Goodies CDs have been released: "Yum Yum, The Very Best Of The Goodies" and "Funky Gibbon: The Best of The Goodies".  These can be ordered from major on-line retailers (such as and  They can be found in some shops stocking import titles (especially in Australia).  As of 2005 the "Funky Gibbon" CD was being stocked by HMV in Australia.

Goodies Books

The three books that the Goodies wrote as a team are "The Goodies File" (1974), "The Goodies' Book of Criminal Records" (1975), and "The Making Of The Goodies' Disaster Movie" (1977).

Each book was available in both a hardcover and a paperback edition. 

Copies of the books can be found via used book sellers, on auction sites such as eBay, and even at
Posted by lisa

Did the Goodies really do a live show in Australia & the UK recently?
Yes.  Tim, Graeme and Bill did their first ever live Goodies show in Australia in March 2005, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane.  Due to the huge success of those dates a second leg of the tour (with Tim & Graeme returning to Australia and Bill participating "virtually" via video, due to work committments in the UK) visited 17 cities in November-December 2005.

In 2006 the show was brought to the UK, with dates at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Paramount Brighton Comedy Festival.  Then in 2007 their UK national tour visited another 22 cities.

A complete list of past show dates follows. 

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~


The first leg of the The Goodies - Still Alive on Stage tour was held in Australia and consisted of the following 13 dates:


* Thu 3 Mar 2005 8:00pm at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta
* Fri 4 Mar 2005 8:00pm at the State Theatre, Sydney
* Sat 5 Mar 2005 2:00pm at the State Theatre, Sydney
* Sat 5 Mar 2005 8:00pm at the State Theatre, Sydney
* Sun 6 Mar 2005 5:00pm at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta
* Sun 13 Mar 2005 5:00pm at the State Theatre, Sydney
* Sun 13 Mar 2005 8:00pm at the State Theatre, Sydney


* Tues March 8 2005 at 7:00pm. Arts Centre Hamer Hall
* Tues March 8th 2005 at 9:30pm.  Arts Centre Hamer Hall


* Thurs, March 10, 2005 7:00pm at the Canberra Theatre
* Thurs, March 10, 2005 9:30pm at the Canberra Theatre


* Fri March 11, 2005 at 8:00pm.  Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre
* Sat March 12, 2005 at 8:00pm.  Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre

  @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

The second leg of the 2005 tour consisted of 24 show in 17 Australian cities:

* Wed 2 Nov 2005 8:00pm at the Riverside Theatre
* Thurs 3 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Riverside Theatre

* Fri 4 Nov 2005 7:00pm at Hamer Hall

* Sat 5 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the
Princess Theatre

* Sun 6 Nov 2005 3:00pm at the Theatre Royal
* Sun 6 Nov 2005 5:30pm at the Theatre Royal

* Tue 8 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the GPAC Ford Theatre

* Thurs 10 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Ex-Services Club

* Fri 11 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Town Hall

* Sat 12 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Newcastle Civic Center

* Mon 14 Nov 2005 7:00pm at IPAC

* Thu 17 Nov 2005 7:00pm at His Majesty's Theatre
* Fri 18 Nov 2005 7:00pm at His Majesty's Theatre
* Fri 18 Nov 2005 9:30pm at His Majesty's Theatre
* Sat 19 Nov 2005 8:00pm at His Majesty's Theatre

* Mon 21 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Gold Coast Arts Centre

* Wed 23 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Albury Performing Arts Centre

* Thurs 24 Nov 2005 7:00pm at the Canberra Theatre Center

* Fri 25 Nov 2005 7:00pm at Her Majesty's Theatre
* Fri 25 Nov 2005 9:30pm at Her Majesty's Theatre
* Sat 26 Nov 2005 8:00pm at Her Majesty's Theatre

* Thurs 1 Dec 2005 7:00pm at the Pilbeam Theatre

* Sat 3 Dec 2005 7:00pm at the Cairns Convention Center

* Sun 4 Dec 2005 3:00pm at the Civic Theatre

  @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

In 2006 & 2007 The Goodies brought their live show, now renamed "The Goodies Still Rule OK!" to the UK for the following oerformances:

* Friday 4 August to Sunday 27 August (excluding 21 August) 5.30pm at the Assembly Rooms Music Hall. 

*5 October 8:00pm at the Brighton Dome.

* Thurs, 15 March 2007 7:30pm at the Princess Theatre 

* Fri, 16 March 2007 7:30pm at the Marlowe Theatre 

* Sat, 17 March 2007 7:30pm at the Mercury Theatre

* Sun, 18 March 2007 7:30pm at the Theatre Royal

* Thu, 22 March 2007 7:30pm at the Theatre Royal 
* Fri, 23 March 2007 7:30pm at the Theatre Royal 

* Sat, 24 March 2007 7:30pm at the Swan Theatre 

* Sun, 25 March 2007 7:30pm at the Concert Hall 

* Mon, 26 March 2007 7:30pm at the Opera House 

* Fri, 30 March 2007 7:30pm at the Assembly Hall Theatre 

* Sat, 31 March 2007 7:45pm at the Anvil Theatre 

* Sun, 1 April 2007 8:00pm at the Palace Theatre

* Weds, 4 April 2007 7:30pm at the New Theatre 

* Thurs, 5 April 2007 8:00pm at St George's Hall 

* Fri, 6 April 2007 7:30pm at the Alexandra Theatre

* Sat, 7 April 2007 7:30pm at the Civic Theatre 

* Sun, 8 April 2007 7:30pm at the Festival Theatre     

* Thurs, 12 April 2007 7:45pm at  Fairfield Halls

* Fri, 13 April 2007 7:30pm at the  Assembly Rooms 

* Sat, 14 April 2007 7:30pm at the Orchard Theatre

* Sun, 15 April 2007 7:30pm at the  Congress Theatre

* Mon, 16 April 2007 7:30pm at the Oxford Playhouse

* Weds, 18 April 2007 7:30pm at the Derngate Theatre
Posted by lisa

Was there any merchandise from The Goodies Australian stage show?

Yes. There were t-shirts, programmes, key chains, lapel pins, magnets, hats and the two DVD's released in Australia. They were sold in the foyer of the theatres.

Many of the items are still being sold by the ABC Shops (in their retail locations as well as online at  Some of the products can also be purchased online at
Posted by New_Roosterman

How can I request that "The Goodies" be repeated?

It's best to write to the appropriate television network in your country to let them know of the demand for the show.  In general, letters from individuals, rather than petitions or organized campaigns, are supposed to be more effective.

Here are some suggested contact addresses:

The BBC (for the UK):

by email:

by post: BBC Information, PO Box 1922, Glasgow, G2 3WT

by phone: 0870 010 0222

contacting The Radio Times:
The Letters Editor
Radio Times
80 Wood Lane
London W12 0TT
T: 0870 608 4455
F: 020 8433 3923

The ABC (for Australia)

BBC America (for the US):

Posted by lisa

How can I write to the Goodies or request an autograph?
The best way to contact Tim, Graeme, or Bill is via their agents.  The BBC website offers the following advice: "To find Agents' details, you can visit Spotlight online (, or any of the sites listed in the Google Directory. Please remember that celebrities are busy people, and that you may not receive a reply."
Posted by lisa

What's that phrase the Grandmaster of Ecky Thump uses in "Kung Fu Kapers"?  What does it mean?
According to our expert Kay Dickinson, he says "There's nowt wrong wi' owt what mitherin' clutterbucks don't barley grummit". 

An article explaining this, plus some of the other Lancastrian sayings from the "Kung Fu Kapers" episode, can be found in Clarion & Globe issue #62 (

Posted by lisa

What is the name of the Goodies bike?
The Goodies three-seater bike is called the trandem (a traditional two-seater bike is a tandem). 

In the episode The Goodies and the Beanstalk Graeme announces they must sell their most valuable possession, the trandem; Bill protests about selling "Buttercup".  This joke refers to the selling of the family cow from Jack & the Beanstalk; it is the only instance of the bike being called by this name by the Goodies.

There were actually three versions of the bike: a modified two-seater used in the first series of The Goodies, a red three-seater used for the remainder of their BBC run (series 2-8), and a blue three-seater used for the LWT episodes (series 9). 

Our companion site The Goodies Illustrated Guide has a page devoted to the trandem(s) called the Trandem Identification Guide; it has pictures of and further details about the bikes.
Posted by lisa

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