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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #2
Goodies Quiz #2 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 28/12/2006


» Goodies Quiz #2
» Quiz Answers


 Here's a second chance to win the Mastermind Of The Year title by answering another 100 Goodies questions correctly. Your time starts now …

"A Kick In The Arts"

(1) Which Australian character does Graeme evolve into?


(2) What is unusual about Bill's guard dog for the trandem bike?

(3) Which classic mock advertisement was deleted from this episode by the ABC when it was broadcast in Australia during the 1980s?

"Black & White Beauty"

(4) Which animal lands on Tim's head after being catapulted into the air?

(5) What are the odds first posted for Black & White Beauty to win the Grand National?

"Bunfight At The OK Tea Rooms"

(6) Complete this cream-related pun: "So if you don't want to be a clot ..."

(7) Name the characters that the three Goodies become in the final "bunfight"


(8) Which Goodies song is used for backing music during the tour of Camelot sequence?

(9) What is Graeme's ultimate weapon for defeating Ye Black Knight and his henchmen?


(10) What does Bill use as a mixer for the pie that he is trying to cook?

(11) Which "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" character does Tim's "female nanny" voice sound like?

(12) How many other nannies have mysteriously disappeared?

"Come Dancing"

(13) Which Goodie enjoys watching the ballroom dancing on TV, to the boredom of the others?

(14) What does Graeme invent to help the Goodies dance perfectly?

"Cunning Stunts"

(15) What is the major scoop that Ace Reporter Bill returns to the office with?

(16) Who is Bill hopelessly in love with?

(17) Complete Eurovision Raving Loony Contest hostess Katie Pimple's quote: "For those of you who haven't read the Radio Times ..."

"Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express"

(18) Which particular activity is offered for a week as part of "Goodies Adventure Holidays?

(19) How long does the mime of "Murder On The Orient Express" supposedly go for?

"Double Trouble"

(20) Which singing star has supposedly recorded Eskimo Nell in a topless rubber bikini?

(21) Most of the early Goodies episodes have two parts. How many does this one have?

(22) Name one of the two grisly ways which Doctor Petal initially tries to dispose of the Goodies.


(23) What does Bill's proposed final Oddie-sey of self gratification involve?

(24) What does Tim's t-shirt at the end of the episode notably highlight?

(25) What is Graeme's "silly joke" at the end of the episode?


(26) Which restaurant do the Goodies go to for a feed of fine British cuisine?

(27) What sort of pies does Bill herd along in a flock?

(28) What do the Goodies feed to the hens after changing the wiring?

"Football Crazy"

(29) Which other activity do all the soccer louts embrace after they are banned from attending matches?

(30) Graeme takes a spectacular tumble in a mock ad after a huge gulp of which drink?

"For Those In Peril On The Sea"

(31) Which arch-villain do the Goodies reacquaint themselves with on Munga?

(32) Where did this villain obtain his Master Of Disguises qualification from?


(33) Which classic Goodies song is used as backing music for sequence where the Goodies try to catch the runaway puppies?

(34) What is the name given to Bill when he is dressed in a dog costume?

(35) Whose teeth does Graeme use when creating Frankenfido?

"Free To Live"

(36) What role does Graeme fill at Barbara's father's mansion?

(37) Who becomes Barbara's new boyfriend?

(38) What vocation does Tim consider taking up when it looks as though the Goodies will break up?

"Gender Education"

(39) Which children's pantomime does Bill produce a disgracefully wicked and violent version of?

(40) Which Goodies song plays in the background as Bill goes on his mad rampage?

(41) What does Mrs Carthorse do upon spotting two lovebirds in action through Bill's telescope?

"Goodies And The Beanstalk"

(42) What does Graeme use as a pillow when sleeping in the park?

(43) Which guest star appears as a genie at the end of the episode?

"Hunting Pink"

(44) Which Goodies song is used as backing music where great-uncle Butcher is having trouble riding his horse?

(45) What does he eventually end up riding when he successfully shoots a rabbit?

(46) What happens to great-uncle Butcher immediately after this?

"Hype Pressure"

(47) According to Graeme, who wrote the song Funky Gibbon?

(48) What mark out of 10 did judge Tony Bitch give comedian Dennis Droll in Tim's talent quest?

(49) What was the name of Bill and Graeme's act when they performed on this show?

"Invasion Of The Moon Creatures"

(50) What are the names of the two rabbits that Graeme is sending to the moon?

(51) Which rabbit turns into Big Bunny?

(52) What sign is hung around Graeme's neck when he tries to explain his space program to the authorities?

"It Might As Well Be String"

(53) According to nine (very loony) doctors out of ten, what happens to people who don't eat Sunbeam sliced bread?

(54) Which product does Tim refuse to advertise because it's "far too sexy"?

"Kitten Kong"

(55) What is the problem afflicting Graeme's vampire bat?

(56) Which animals pig out on Graeme's growth formula at the end of the episode, with destructive consequences?

"Lighthouse Keeping Loonies"

(57) How long are the Goodies supposedly tending the lighthouse for?

(58) What sure-fire bait does Tim use to catch a fish?

"Lips Or Almighty Cod"

(59) Why isn't Graeme worried about the Eskimos, despite them having a "big gun"?

(60) What name does Graeme give the Almighty Cod?

"Loch Ness Monster"

(61) Why do the Goodies attempt to capture the Loch Ness Monster?

(62) What does the "special monster bait" consist of?

"London To Brighton"

(63) What is the name of the bosses' grovelling assistant?

(64) Who is seen bouncing along with the Goodies when they reach Australia?


(65) What are the three main ingredients of Graeme's magic mixture to get rid of the pollution? (1/2 point for two)

(66) Where does the single raincloud carrying this mixture eventually dump its load?

"Punky Business"

(67) What do the punk grannies throw at the Goodies during their "Shiny Shoes" routine?

(68) What was the name of Bill's tuxedo-clad character at the Trendsetters Ball?

"Rome Antics"

(69) Who does the Roman Emperor threaten to throw the Goodies to when he realises that there are no lions left?

(70) Which famous guest star plays the Roman Emperor?

"Royal Command"

(71) What kind of show do the Royals undertake which leaves them all badly hurt?

(72) "One is not amused. Two are bloody furious!" What does the other Royal want?

"Saturday Night Grease"

(73) Whose picture has Tim replaced the Queen's portrait with in his section of the Goodies' office?

(74) Which trendy dance does Graeme teach Tim to do?

"South Africa"

(75) What is the new form of segregation implemented once all of the black people leave South Africa?

(76) Who does this new form of segregation affect?


(77) What is Bill's stage name when he becomes a rock star?

(78) Which later target of The Goodies does an impression of Jimmy Savile in this episode?

"The Clown Virus"

(79) What sort of product are the Goodies asked to dispose of?

(80) Which specially designed machine do they attempt to use for this purpose?

"The Commonwealth Games"

(81) Where is the Minister Of Sport's office located?

(82) What kind of traditional welcome do the Goodies receive upon arriving in the August Bank Holiday Islands?

"The Goodies Almost Live"

(83) Which song features the reappearance of the Ecky Thump craze?

(84) Which song contains the line "And that buckin' bronco broke my buckin' back!"?

"The Greenies"

(85) Name any two of the other five businesses that the vicarage is also used for.

(86) What happens to Bill when he overdoes his lemon sherbet fix while spying on the army barracks?

"The Lost Tribe"

(87) What is unusual about Graeme's tv set in his tent?

(88) Why did the Lost Tribe of the Orinoco end up in Sevenoaks, Kent?

"The Movies"

(89) Who does Bill refer to as "Lavatory Meadows"?

(90) What kind of film does Tim try to make on his own?

"The Music Lovers"

(91) Which song do the Goodies perform in a failed bid to be kidnapped by the Music Master?

(92) Which singer do the Goodies leave locked up when they escape from the Music Master, and why?

"The New Office"

(93) What is the name of the real estate agency that rips the Goodies off?

(94) What sort of building is their new office?

"The Race"

(95) Where were the Goodies supposedly cycling to when they won the Tour De France?

(96) Which vital piece of mechanics has Graeme supposedly forgotten to fit to the Goodies race car

"U-Friend Or UFO"

(97) What is the name of Tim's new restaurant?

(98) What does the robot EBGB say to the aliens?

"Wacky Wales"

(99) What is supposedly the "Old Welsh" meaning of the word "eisteddfod"?

(100) According to the Reverend, what is a "voluptuous indulgence of the carnal appetite"?


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