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C&G 195 August/September 2017 (Return Edition)
Clarion and Globe is Back! - Print Email PDF 
Posted by JG_PeckinPahs 03/09/2017


» Clarion and Globe i...

The Goodies Fan Club



Issue No.195

Return Edition
August/September 2017

Editor: Jenny Doyle

This newsletter is also available in a NEW downloadable/printable format. (with better image quality) Just head here to view it.




Hello there Goodies and Goodies fans!  And welcome to this bumper edition of The Clarion and Globe!

Yes.  I have indeed revived the good old fan club newsletter. I have done so because a) I missed it b) Due to bad family events, it has left me a lot more time now.  C) There has been quite a lot of Tim, Graeme and Bill stuff going on this year, d) The Goodies Rule Ok! E) … well I could go on and on.  But basically it’s a Goody thing to have.

I have given it a little bit of refresh and new a look.  Most things you will find are more less the same as before. But I will be asking at the end of this edition what else do you want to see return in the Clarion and Globe? Your opinions etc. There will be a mailing list for this, but I will let you know more on how join. Via the Goodies Rule Ok forums.  (Need to figure that bit out yet...)

But in the meantime I hope you enjoy your read of the new C&G!

Best wishes

Contributors to the Clarion and Globe: Andrew Pixley, Jenny Gibbon, Bill, Graeme, Jeffers and Brett Allender.


Coming up in the C&G…

We have look at What’s been happening this year so far?  Then we have this month’s feature article about the recent return to stage of I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again. In What’s New?

Followed by Other News, Interesting Articles and Interviews, The Goodies on Twitter, TV and Radio Guide, The Goodies Pirate Podcast, Goodies Podcast, Show’s and Events, Goody Puzzles, Final Word and Sport.


What’s been happening this year (so far)?
By Jenny Doyle

First off, I would like to put people at rest with Graeme’s where abouts on I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue.

Over the last year or so he has had to pull out of performing on Clue due to private commitments.  He is well and fine.  Just taking some time out, like all of us from time to time. But he is still very much part of Clue and contributes written material for the show.  And has still made some appearances elsewhere.

The year started with the seemingly annual I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue Stage tour. And kicked off in Carlisle, Cumbria.  Which featured the usual Clue team., Tim Brooke-Taylor, Jack Dee, Barry Cryer and Jeremy Hardy sitting in for Graeme. With Tony Hawkes as guest panellist.

While that was ticking away, a couple of later it was the annual Slapstick Festival in Bristol.

The only Goodies event there was ‘The Goodies Book Shambles’ with Robin Ince and (originally Graeme and Bill, but Bill had to pull out due to a bout of winter blues).  Luckily we still had Graeme, so the event continued. 

Robin Ince does a weekly podcast called Book Shambles and interviews different famous guests each podcast, about their books.  And this year at Slapstick it was brought to the Watershed.  And the subject was on The Goodies Books.  Covered all three annuals they did during the Goodies and also post goodies such as ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue at 40’ and most recently published ‘The Complete Uxbridge English Dictionary’ (2016).


Bill was in the second series of The Real Marigold Hotel, on BBC ONE.
‘Celebrities test whether retirement in India is better than in the UK. The group visit the world-famous backwaters on traditional houseboats.’ From the BBC I player programme page.

Half way through the month we had a surprise announcement from the BBC.  14 episodes from five series of The Goodies were released on the online BBC Store. This included (yes in past tense, wait till later in the newsletter…) 
The Greenies, Cecily, Radio Goodies, The Loch Ness Monster, Kitten Kong, Winter Olympics, Black Magic, The Movies, Clown Virus, Kung Fu Kapers, Light House Keeping Loonies, Bunfight at the OK Tearooms, The End, Earthanasia, and Animals. 

Then it was Graeme’s birthday on 18th Feb.  Happy Birthday GG!

And the Clue tour continued to various venues, including Southport and Gateshead.  Came to a pause in Salisbury at the City Hall on 28th Feb…


On the 17th March, The I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, returned to the stage.  As I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again.  Brought to Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.  At the Chipping Norton Theatre.  By Barnaby Eaton-Jones, via The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group, based in Cheltenham.  The tour went on till July.  (More on this later…)


The spring series recording of ISIHAC started.

The Clue team, appeared in at the Royal Albert Hall, London. For Parkinson’s UK.

Tim appeared in Derby, with his one’ish man show 'An Audience With Tim Brooke-Taylor'.

Clue recordings and I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again Tour.

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again Tour

Bill’s Birthday on the 7th Happy Birthday Bill!

Tim’s Birthday on the 17th Happy Birthday Timbo!

The I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue Tour ended its run at The Lowry, Salford Quays.


What’s New?

By Jenny Doyle

As I mentioned in the ‘What’s happened this year So far?’  section.
In early 2016 Barnaby Eaton- Jones of The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group revived the radio prune show, with a one off show titled as ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again.’ (Without the original cast members). And with thanks to original script writers Graeme and Bill’s consent and support for the show. Having been a huge hit, Barnaby decided to go on tour with it this year.

This time however, with cameos from some of the original cast members.  Including Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Jo Kendall. Plus, comedian Mitch Benn.

A few fellow members of Grok attended the first night of the tour, (including myself).  And posted about it in the forums.

Andrew Pixley

‘My wife and I had the great pleasure of seeing the Chipping Norton show last night, and the experience of being able to see the full force of classic "ISIRTA" material being performed live on stage by a tremendous cast including two of the original line-up is something truly special for me which I shall never, ever forget.  In addition, last night the audience also included both Humphrey Barclay and Lizzie Evans.

This really is a superb re-staging, and for me there were some of my very favorite routines, gags and sketches (notably the start of "Professor Prune and the Electric Time Trousers"). Also there was one point where some material which I'd been convinced would never see the light of the day again for being too controversial in the current climate *did* in fact make a brief appearance.  All in all, an extremely potent mix of material, with the songs in particular standing up superbly well and benefiting from live accompaniment and rousing, energetic renditions.

The new cast have a perfect grasp on how the humor and pace of the original show worked, and threw themselves into the gags and routines with amazing verve, making the whole experience an utter delight.  Of the original cast, seeing live a "John and Mary" sketch featuring Jo Kendall and an appearance of Arnold P Totteridge in the form of Graeme Garden was absolute bliss!

There's so much to enjoy in this show and it's done with such attention to detail and affection for the unique style of the original that it was impossible not to be captivated by it.  Julie and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was well worth the long journey over the beautiful hamlet of Chipping Norton (whose forthcoming literary festival is also offering some fascinating speakers).

If you have a love for classic radio comedy, I don't think you'll want to miss this experience.  So check out a performance that sorts you, sign up while there are still tickets (the amazing venue of the Theatre at Chipping Norton appeared to be booked solid last night) ... and get along to cheer Spot the Dog and boo all your favourite contrived puns!

Thank you to all involved in one of the most special and enjoyable evening's entertainments that I can remember.’

Jenny Gibbon

‘I ditto what Andrew says!  

For me...

Having read the Clue Bible (and not being there in the 60's myself). It was a huge treat and opportunity, to see this show.  And also great to see and meet Jo Kendall!  She is an absolutely lovely lady! And so wonderful to talk too.  

(Graeme, your brilliant too!   )

It's been awhile since I last listened to ISIRTA.  So it did take me bit to get me bearings of the format an everything, also of how it looked (as I'm so used to watching and listening to Clue.)  But, as I say it was huge treat to be there.  And me and Helen (Sosia) were lucky enough to be invited to the pub afterwards by Barnaby.  Which was nice!    And magic to see what happened on a usual recording day of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. - See ISIRTA at the "Playhouse Theatre" then head to the "Sherlock Holmes pub" afterwards. Magic!  Just magic!...

My next ISIRTA, is in Cheltenham with Tim and Jo.  But am looking at Worcester too.  (Will see on that  ) .

Big thanks to Barnaby Eton-Jones and everyone for putting this on reviving it!  

Looking forward to July already.  ’

I attended a few of Tim’s shows as well during the tour.  Including the final night in Cheltenham, July. It was also a couple days before Tim’s birthday.  So at the end of the show.  Barnaby got the audience to sing him Happy Birthday.  And back stage he got treated to a birthday cake with a wonderfully mold sugar Timbo! 

An adorable photo of the two Timbo’s. Photo courtesy of Ian Ham, of Trevtography.

So that brought that final show tour of 2017 to an end.  But not for long…

Due to the success of the first tour, Barnaby and co have plans to take this on tour once again in 2018 and a Christmas Wonder Show in December.

But for the tour to be set in stone, they are in need of your help.

‘We are The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group and have been running from our base in Gloucestershire since 1991. We've won the odd award, toured the 'classics' and premiered a lot of original work, all of which has been highly-acclaimed.

In 2016, we performed a 'Greatest Hits' version of the classic BBC Radio comedy I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, after being given the exclusive licence to do so. This was a one-off production for charity.

In 2017, we took a revamped version of the show - I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again... Again! - on a 5-star reviewed tour...
"...Most importantly, they'd tweaked the material to bring it up to date, but only in a most sensitive manner, like somebody restoring an old master. Though timeless and surreal references to ferrets and groansome puns were its stock-in-trade, it seemed more like the original, ironically, when they occasionally included references to current events, so that it felt like a real show rather than a museum piece. Particularly impressive were the few comments about the general election result, which was only announced on the day of the performance. Purists needn't worry, they didn't change very much, it was still mainly packed full of swinging 60s zaniness, but those light touches of modernisation elevated the show to as near perfect as you could hope for. 5/5"

Here's the video trailer for that tour: 2017 Tour Trailer 

So, what's next? Well, two things, actually. Thanks for asking!

Firstly, we'd like to put on a I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again Christmas Special (pieced together from the numerous Christmas shows that the original series produced).
Secondly, we'd very much like to go on a bigger tour in 2018, essentially doing a 'Greatest Hits II' - there's so much funny material over nine series that this would be an entirely NEW show.

And this is where YOU come in! If you saw the show, or were desperate to see it and couldn't make it, then perhaps you'd consider funding our next stage of the creative process? We'd be most grateful.

Our budget might seem like a lot but here's a little run-down of what this professional production has to pay for...

Cost of Venue Hire (performance and technical)
Cost of Adapting The Script
Cost of Rehearsal Space
Cost of 4 Professional Musicians
Cost of 5 Professional Actors
Cost of Special Guest Star(s); original cast members Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie, Jo Kendall and John Cleese, for example.
Cost of Graphic Designer/Artist (posters and artwork)
Cost of Set Building/Props (construction and materials)
Cost of Copyright Percentage
Cost of SFX Operator and Stage Manager
Cost of extra Sound Equipment for venue (mics, etc)
Cost of Public Liability Insurance
Cost of Publicity (posters, flyers, programmes, etc)
Cost of Producer/Director fees

So, we hope you might see your way to helping us with this and claiming one of the rewards up for grabs in doing so. It's a show that is purely entertaining and very, very silly. We'd appreciate your support.’
If you would like to give your donations to help this fantastic wonder show,  that deserves to be given the chance to continue.  Please head here thank you.

The Christmas show of I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again.  Is happening on 8th December at the Cheltenham Playhouse.  Tickets are going fast so make sure you have booked yours! Tickets can be found here .

If you want to follow ISIRTAA on Facebook and Twitter head to either of the following…




Other News

BBC Store set to close in November
The online service is set close its doors fully on 1st November 2017.  This means that the newly released episodes of The Goodies are now no longer available to download.  But if you have purchased The Goodies Collection, you can still view what you have purchased, but from November 1st they will not be accessible.  But the BBC have given out some options to customers.
From the e-mail I got sent…

1)    Choose an Amazon Video voucher for the value of your purchases
That’s the total amount you have spent on BBC Store, with a little bit extra added, to thank you for your support and custom.
This voucher allows you to buy BBC programmes and buy and rent other films and TV shows from Amazon Video. You can browse what’s on offer by clicking here. The voucher will be valid until 31st May 2018.


2)    Choose to get a refund.

It is a shame this has happened and (some cases annoying). But at least we may have some hope from Network! – Keep reading…



Last year Network DVD sent out a very interesting newsletter, you can read it here.
That mentions that they intend to release all nine series of The Goodies as one big DVD Boxset.
Earlier this year at the Slapstick Festival, at The Goodies Book Shambles event.  Someone asked Graeme about this and he said at that he was awaiting confirmation on it from Network. 
The British Comedy Guide published its own feature on the goodies release on the BBC Store.  Which also mentioned information on the Network DVD release.  The entire 9 series being released later this year. 

Here is the quote. 

‘DVD distributors Network are also known to be working on a Goodies collection, having previously released selected episodes from the original BBC run of the comedy alongside the complete ITV series. Their new definitive collection DVD box set is scheduled to be released later this year, including all nine series and a collectors' book.’

You can read the full article here.
I went to Gateshead in Feb, I asked Tim about it and he was told it will be in the summer.  Then a few months later I found this on The British Comedy Guide’s Coming Soon page in the Shop…

‘The Goodies - Complete Collection
Release date: Monday 28th August 2017
The complete nine-series collection of The Goodies, including a special collectors' booklet. Includes both the entire BBC and LWT series.’

Although when clicking the link, the page it says it is still to be confirmed by Network.
So, I think it’s a case of wait and see.  But, “fingers crossed”.

Tales of a Ludicrous Bird Gardener by Bill Oddie
Bill has written another book, this time about his garden and birds.
Released: 30th June 2017. 
Here's a blurb about the book:

In a sense this book is a garden-based autobiography of Britain's most famous birdwatcher. The main narrative covers Bill's personal relationship, not only with his present garden, which was described by the Daily Mail as "Probably the most bizarre back garden in Britain", but also with the gardens he has known throughout his life. The first was what he has called "a sink full of mud" in industrial Rochdale in the 1940s. Next came a larger garden on the edge of Birmingham which he used as a bird ringing station, sometimes helped or hindered by his granny, who often trimmed the lawn with a pair of scissors! In Tales of Ludicrous Bird Gardens there are plenty of eccentric stories about garden characters such as the 'feng shui fox', who constantly rearranged the ornaments, 'Limpy', the one-legged single-parent Great Tit, and one memorable nightmarish occasion when over 50 rats came to visit! This book is NOT an instructional guide on 'How to be a ludicrous gardener' although it may well prove inspirational to others to have a go, or to warn them on what to avoid. Bill abhors decking, large concrete patios, and above, all leaf-blowers. As well as neighbours who whinge about the parakeets! What is certain about Tales of Ludicrous Bird Gardens is that Bill's entertaining take on gardening for birds makes compelling reading.

Follow the link for more info.


Interesting Articles and Interviews

When The Goodies met Orson Welles
By Michael Seely

Gorillas, ghosts and glitter balls: Bill Oddie’s ‘ludicrous’ garden (link no longer works anymore apologies}
Promoting Bill’s new book.


The Goodies on Twitter
Bill and Graeme can be found on the social media platform.  Tim has one too, but chooses not to use it.

To follow Bill his username is @BillOddie and Graeme’s name is @GraemeGarden1  If you want to follow Tim’s account anyway it’s @TimBrookeTaylor

Bill’s Tweets this Month

Women's Rugby World final. We lost, but what great game.Uplifting. Emily Scarret is my heroine! Gracious, charming and a hell of a player.
9:47 PM - 26 Aug 2017

Oh did I mention my new book? 'Tales of a ludicrous bird gardener.' You don't have to be a gardener or a bird watcher to enjoy it.Honest.
10:19 PM - 24 Aug 2017

Is it just me? I can't get into anything that is shrink wrapped, which is most things from smoked salmon to CD's. Have to use scissors. Bad.
10:04 PM - 24 Aug 2017

Graeme’s Tweets this Month

What's on at the Lowry, Salford this Sunday? I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. … #ISIHAC
10:14 AM - 18 Jul 2017

9:52 AM - 17 Jul 2017


TV & Radio Guide

Pointless Celebrities
Graeme’s repeat of Pointless Celebrities. BBC ONE, Saturday 2nd September.


The Goodies Pirate Podcast

There are some new kids on the block. Three chaps from Australia talking all things Goodies.  What’s not to miss?

There latest episode gives commentary on Scatty Safari.  You can catch it here The Goodies Pirate Podcast.

The Goodies Podcast

Quite a while since Jeffer’s and Jane’s last Goodies Podcast, but you can still listen there archive


Show’s and Events

Oh Goody! An Audience with… Tim Brooke-Taylor                         
September 8th 2017
Uppingham Theatre,

Oh Goody! An Audience with… Tim Brooke-Taylor                         
September 30th 2017
Ilkley Literature Festival

Oh Goody! An Audience with… Tim Brooke-Taylor                         
October 7th 2017
Salisbury Arts Centre


Goody Puzzles
Answers to questions can be found on the last page after ‘A Final Word’.

The Goody Quiz of Quizzes

How many steps do Tim, Bill and Graeme make in Bunfight at the Ok Tearooms?

a)    2
b)    40
c)    11
d)    20

What is the name of the take-away in Kung Fu Kapers?

a)    The Majestic North
b)    The Majestic East
c)    The Majestic South
d)    The Majestic West

How much is ‘Arthur C Clark’s book in Big Foot?

a)    20p
b)    £1.00
c)    £50.00
d)    £9.00


Goody Quotes

Who says this?

"Yes friends, that was number 1 on the Goodies hit parade, and incidentally numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 ... A Walk In The Black Forest!"

What episode is this from?

What happens next after this sequence?

Missing lyrics

‘There's a little ________, that lonely losers love to haunt’

‘Bounce him __ and ____ like a rubber ball’

‘You're ______ down 'til you feel you're right in your_____’

To do the Goodies Word Finder by Brett Allender.  You can access this in the PDF download version of the newsletter, at the top of this page.  Apologies.

A Final Word

As mentioned in the introduction I asked what you want to see returned in future editions of The Clarion and Globe?  Do you have any new ideas on what can be added to the newsletter?

Also if you would like to contribute to the Clarion and Globe such as, a spotting something goodie in the TV & Radio listings, Goody News, articles, interviews, upcoming shows and events. Or ISIHAC, ISIRTA, Goodies, ISIRTAA, and anything Tim, Graeme and Bill related.

You can contact the Clarion and Globe via e-mail:
Or post it in the New Clarion and Globe thread in the Goodies Rule Ok Forums.


Goody Puzzles – Solutions
Answers to questions can be found on the last page after ‘A Final Word’.

The Goody Quiz of Quizzes

How many steps do Tim, Bill and Graeme make in Bunfight at the Ok Tearooms?

a)    2
b)    40
c)    11
d)    20

What is the name of the take-away in Kung Fu Kapers?

a)    The Majestic North
b)    The Majestic East
c)    The Majestic South
d)    The Majestic West

How much is ‘Arthur C Clark’s book in Big Foot?

a)    20p
b)    £1.00
c)    £50.00
d)    £9.00

Goody Quotes

Who says this?

“Yes friends, that was number 1 on the Goodies hit parade, and incidentally numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 … A Walk In The Black Forest!”  Tim

What episode is this from? Radio Goodies

What happens next after this sequence? Graeme emerges from is room dressed in black with a patch over his eye.

Missing lyrics

‘There’s a little restaurant, that lonely losers love to haunt…’
There is a Walrus in my Soup.

‘Bounce him up and down like a rubber ball…’
Stuff that Gibbon

‘You’re wobbling down ‘til you feel you’re right in your shoes…’
Do the Cricklewood Shakedown



Winter Olympics.

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