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C&G 22 Sep 1997
#22 Sep 1997 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 18/09/2006


» #22 Sep 1997

Issue No. 22                12th September 1997
 - Well I'll be hornswoggled!
2. BOFFO IDEAS - Club happenings and ideas.
3. SPOTTED!!! - The latest Goodies sightings.
 - More brain teasers from David McAnally.
Earlier this year I wrote letters to all three Goodies - on behalf of the club - telling them about us and seeking their support. And this month I was totally and utterly hornswoggled to receive e-mail from Tim Brooke-Taylor. It seems Tim is surfing the net and has even been to our homepages, which he apparently enjoyed "far more than I should". Here's what he had to say:
Dear Alison,
Many thanks for your letter on behalf of The Goodies Rule - OK!.
I'm sorry you haven't heard from me but I've been touring in a play in the Middle East and the Far East. I started in Cyprus at the beginning of February and finished in Manila at the beginning of May.
I have an Apple Mac. This is only relevant as it's proving very difficult to get online and surf. One of the reasons I wanted to do this at all, was to read your pages which my son tells me are very good. He is the reason I knew about them. And, from what I've seen, they are very good indeed. I've tried some new software and that's failed too, so I'd better send this letter before you quite rightly assume I'm very rude.
I hope the above is self explanatory. This has been a long hard slog. But this is no excuse for not replying to you earlier.
All I can say is that you are the second person I have ever e mailed (my eldest son Ben was the first).
Please let me know if this reaches you and please ask any questions you want.
Goody wishes (It's pathetic, I still sign autographs like that.)
Talented Timbo
AKA Tim Brooke-Taylor
I have since replied to Tim, thanking him for his e-mail and telling him a bit more about us. I also took up his offer and asked him some questions.
The first was 'What can we see you in next?' and the good news is that Tim will be back in another series of Radio 4's 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' (with Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer and Humphrey Lyttelton), next month. He'll also be appearing in some daytime quiz shows and will be playing the villain (Goody turns Baddy!) in 'Aladdin', which will be performed this Christmas, in Windsor.
The second question was about the COR comic strips (some of which are at our Pictures Page, ), I asked Tim whether he, Graeme and Bill wrote them:
"We didn't write the COR strips. But we did "OK" them. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life to get COR delivered and find out, each week, what we had been doing. I've got an original of the artwork, for one week, actually in my study."
So there you go. It was certainly one of the biggest thrills of MY life to get e-mail from Tim and hopefully we can stay in contact via e-mail.
You can make it happen here. Liven up the club with a boffo idea for bob-a-job week. Mail with your comments, ideas or suggestions.
Goodies-L is the only mailing list dedicated to The Goodies. For those of you who don't know what a mailing list is, it is basically a list which runs through e-mail and allows you to discuss The Goodies and other topics, with the your fellow subscribers.
To join, e-mail with SUBSCRIBE GOODIES-L YOUR NAME (e.g. SUBSCRIBE GOODIES-L GRAEME GARDEN) in the body. You should receive welcome e-mail within a few minutes, which will tell you how to use the list.
Goodies-L is completely free and comes to us courtesy of the wonderful Jonathan Potter, of Left Side Software
There have been further requests this month, from several members, for some Goodies t-shirts. We've been meaning to make some since this club started, but we haven't got around to it, yet. So if you've got any ideas for designs or how we can make them, please e-mail me at
Anyone who's been to the homepages recently may have noticed that they haven't been updated for a while. For this I apologize, I can only say that I've been extremely busy. The other reason they won't be updated for a while is that I will soon be changing servers. But when I do change servers, I will finally get my own homepages, at which I will put fully updated versions of all our homepages.
When the new homepages are finished they will include sounds, Goodies accessories for Windows 95 (such as animated cursors and icons), heaps more information and a fully automated Joining page. Plus I'll finally be able to put up all those Member's Profiles you've been sending me. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you!
In the year 2000 we'd like to hold the world's first Goodies convention, somewhere in Australia. The convention would hopefully include, among other things episode screenings and special guest(s). But we need to start planning and raising money now.
First on the agenda is an IRC (internet relay chat) meeting. And I really it mean it this time. The meeting WILL be held this month, if I have to hit myself repeatedly with a black pudding to make it happen. I'll let you know when and where in the next couple of weeks.
Also thanks to those people who have sent me such positive feedback about Ben Evans',, idea in the last newsletter (#21) to plan the convention through Multiverse (an organization of Australian fan clubs). As you might remember, to join Multiverse we will need to raise $Aus100 and we have already had one very generous offer, from a club member to pay the full $100. And we will certainly discuss this at the IRC meeting.
Meanwhile, thanks to all those who are still sending in Convention Questionnaires. Here's the form again, for those who'd like to attend the convention, if we can get it organized.
1. Put a * in the [ ] next to your answer.
2. Send the completed form to
1. In which city would you prefer the convention to be held?
ADELAIDE          [ ]
BRISBANE          [ ]
CANBERRA          [ ]
DARWIN            [ ]
HOBART            [ ]
MELBOURNE         [ ]
PERTH             [ ]
SYDNEY            [ ]
2. If the convention is not held in your preferred city would you be willing to travel to another city to attend the convention?
YES       [ ]
NO        [ ]
3. What is the *maximum* amount of money you'd be willing to pay for entry to the convention and accommodation?
less than $50      [ ]
$50-100            [ ]
$100-150           [ ]
$150-200           [ ]
over $200          [ ]
*Your answers will be kept in strictest confidence *
I received this e-mail from Mark Scott, regarding last month's Australian Petition article:
"You mentioned the Clarion and Globe a reference to the e-mail from Bree, in which she says that Foxtel has ALL the rights to the Goodies.
"This is untrue. The Act regarding this area of the law says that a TV show can be on both free to air and pay TV. Therefore, the ABC can still get its hands on all the shows that went over to Murdochtel, although the owners of the Goodies in the UK may not understand that fundamental of Australian Pay TV law."
Well, this is certainly good news. It seems that our year or so worth of collecting signatures hasn't been in vain. So keep collecting those signatures! For more information visit the Petition page (at the URL above). For petition forms (in MS Word format) please e-mail me at or to return your completed forms send them to:
Alison Bean
7 Sharpes Ave
Fulham Gardens
S.A. 5024
More exciting than getting your wig-spotters badge! If you've seen a Goodie recently, e-mail with the details. Here's where we've Spotted!!! The Goodies this month:
by Matthew K. Sharp,
Tune into these programmes featuring The Goodies:
'Do Go On' with Griff Rhys-Jones and Graeme Garden.
Radio 4, Fridays, 11pm (4 episodes from 5th September). (Repeated on Radio 4 on Saturdays at 6:25pm.)
Description: A "comic conference" it says on the BBC's website.
'Doctor In The House'
ITV (Carlton), Sunday afternoons.
Episode on 7th September was "Rallying Around", written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie.
by Frauke Nonnenmacher,
I recently found a copy of 'The Goodies Book Of Criminal Records' at a second hand book store and since I've already got a copy, I'm putting it up for grabs. So, if you're interested, let me know.
by David Balston,
One piece of good news is that it seems that 'If I Ruled The World' (the pilot TV show Graeme was guest panellist on earlier in the year) has been commissioned by the BBC as a series. As Graeme was not team captain there is no guarantee that he will appear in the series or that the pilot will be broadcast (team captains or the set may change) but if his performance is anything to go by, he is bound to be invited back in some capacity.
by David Balston,
Bill is doing the voice over for the 'Sugar Puffs' breakfast cereal commercial, running here in the UK, at the moment.
by James Margitich,
The South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club Inc. are showing two episodes of the Goodies at our next Day meeting (1pm-5pm), at Adelaide High School on Saturday, the 20th of September. We will also be showing 'Unnatural Selection', the third show in the PROBE video series, with Caroline John reprising her role as Liz Shaw in 'Doctor Who' and an episode of 'The Avengers'. At the Night meeting (6pm-10pm, although most of us hang around and socialize during the 1 hour break between the Day and Night meetings, so anyone who wants to arrive then is welcome to do so) we will be having hot food and a screening of the Neil Gaiman mini-series 'Neverwhere'.
Which two episodes of the Goodies we screen won't be decided until the weekend before the meeting, so any of the members of 'The Goodies Rule OK!' who would be interested in coming to the screening are invited to e-mail me with suggestions for which episodes we should show. All suggestions received will be taken into account when the choice is made.
A few issues ago I mentioned that Melbourne band, Feverdream, have recorded a cover version of 'The Goodies Theme'. Well now I have the details for you. The track appears on Feverdream's 1995 album, 'Moniker' and is a cover of Version 1 of the theme song (Take a little good advice, try a trip to paradise…).
Like Spiderbait's 1992 cover of 'Run', Feverdream's 'Goodies Theme' has a fairly grungy feel to it, but with the added bonus of some classic audio grabs from several series 1 episodes. These include: "BILL: I've done a jingle. GRAEME: There's a good boy", from 'Radio Goodies', the infamous sleepy bo bos line from 'Snooze' and an extract from the number 1 song on The Goodies' Hit Parade (and incidentally numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10), 'A Walk In The Black Forest'.
If you'd like to get your hands on a copy of this fine cover (and indeed the rest of the album) you can buy a copy for $Aus12 by writing to the band at:
GPO Box 118A
Victoria 3001
(cheques made out to Ewan McArthur)
Over 50 students from the University of Queensland gathered last week for the inaugural meeting of the University of Queensland Goodies Appreciation Society (UQ-GAS). A committee was formed and there are some great Goodies activities being planned. A homepage will also be up soon.
Anyone studying at University Of Queensland is welcome to join, as is anyone lives in the area. For further details contact:
Simon Hade - President,
Benson Wallace - Vice President,
Matthew Hade - Secretary
by Matthew K. Sharp,
Melbourne band Plastic Spacemen (named after the ad in 'Radio Goodies'), have released their first CD, 'Exhibit A', on Uncool Records, through Blah Blah Blah. The CD includes the audio from the Plastic Spacemen advert plus a few other samples from Goodies episodes (and other things). I can't adequately explain their musical style - but see their website at
from David Balston,
I've noticed that a fourth ISIRTA tape is now available, it's probably been out for ages but I just haven't noticed it before. In other news, an episode of ISIRTA was broadcast during the August Bank holiday.
posted to Goodies-L by Mexi,
I read somewhere that Kenny Everett and Graeme Garden had a punch-up in a nightclub in 1974 or 75, but it later turned out to be a publicity stunt that failed because all the attending photographers were out in the car park photographing a real punch-up between two absolute nobodies. Can anyone confirm this one?
by David Balston,
Bill Oddie is definitely pursuing his role of being a serious Natural History TV presenter. You probably know that he has hosted many programmes involving birds (the feathered variety), but during the Bank Holiday Weekend he co-presented a special live version of 'Time Team' (a Channel 4 archaeology programme) where a team of experts and Tony Robinson (yes, *THE* Tony 'Baldrick' Robinson) have a fixed time (usually two days) to investigate a historical site.
'Time Team - Live' consisted of three short bulletins each day, over the weekend, of an archaeology dig at a secret location in the Cotswolds (the location had to be kept secret to prevent the area being invaded by Goodies fans who would mob Bill if only they knew where to go!).
David Wheaton, has recently put up a 'Catweazle' homepage at . Many Australians grew up watching 'The Goodies' and 'Catweazle' back to back, so if you've got fond memories of the show, check it out. David's page has an episode guide, pictures and other information.
By Hugh McGuinness,
I remember a series long, long ago, called 'Grasshopper Island'. It was about three kids (X, Y and Mouse (Because he liked cheese)). TBT played the Voices of Authority, trying to stop them as they ran away. He was dressed as 3 or 4 characters, one being very similar to his Nanny character in 'Cecily' and Lady Constance from 'I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again'.
by Peter Davis, and Tim Shepherd,
Australia's favourite sports/interview/comedy programme 'Club Buggery with Roy and H.G.' (a programme which will soon be familiar to you people in ol' Blighty), featured an interview with Canadian, Mike Myers, the writer/star of 'Wayne's World' and the new film 'Austin Powers - International Man Of Mystery', on August 16th. The talented comedian showed impeccable taste in listing 'Monty Python', 'On The Buses' and 'The Goodies' as his childhood influences.
by quizmaster David McAnally,
1. What is the first step in cooking Shepherd's Pie ('The Goodies And The Beanstalk')?
2. How much did the Goodies charge to tour the middle ages in 'Camelot'?
3. What ancient game was restored in '2001 and a Bit'?
4. When three pretty girls, in very short mini-skirts, joined the Goodies in their office, at the end of 'Sex and Violence', it was obvious that they all anticipated an enjoyable evening ahead of them. Mrs. Desiree Carthorse, in fact, would have been shocked had she known. But how did the Goodies really spend their evening with these girls?
1. What special honour was awarded to Tim and John Cleese - though at different times?
A: They have both been elected as Rectors of St. Andrew's University in Scotland.
2. What 'Monty Python' creation appeared in at least two episodes of 'The Goodies'?
A: The Gumbys.
3. In the original 'Jack and the Beanstalk' story, Jack used an axe to chop down the giant beanstalk. In 'The Goodies and the Beanstalk', Tim and Bill each used an axe too, for the same purpose. Graeme's method, however, was different. In what way did he bring about the demise of the beanstalk?
A: He used weed killer.
4. What were the Goodies carrying in their violin cases in the Mafia episode 'Goodies in the Nick'?
A: Real violins.
To take us out this month, here's a classic Goodies quote that Tim Brooke-Taylor reminded me of, in one of his e-mails:
"There are three types of mathematician, those who can add up and those who can't."
Alison Bean
This is an archive newsletter of The Goodies Rule - OK! International Fan Club (copyright The Goodies Rule - OK! 1997). Some of the information in this newsletter may now be incorrect. Current information can be obtained from

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