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iaimtomisbehave's Journal
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iaimtomisbehave's journal
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2006-11-17 00:45:29
Many firsts

Well, where to begin?

First 1: This is my first journal entry Ė itís all about Sundayís trip to London to see the recording of ISIHAC at the Victoria Palace theatre.

First 2: Without giving anything about the show away, my first experience of Rob Brydon live Ė what a fantastic singing voice!

First 3: I met Sosia and was able to tell her in person how funny I found her corduroy pillow joke (if you havenít heard it, go to her journal)

First 4: I had my first (but hopefully not last) Timbo Cuddle and yes, it IS all it's cracked up to be.

First 5: I was (effectively) asked for a hug by a comedy genius (the LOVELY Rob Brydon - for more info see Nezangel's journal, she's described the whole day really well and I don't want to just repeat her) and of course it would have been rude to say no!!

First 6: I growled at a different comedy genius. Yes, GROWLED. (Carrie has already addressed the lack of merchandise on sale) - I mentioned to Graeme that I'd been hoping to get a couple of dictionaries signed but couldn't as I hadnít been able to buy them. I then rambled on that I might write to the BBC and say "grrrr" (obviously itís not the Clue peopleís fault, if the BBC wonít let them sell the stuff then thereís nothing they can do) Thankfully, Graeme seemed to take it in his stride and didnít go running in the opposite direction screaming ďThereís a mad woman on the looseĒ (but then he has met Carrie before so clearly has a high loony tolerance threshold!! Tee hee hee Ė I donít mean it really) Graeme Ė if you ever happen to read this Iíd like to say sorry for being so random!!

I think thatís enough for now so Iíll finish by saying basically, I had a great time on Sunday. The show was excellent, the guys were just lovely when we met them at the stage door and I got some wonderful hugs. And do you know whatís best? Carrie got my ticket for me and wouldnít let me pay her for it (well, no itís not best, the hugs were, but you know what I mean) so thank you very, very, very much Carrie and thanks to anyone whoís stayed long enough to read this to the end.

Mood - Pretty happy
Music - None - just the sounds of the office around me
Edited - 2006-11-17 00:49:02

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