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Kel_13's Journal
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2006-03-16 18:09:10
so busy
How busy i have been with planning my wedding for this year! we were thinking of changing the date so everything fits in well and so then i can get the invites sent out! All this expence and just been really busy but lucky for me i have my 2 bridesmaids to help and i thank them for all they have done anyway besides all that not a lot has happened so i'll be on my merry way

till next time!!

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Congratulations Kel_13  A wedding, how wonderful   .  Get your guests to take lots of pics , you will appreciated them later cos you won't remember much about the day (except the ceremony of course.)
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 16/03/2006 19:50 GMT
haha thanks bongirl i plan to remeber as much as i can!
Posted by:Kel_13


date: 17/03/2006 11:11 GMT
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